Orthosia Ochsenheimer, 1816

[sp-1.jpg] 901x431 (~90Kb) Russia, Moscow area, 11.4.2008, Photo © D. Smirnov

The exact identification of this species is still unknown, but tentatively assumed to belong into this group.

The NA species-group
The castanea species-group
The fausta species-group
The singularis species-group
The conspecta species-group
The nigrorenalis species-group
  • Nigrorenalis; [NE5], 24
The albiceps species-group
The carnipennis species-group
The harutai species-group
  • group Harutai; [NE5], 24
  • group Harutai (Orthosia); Hreblay & Ronkay, 1999, Esperiana 7: 497
Subgenus Cororthosia Berio, 1980
  • Subgenus Cororthosia (Orthosia); [PLANTE1], 79 (list)
  • Cororthosia; [NHM-BMW]
  • Orthosia (Cororthosia); [CoL]
The gracilis species-group
Subgenus Monima Hübner, [1821]
The cerasi species-group
The miniosa species-group
The lushana species-group
The alishana species-group
The lizetta species-group
Subgenus Erythrotis Bryk, 1948
The cedermarki species-group
Subgenus Microrthosia Berio, 1980
  • Subgenus Microrthosia (Orthosia); [PLANTE1], 78 (list)
  • Microrthosia; [NHM-BMW]
The cruda species-group
Subgenus Poporthosia Beck, 1996
The populeti species-group
The odiosa species-group
Subgenus Semiophora Stephens, 1829
  • Subgenus Semiophora (Orthosia); [PLANTE1], 78 (list)
  • Anacta; [NHM-BMW]
  • Anacta[sic, Ancata]; Kristensen, 1966
  • Ancata; [NHM-BMW]
  • Orthosia (Semiophora); [CoL]
  • Semiophora; [NHM-BMW]
The gothica species-group
Subgenus Orthosia
The incerta species-group
  • group Incerta (Subgenus Orthosia); Wiesmair, Shirvani & Ronkay, 2020, Nota Lepid. 43: 17 (list)
  • Incerta; [NE5], 24
The picata species-group
  • group Picata (Subgenus Orthosia); Wiesmair, Shirvani & Ronkay, 2020, Nota Lepid. 43: 17 (list)
The evanida species-group
  • group Evanida (Subgenus Orthosia); Wiesmair, Shirvani & Ronkay, 2020, Nota Lepid. 43: 18 (list)
Subgenus Euchoristea Warren, 1910
  • Euchoristea Warren, 1910; in Seitz, Grosschmett. Erde 3: 93; TS: Apamea limbata Butler
  • group Limbata (Orthosia); [NE5], 24

Unmatched external taxa

Unknown or unplaced taxa

  • Orthosia columbaris Lucas, 1894; 143; TL: Melbourne, Frankston

21.5.2024 (94)


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