Scirpus L. Kaislat Club Rush Bulrush
  • ?Leptolepis
  • Scirpus (Cyperaceae); [GNSP]

Foodplants for Apamea scolopacina, Bactra furfurana, B. robustana, Cosmopterix attenuatella, C. scirpicola, Globia algae, Orthotelia sparganella, Scirpophaga nivella, S. praelata, Simyra albovenosa


The following from [GMBOT], some of them may need to be moved toother nearby genus, such as Bolboschoenus, Schoenoplectus, Trichophorumor Blysmus, and perhaps Eriophorum.

30.1.2022 (28)


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