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diff -u --recursive --new-file v2.2.7/linux/drivers/usb/CREDITS linux/drivers/usb/CREDITS
@@ -2,14 +2,16 @@
 The following people have contributed to this code (in alphabetical
 order by last name).  I'm sure this list should be longer, its
-difficult to maintain.
+difficult to maintain, add yourself with a patch if desired.
+  Alan Cox <>
   Johannes Erdfelt <>
   ham <>
   Bradley M Keryan <>
   Vojtech Pavlik <>
   Gregory P. Smith <>
   Linus Torvalds <>
+  Roman Weissgaerber <>
 Special thanks to:
@@ -20,4 +22,133 @@
   The NetBSD & FreeBSD USB developers.  For being on the Linux USB list
   and offering suggestions and sharing implementation experiences.
+Additional thanks to the following companies and people for donations
+of hardware, support, time and development (this is from the original
+THANKS file in Inaky's driver):
+        The following corporations have helped us in the development
+of Linux USB / UUSBD:
+        - USAR Systems provided us with one of their excellent USB
+          Evaluation Kits. It allows us to test the Linux-USB driver
+          for compilance with the latest USB specification. USAR
+          Systems recognized the importance of an up-to-date open
+          Operating System and supports this project with
+          Hardware. Thanks!.
+        - Thanks to Intel Corporation for their precious help.
+        - We teamed up with Cherry to make Linux the first OS with
+          built-in USB support. Cherry is one of the biggest keyboard
+          makers in the world.
+        - CMD Technology, Inc. sponsored us kindly donating a CSA-6700
+          PCI-to-USB Controller Board to test the OHCI implementation.
+        - Due to their support to us, Keytronic can be sure that they
+          will sell keyboards to some of the 3 million (at least)
+          Linux users.
+        - Many thanks to ing büro h doran []!
+          It was almost imposible to get a PC backplate USB connector
+          for the motherboard here at Europe (mine, home-made, was
+          quite lowsy :). Now I know where to adquire nice USB stuff!
+        - Genius Germany donated a USB mouse to test the mouse boot
+          protocol. They've also donated a F-23 digital joystick and a
+          NetMouse Pro. Thanks! 
+        - AVM GmbH Berlin is supporting the development of the Linux
+          USB driver for the AVM ISDN Controller B1 USB. AVM is a
+          leading manufacturer for active and passive ISDN Controllers
+          and CAPI 2.0-based software. The active design of the AVM B1
+          is open for all OS platforms, including Linux.
+        - Thanks to Y-E Data, Inc. for donating their FlashBuster-U
+          USB Floppy Disk Drive, so we could test the bulk transfer
+          code.
+        - Many thanks to Logitech for contributing a three axis USB
+          mouse. 
+          Logitech designs, manufactures and markets
+          Human Interface Devices, having a long history and
+          experience in making devices such as keyboards, mice,
+          trackballs, cameras, loudspeakers and control devices for
+          gaming and professional use.
+          Being a recognized vendor and seller for all these devices,
+          they have donated USB mice, a joystick and a scanner, as a
+          way to acknowledge the importance of Linux and to allow
+          Logitech customers to enjoy support in their favorite
+          operating systems and all Linux users to use Logitech and
+          other USB hardware.
+          Logitech is official sponsor of the Linux Conference on
+          Feb. 11th 1999 in Vienna, where we'll will present the
+          current state of the Linux USB effort.
+        - CATC has provided means to uncover dark corners of the UHCI
+          inner workings with a USB Inspector.
+        - Thanks to Entrega for providing PCI to USB cards, hubs and
+          converter products for development. 
+        And thanks go to (hey! in no particular order :)
+        - Oren Tirosh <>, for standing so patiently
+          all my doubts'bout USB and giving lots of cool ideas.
+        - Jochen Karrer <>, for
+          pointing out mortal bugs and giving advice.
+        - Edmund Humemberger <>, for it's great work on
+          public relationships and general management stuff for the
+          Linux-USB effort.
+        - Alberto Menegazzi <> is starting the
+          documentation for the UUSBD. Go for it!
+        - Ric Klaren <> for doing nice
+          introductory documents (compiting with Alberto's :).
+        - Christian Groessler <>, for it's help on those
+          itchy bits ... :)
+        - Paul MacKerras for polishing OHCI and pushing me harder for
+          the iMac support, giving improvements and enhancements.
+        - Fernando Herrera <> has taken
+          charge of composing, maintaining and feeding the
+          long-awaited, unique and marvelous UUSBD FAQ! Tadaaaa!!!
+        - Rasca Gmelch <> has revived the raw driver and
+          pointed bugs, as well as started the uusbd-utils package.
+        - Peter Dettori <> is unconvering bugs like
+          crazy, as well as making cool suggestions, great :)
+        - All the Free Software and Linux community, the FSF & the GNU
+          project, the MIT X consortium, the TeX people ... everyone!
+          You know who you are!
+        - Big thanks to Richard Stallman for creating Emacs!
+        - The people at the linux-usb mailing list, for reading so
+          many messages :) Ok, no more kidding; for all your advices!
+        - All the people at the USB Implementors Forum for their
+          help and assistance.
+        - Nathan Myers <>, for his advice! (hope you
+          liked Cibeles' party).
+        - Linus Torvalds, for starting, developing and managing Linux.
+        - Mike Smith, Craig Keithley, Thierry Giron and Janet Schank
+          for convincing me USB Standard hubs are not that standard
+          and that's good to allow for vendor specific quirks on the
+          standard hub driver.

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