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 Boot-time configuration when linked into the kernel
-Per Board to be configured, pass a digi= commandline parameter to the
+Per board to be configured, pass a digi= command-line parameter to the
 kernel using lilo or loadlin. It consists of a string of comma separated
 identifiers or integers.  The 6 values in order are:
@@ -142,7 +142,7 @@
-If you don't give a digi= commandline, the compiled-in defaults of
+If you don't give a digi= command line, the compiled-in defaults of
 board 1: io=0x200, membase=0xd0000, altpin=off and numports=16 are used.
 If you have the resources (io&mem) free for use, configure your board to
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 Sources of Information
+Web page:
-Mailing List:
+Mailing list:
 (Write e-mail to that address to subscribe. Common ListServ commands work.
 Archive of messages available)

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