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This software, from the University of Minnesota, consists of seventeen lessons in grammatical instruction and drill for students at an elementary level of Japanese Study. Requires Hypercard 2.1, and KanjiTalk.

00README.Z (8 kilobytes)
Hiragana.bin.Z (56 kilobytes)
Katakana.bin.Z (48 kilobytes)
Lesson_01.bin.Z (24 kilobytes)
Lesson_02.bin.Z (32 kilobytes)
Lesson_03.bin.Z (72 kilobytes)
Lesson_04.bin.Z (48 kilobytes)
Lesson_05.bin.Z (48 kilobytes)
Lesson_06.bin.Z (56 kilobytes)
Lesson_07.bin.Z (56 kilobytes)
Lesson_08.bin.Z (40 kilobytes)
Lesson_09.bin.Z (40 kilobytes)
Lesson_10.bin.Z (48 kilobytes)
Lesson_11.bin.Z (40 kilobytes)
Lesson_12.bin.Z (40 kilobytes)
Lesson_13.bin.Z (48 kilobytes)
Lesson_14.bin.Z (48 kilobytes)
Lesson_15.bin.Z (48 kilobytes)

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