Dasypolia Guenée, 1852
Subgenus Dasypolia Guenée, 1852
The templi species-group
The ferdinandi species-group
The exprimata species-group
The akbar species-group
The vargai species-group
The fani species-group
The fraterna species-group
The atrox species-group
The confusa species-group
The conistroides species-group
  • Conistroides; [NE5], 201
The yeti species-group
Subgenus Tschetwerikovia Bundel, 1966
Subgenus Dasythorax Staudinger, 1889
The polianus species-group
The anartinus species-group
The nivalis species-group
The ? species-group
Subgenus Dasymixis Ronkay & Varga, 1990
Subgenus Auropolia Hreblay & Ronkay, 1999
Subgenus Sinipolia Ronkay & Zilli, 1993
Subgenus ?

Unknown or unplaced taxa

  • Dasythorax incaica Köhler, 1952; 180; TL: [Argentina] Mendoza, Puente del Inca

  • Dasythorax santacrucis Köhler, 1952; 180; TL: [Argentina] Santa Cruz
  • Dasythorax ? santacrucis; [POOLE]

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