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Generic programs.

  • a_ngen15.tgz (33 KB) [Apr 6 1998]

    Arkhan's Random Name Generator (v1.5). Linux/Binary and Source release. Generates good random names, using an advanced randomization system, and preventing duplicate names. Supports ASCII and HTML output. Many namefiles included, easy to make one's own. Includes protable C sources. Freeware.

  • add.npc_generator (21 KB) [Jul 19 1993]

    AD&D random NPC generation program by Morpheus Nosferatu C-source code that will work on most UNIX systems. The program will either generate a group of characters, or a long listing of random characters (good for miscellaneous barroom revellers). Just run the program, and the usage info that will appear should tell you what the program needs to work correctly.

  • (11 KB) [Jan 25 1994]

    Program: dungeon generator, written by Jeff Standish/Morpheus Nosferatu,

  • names-2.0.tar.gz (70 KB) [Oct 9 1995]

    NAMES is a program which generates names from "name elements." It is useful for role players as well as writers. The program itself is pretty simple, and (I think) intuitive. To get help just press '?'. Includes source code. Copyright 1993 by Michael Harvey

  • rolemaster-city-design.pas (--link--) [Mar 25 1995]

    City Design program for Rolemaster by Bent C Dalager . Inspired by the City Design stuff in RMCI(pp 76-78). This program, as is, requires a printer, but the source can easily be modified to print to the screen or to a text file. The program does NOT follow the guidelines for creating <1000 inhabitants cities, i.e. it does NOT check the fractional number of people and treat this as a percentage of one additional soldier/bard/whatever being present. The the system used herein is probably Copyright Iron Crown Enterprises. The system is snatched from Rolemaster Companion (I), a rules addendum book for the most excellent Rolemaster role playing game. Bent C Dalager

  • rolemaster-city-generator.c (--link--) [Mar 25 1995]

    City generator (RMCI) in C by Paul Stafford .

  • star-maps-in-ps (--dir--)

  • sub2ps.lzh (11 KB) [Oct 19 1991]

    MegaTraveller subsector postscript map formatter by Travis McCord ( ShareWare $5. "sub2ps" is a program that takes a specially prepared file containing data about a MegaTraveller subsector and creates a postscript map of that subsector. The map can contain interstellar borders and xboat routes as well as worlds and bases.

  • (7 KB) [May 17 1995]

    This program creates random weather for Role playing games. uses Qbasic

  • weathermaker.tar.gz (10 KB) [Oct 11 1995]

    This program generates random weather for a year that is tunable to various climates. Several example climates are included: north, south, and mid atlantic, gulf, and north pacific. In addition, several different calendars are included: Gregorian, medieval Japanese, and the Middle Earth calendar detailed in the appendices of Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. Source files in C for both MS-DOS and UNIX. Made by Brett Slocum.

  • Tero Kivinen <>