Lycaena Fabricius, 1807
Subgenus Lycaena
Subgenus Thersamonia Verity, 1919
Subgenus Thersamolycaena Verity, 1957
Subgenus Heodes Dalman, 1816
The palaeochrysophanus species-group
Subgenus Phoenicurusia Verity, 1943
Subgenus Hyrcanana Bethune-Baker, 1914
Subgenus Tharsalea Scudder, 1876
Subgenus Chalceria Scudder, 1876
Subgenus Epidemia Scudder, 1876
Subgenus Hermelycaena Miller & Brown, 1979
The clarki species-group
Subgenus Antipodolycaena Smart, 1975

Unmatched external taxa

Unknown or unplaced taxa

  • Lycaena serpentatoides; [CoL]

  • Lycaena aegera; [CoL]

  • Lycaena aegestis; [CoL]

  • Lycaena albipuncta; [CoL]

  • Lycaena caudata; [CoL]

  • Lycaena lactriana; [CoL]

  • Lycaena lampehe; [CoL]

  • Lycaena lampertii; [CoL]

  • Lycaena lampsie; [CoL]

  • Lycaena mandin; [CoL]

  • Lycaena mauritanica; [CoL]

  • Lycaena suppressa; [CoL]

  • Lycaena ussura; [CoL]

  • Lycaena caeca; [CoL]

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