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The mac directory contains Japanese related programs for the Macintosh line of computers. You will need a kanji system on your Mac to use most of these programs.

ASLTelnet_2.3_b2.sea.bin (136 kilobytes)
This is a Japanese-able telnet program for the Mac. It probably requires KanjiTalk to function.
FontPatchin_1.5.1.cpt.bin (56 kilobytes)
This is a package for setting the system font and other font-related things with KanjiTalk.
GomTalk7_v1.3.cpt.bin (88 kilobytes)
This is version 1.3 of GomTalk. It works with Kanji Truetype and A/UX. GomTalk allows you to combine the Japanese parts of KanjiTalk 6.0.7 (or with US System 7 (or 7.0.1), giving you a Kanji System 7. It works great. The Kanji System 7 itself requires about 7.5 megabytes of disk and almost 2 megabytes of RAM, so you'll need more than 2 megs RAM. This package contains Japanese language instructions, see the GomTalk_Manuals for English documentation (for version 1.2.1, though). Also see the Japanese_Fonts file in this directory for additional very useful fonts. GomTalk is also compatible with Adobe Kanji Type Manager (ATM-J). [from fj.binaries.mac, freeware]
GomTalk_Manuals.cpt.bin (32 kilobytes)
GomTalk_Manuals.cpt.hqx (40 kilobytes)
ENGLISH language installation manual for GomTalk v1.2. [Directly from the author]
Inline++TSM1.0b3.sit.bin (48 kilobytes)
This is a inline-entry extension for the KanjiTalk 7 Kotoeri front end.
Japanese_fonts.sit.bin (24 kilobytes)
This file contains two pseudo-kanji fonts, Koshigaya and TokyoSJ40. Tokyo is a "kanji" font, where the ASCII characters are from Chicago, and Koshigaya seems to be the same with Geneva. They are quite small, as they utilize tha kanji bitmaps from other fonts. Tokyo is great as the system font under KanjiTalk (you can select the system font easily with e.g. the GomTalk Launchscript control panel). With Tokyo, your KanjiTalk Mac looks like a "real Mac" :-) Koshigaya might be good as the Application font. Recommended, if you're using KanjiTalk.
KTCustomizer.sit.bin (16 kilobytes)
This is a control panel for "customizing" KanjiTalk. It allows you to select the system and application fonts (probably this part works on non-Kanjitalk Macs too), Date and Sorting options. This should work on older KanjiTalks, may not work under KanjiTalk 7.
Kotoeri_Tuner_1.0.sit.bin (40 kilobytes)
This is a tune-up for the Kotoeri kana-kanji front end in Kanjitalk 7 (i.e. Japanese system 7.1).
MacJdic1.1.sit.hqx (152 kilobytes)
This is the Macintosh japanese-english and kanji dictionary program. You will also need the files edict and kanjidic from the info directory to use this program. Using it requires KanjiTalk, and about 2.5 megabytes of disk space.
MacKc.sit.bin (16 kilobytes)
This is a Kanji-conversion (SJIS, EUC, JIS) program for KanjiTalk.
NewsAgent1.43.sea.bin (128 kilobytes)
This is a KanjiTalk NNTP newsreader. Probably requires MacTCP.
NinjaTerm-0.962.sit.bin (72 kilobytes)
This program is a good Kanji (JIS) capable terminal emulator for the Mac. It requires KanjiTalk system for kanji support, but works under "normal" system too (but without kanji :-). It is quite simple, but very fast and stable. Freeware.
NoMeMo_1.3.4.cpt.bin (40 kilobytes)
This control panel lets you see those File... and SomethingTM texts in menus and elsewhere again, when using Kanjitalk (which usually converts the last character to some half-width kana).
StayHere_2.0.1.sit.bin (16 kilobytes)
Stayhere allows you to set the keyboard script, and will keep it from changing unexpedtedly. Very convenient.
Terminal2.2J1.cpt.hqx (120 kilobytes)
YooEdit_0.96.sit.bin (48 kilobytes)
YooEdit is a simple, but well working Kanji-capable text editor.
beta (directory)
This directory contains BETA (i.e. unfinished) versions of software for handling Japanese with the Macintosh. Please send clear and concise bug reports and comments directly to the authors. If you are not a "Macintosh power user", maybe you should wait until these are released officially.
jfont.sit.bin (48 kilobytes)
Additional pseudo-Japanese fonts. ASLFont+ (9/12 point) combination of Monaco+Osaka. Tokyo (12/24) Chicago+Osaka (good as system font). Koshigaya (9/12/18/24) Geneva+Osaka (good as application font). Yoshinogari (9/12) Geneva+Osaka. K2! (9/12) Chicago+Osaka. Also included is SysFontINIT. Overlaps with Japanese_Fonts.sit.bin. [info-mac]
kanjiworks-ad.txt (8 kilobytes)
kanjiworks-demo.hqx (1176 kilobytes)
kanjiworks-readme.txt (8 kilobytes)
This is the demo for a commercial kanji dictionary/learning tool for the Macintosh. Kanjiworks does *not* require KanjiTalk or Japanese Language Kit to operate as it contains it's own fonts. Among the prominent features are many good example phrases. This demo requires about 1.6 megabytes of disk space and includes the first 80 kanji, 500 example sentences and 900 kanji compounds.
openbook1.0.sit.hqx (2600 kilobytes)
This is a dictionary drill program for the Mac, which does NOT require KanjiTalk or JLK for the DISPLAY of kanji! Includes extensive sample dictionaries. Requires KanjiTalk or JLK for the input of new kanji words, though. Requires about 5 megabytes of disk space when uncompressed. [info-mac]
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telnet2.5J01.sit.hqx (464 kilobytes)
umn-lessons (directory)
This software, from the University of Minnesota, consists of seventeen lessons in grammatical instruction and drill for students at an elementary level of Japanese Study. Requires Hypercard 2.1, and KanjiTalk.
using-japanese-on-your-mac.hqx (360 kilobytes)
This document has good information on how to get Japanese on your Mac.

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