Lysimachia L. Loosestrife Alvet

Foodplants for Chariaspilates formosaria, Chlosyne gorgone carlota, Eupithecia virgaureata, Idaea straminata, Lacanobia oleracea, Nacaduba kurava

Cane, J. H., G. C. Eickwort, F. E. Wesley & J. Spielholz. 1983. Foraging, grooming and mating behaviors of Macropis nuda (Melittidae) and use of Lysimachia ciliata oils (Primulaceae) in larval provisions and cell linings. Amer. Midl. Natur. 110: 257-264.

... Species in the genus are hosts to specialist bees in the genus Macropis, which feed their larvae with pollen and floral oils. They collect the oils collected from the trichome hairs on the flowers. It is the only example of a mutualism involving an oil flower and an oil-collecting bee outside of the tropics, and likely reflects a co-evolved association [James Cane]

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