Praha (Prag) is a city loved by tourists - and the tourists are loved by Prag's pickpocket thieves. Prag has an intensive network of trains, trams and metros as well as historic trams for the fun of the tourists. This tram is made by Ringhoffer in 1930.
Picture from Prag old town 23.5.2012 by Ilkka Siissalo.

FUNET railway pictures archive - Czech Republic

Czech Republic state railways České dráhy is still the most important train operator in the country, both in passenger traffic as well as cargo traffic. There are now in 2018 two private competitors in long distance passenger traffic, Regiojet and Leo Express, and there are a number of small private cargo operators as well as some very local regional passenger traffic operators (e.g. Arriva and GW Train Regio), but most of the train traffic of Czech is still firmly in the hands of the former state monopoly. According to Wikipedia, ČD is a remarkably large operator. They are reported to have 2726 tractive vehicles, of which 856 are electric locomotives and trainsets, 27 416 freight wagons and 3,605 passenger coaches. The country has 9619 km of railway lines, out of which 2997 km are electrified. On smaller sidelines old fashioned, 1960s style railbuses are still the norm.

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