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+The driver for the HFC-PCI and HFC-PCI-A chips from CCD may be used
+for many OEM cards using this chips.
+Additionally the driver has a special feature which makes it possible
+to read the echo-channel of the isdn bus. So all frames in both directions
+may be logged.
+When the echo logging feature is used the number of available B-channels
+for a HFC-PCI card is reduced to 1. Of course this is only relevant to
+the card, not to the isdn line.
+To activate the echo mode the following ioctls must be entered:
+hisaxctrl <driver/cardname> 10 1
+This reduces the available channels to 1. There must not be open connections
+through this card when entering the command.
+And then:
+hisaxctrl <driver/cardname> 12 1
+This enables the echo mode. If Hex logging is activated the isdnctrlx 
+devices show a output with a line beginning of HEX: for the providers
+exchange and ECHO: for isdn devices sending to the provider.
+Comments and reports to or .

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