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  • RoleAid.lha (409 KB) [Jun 1 1994]

    Roleplaying weather and time tool by Niilo Paasivirta for Amiga os2 kickstart 2.xx with source. RoleAid is a CARP (Computer Aided RolePlaying) program which keeps track of game time, and shows a pseudorandom weather situation for an area in Middle-Earth. There are over 30 various areas of Northern Middle-Earth available. RoleAid can also throw dice and play sounds, load and save different settings etc. etc. This is version 1.00. Niilo Paasivirta

  • (--link--) [Mar 25 1995]

    These are the registeration files for PCGRolem and AmigaGrolem. If you are using AmiGrolem copy the file to data directory. If you are using PCGrolem copy the file owner.dat to data directory.

  • Rolemaster-chargen-GRolem115.lha (--link--) [Mar 25 1995]

    GRolem V1.15 for AMIGA, Veli-Matti Sahlberg Grolem is computerized character generator for RoleMaster roleplaying game. With Grolem it is fast and easy to make characters for Rolemaster (and compatible :-) roleplaying games. Currently supported profesions cover RoleMaster boxedset books, Companion I,II,III,IV,V,EC,OC,VI,VII and ARMSC. Support for about 282 skills and 60 races is included. See file Grolems.readme for more information.

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