Apamea Ochsenheimer, 1816

In this page "Subgenus" is only a tecnical solution to grouping species, whichin [NE8] were placed into separate genera, an arrangement I'm not yetprepared to do here. Thus, entries are in quotes! These are not proposalsfor actual subgenera by me!

Subgenus "Apamea"
  • Apamea Ochsenheimer, 1816; Schmett. Eur. 4: 75; TS: Noctua basilinea Denis & Schiffermüller
  • Hama Stephens, 1829; ; TS: Noctua basilinea Denis & Schiffermüller
  • Syma Stephens, 1850; (preocc. Lesson, 1827)
  • Eurabila Butler, 1889; Ill. typical Spec. Lep. Het. Colln Br. Mus. 7: 39; TS: Eurabila lignea Butler
  • Heteromma Warren, 1911; in Seitz, Grosschmett. Erde 3: 180 (preocc. Heteromma Menge, 1856 (Arachnida)); TS: Hadena alpigena Boisduval
  • Heterommiola Strand, 1912; Ent. Rdsch. 29: 16 (repl. Heteromma Warren, 1911); TS: Hadena alpigena Boisduval
  • Apaconjunctdonta Beck, [1992]; Atalanta 22 (2/4): 211; TS: Noctua unanimis Hübner
  • Loscopia Beck, [1992]; Atalanta 22 (2/4): 212; TS: Phalaena scolopacina Esper
The illyria species-group
Subgenus "Abromias"
The monoglypha species-group
The furva species-group
The zeta species-group
Subgenus "Lateroligia"
  • Lateroligia Zilli, Fibigier & Ronkay, 2005; Noct. Eur. 8: 157; TS: Phalaena ophiogramma Esper
Subgenus -
The "NA" species-group
The ? species-group

Unknown or unplaced taxa

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