Athetis Hübner, [1821]

NOTE:[PLANTE2] raises subgenera to genus level. Keeping them as subgenera for now, waiting for future in depth revision.

Subgenus Athetis
The gluteosa species-group
  • ?group Externa; [NE9], 141 (part)
The cervina species-group
  • group Cervina (Athetis); [PLANTE2], 79
  • ?group Externa; [NE9], 141 (part)
The stygia species-group
  • group Stygia (Athetis); [PLANTE2], 82
  • ?group Externa; [NE9], 141 (part)
The delecta species-group
The bifurcata species-group
The longiciliata species-group
  • group Longiciliata (Athetis); [PLANTE2], 96
The vernalis species-group
The simplex species-group
The fasciata species-group
The interstincta species-group
  • group Interstincta (Athetis); [PLANTE2], 110
The rufistigma species-group
The linealis species-group
Subgenus Hydrillula Tams, 1938
  • Subgenus Hydrillula (Athetis); [NE9], 141, 144
  • Athetis (Hydrillula); [CoL]
  • Hydrillula; [NHM-BMW]
  • Hydrillula (Athetina); [PLANTE2], 71 (list)
Subgenus Gracilathetis Ronkay & Ronkay, 2023
The lepigone species-group
The correpta species-group
  • group Correpta (Gracilathetis); [PLANTE2], 77
Subgenus Proxenus Herrich-Schäffer, 1850
The truncipennis species-group
  • group Truncipennis (Proxenus); [PLANTE2], 74
The lineosa species-group
The albosignata species-group
  • group Albosignata (Proxenus); [PLANTE2], 73 (note)
Subgenus Leucocosmia Butler, 1886
The nonagrica species-group

Unmatched external taxa

Unknown or unplaced taxa

  • beliastis Hampson; ; TL: Transvaal?

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