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This is a list of Play-By-Mail magazines, games, and ftp sites.

There is a PBM WWW homepage at:


Contributions And Credits

If you have any additions or corrections, please send them to me at Some of the information on this list is probably out of date, namely the commercial bits. I actively attempt to keep the information about the free magazines, games, and ftp sites up-to-date, but I depend on my readers to keep an eye on the commercial information.

Thanks to Bryan McDonald for compiling the first edition of this list Thanks also to Flagship magazine for providing the Galactic View, a comprehensive list of just about every existing commercial game and GM.

Legal Crap: This posting, other than the Galactic View, may be redistributed freely. The Galactic View is Copyright 1994 by Flagship Magazine and may not be reprinted without their explicit permission.

FTP Sites

There is a centralized archive which is mirrored at several sites. The home for the archive is at, but that machine is on a slow line and should not be used. The two major mirrors are identical to the main archive, and are:

Please use the ftp site closer to you: the .fi site is in Finland, while the .com site is in the USA. In addition, there is an old site in Holland ( which will be going away soon.

If you wish to upload something to the archive, and just about anything is welcome, please upload it to and send email to to let me know it's there.

Non-commercial computer-moderated PBEM wargames

Game:		Arena

Type:		fantasy arena combat
Duration:	open-ended
Turns:		run once a day
GM: (Scott Turner)
Email server:
Status:		On hold pending a few changes.


Arena burst forth from Scott Turner's fingers after he looked at a Duelmasters' turn. Arena reminds me of the ancient microgame "Melee," designed by Steve Jackson: you begin with a fixed number of points, and spend them to design a gladiator. Unlike Melee, you then send your gladiator off to combat with a set of orders, and the battle is fought without human intervention. Winners grow stronger.

The rules are available from the ftp sites.

Game:		Atlantis 1.1

Type:		strategic economic/military, fantasy setting
Duration:	open-ended
Turns:		one per week
Status:		up and running, accepting new players


Atlantis 1.1 is an upgrade of Russell Wallace's original Atlantis 1.0 system. Atlantis features multiple faction types, a mostly player-run economy, simple economics, and a simple combat system. The major changes are increased movement for ships and mounted forces, and reduced taxation income. About 124 players are participating as of September, 1994.

The rules are available from the ftp sites, as are back-issues of the player newsletter. If you would like to join, read the rules and then send email to the GM.

Russell has written about half the code for 2.0. If you are interested in completing it, write him at

Game:		Celestial Empire

Type:		strategic economic/military space-opera
Duration:	close-ended, 30+ turns
Turns:		one per week
Status:		occasionally starting new games


Players compete to capture worlds which produce many different types of resources, of which different amounts are needed to manufacture various items. The author, Dougal Scott, is running several games, and he periodically starts new ones. The rules can be ftped from in the directory /pub/celemp. After you have read them, if you still want to join a game, send your name to Dougal at the address above. He is also looking for a new moderator to take over running his games, because he is graduating.

Game:		Core Wars (King of the Hill Tournament)

Type:		battling computer programs
Email Server:, subject of "koth help"
                                         or "koth faq"


The Pizza Server gives you access to the ``King of the Hill'' ongoing Core Wars tournament. Core Wars was invented in 1984 by D. G. Jones and A. K. Dewdney. A May 1984 article in Scientific American discusses it.

More information about Core Wars in general may be found in the FAQ, available from the email server, or via anonymous ftp from Most discussion about Core Wars will be found on the Usenet newsgroup

Game:		Diplomacy

Type:		email version of Avalon Hill's pure strategy game
Turns:		frequency varies from one per day to one per 2 weeks
                for different games.
Email Server:     HELP in body of message;
                                           the subject is ignored.


The Diplomacy Adjudicator is a fully computer-moderated gamemaster for Avalon Hill's Diplomacy boardgame. To get more information from the moderator, send email with the word "HELP" in the body of the message (the subject is ignored) to There are also other judges available, but most games are run on the EFF judge. The diplomacy Hall of Fame is available via ftp from, directory /pub/starkey.

Diplomacy is probably the biggest PBEM game out there, with 251 games going as of September 15, 1994. I'd estimate at least 1,000 players are active in one or more games. Most discussion related to Diplomacy takes place on the newsgroup

Game:		Galactic Conqueror (German language)

Type:		strategic, economic/military, space opera setting
Duration:	typically 25-30 turns
Turns:		typically 1 per week
GM: (Harry Zimmermann)


Galactic Conqueror is strategic SF-PBeM-Game for up to 50 players. Each player starts the game with a small fleet of starships and is the owner of one of several hundred planets. The winner is determined by an point system which gives points for specific actions each turn. The first player who reaches a pre-set winning score will be the winner of the game. Since there are almost no trade options in the game, player interaction mostly concerns negotiations about borders and coordination of attacks or defense. Players can:

     o invest in science
     o build industrial facilities and strongholds on planets
     o build ships (26 different classes)
     o attack enemy or neutral planets
     o engage in espionage or corruption
     o and much more...

At the start of the game, each player can see only 4-10 planets, whose coordinates are given relative to his own starting-planet. Every time a new planet is conquered, all planets up to a given distance from this new one are revealed.

The rules and an Atari ST and PC Clone client can be ftped from, in the directory /pub/pbm/Galactic_Conqueror. The clients are graphical point-and-click interfaces to the game. You could play without a client, but this is not recommended. An X11 client is in the works, as is an eventual translation of the rules into English.

Game:		Galaxy

Type:		strategic, economic/military, space opera setting
Duration:	typically 50-80 turns
Turns:		typically 1 or 2 per week
Email Server:, Subject: HELP [ but it's dead ]
GM: (Howard Bampton) [ blind galaxy only ]
GM: (Roger Dingeldine) [ blind galaxy ]
GM: (Russell Wallace)


The game typically takes place on a 100x100 2D map, with a few hundred planets and 20 to 50 players. Players compete to capture planets, which can be used for economic expansion. You can purchase technology in several different areas, allowing your ships to fight harder and move faster. Galaxy turns range in size from 10kbytes early in the game to 100-200kbytes late in the game.

The rules and source code are available for ftp, or via the email server, whose address is It takes commands in the subject line. Start with "help". There is also (at the moment) a separate mailing-list server at, which has mailing lists with game announcements and discussion of code development. There are 17 games running on this server as of May 11, 1994, with about 200 different players participating.

You can write to humans who run games; they start games occasionally and also have standby positions. They are: [ blind galaxy only ] [ blind galaxy only ]

Howard Bampton has a variant called "blind" galaxy. You can ftp the source for it from It features a wraparound map, a double-blind mail-forwarding system, and you received only limited information about other players other than what you can observe at systems where you have ships.

Game:           Judgment Day

Type:           strategic economic/military, present day setting
Turns:          one per week
GM:    (Russell Wallace)
Status:         beta-test finished, looking for a moderator


Judgment Day is a game for up to 25 players. Each player controls an empire which can build weapons and attack each other. When the nukes start flying, remember to duck and cover. The source code is available at the ftp sites or from Russell.

Game:           Republic of Rome

Type:           Historical (Roman Empire)
Turns:          player-paced
Email Server:    HELP in body of message, the
                                         subject is ignored

RoR is an email adjudicator for Avalon Hill's game Republic of Rome, a cutthroat game of politics set in ancient Rome. All aspects of play are fully automated; there is no human GM. Players control factions of Senators; each turn they must elect officers and vote to raise and deploy forces to fight the many wars that arise; they work to increase the influence and popularity of their own Senators but must also work together to prevent destruction by war or by popular revolt. If Rome falls everyone loses. To get started, buy a copy of the board game, read the rules, then send email to the address above with the word "help" in the body of the message.

Game:		Star Empires

Type:		strategic empire-building, space setting
Turns:		one per week, 60+ turns per game
GM: (Roger Lincoln)
Status:		occasionally starting games; watch


Star Empires is a very simple game which is very addictive. Players compete to control planets, which produce resources which can be used to build various types of ships. There is generally a large amount of diplomacy, and the GM encourages humorous player press releases.

The rules are available for ftp from the Dutch ftp site.

Non-Commercial Sports Games

Game:		Experimental Electronic Baseball League (EEBL)
Type:		sports simulation, american baseball
Status:		closed, but there is a waiting list


Managers control a team of 25 major league players and up to 25 minor league players. They set the lineupe, rotation, and develop a coaching plan. If you take your division title, then you can try to win the WorldNet Series.

EEBL is currently in its first season.

Last Checked: 18apr94

Game:		Experimental Electronic Football League (EEFL)

Type:		sports simulation, soccer
GM: (Bill 'Prune' Wickart)


Spin-off of the UEFL for playing with rule changes. More detailed control of player positions, wider variety of team resources, matches run by software (you get a nice match chronology; simple-minded, better than a box score). About 12 days per turn, time off around winter holidays, 2 seasons per year. The game is currently full at 100 teams, and there is a waiting list of potential players.

The rules can be ftped from

Last Checked: 08mar94

Game:		Fast Electronic Football League (FEFL)

Type:		sports simulation, soccer
GM: (Magnus Nilsson)


Spin-off of the EEFL with players wanting to play at a considerably higher rate. Same rules as EEFL, but going with a speed of about 2 days per turn. Currently played by 20 people, but will most probably expand to 30. Previous experience in EEFL is a must to play this game due to the speed of the turns. Everyone playing is assumed to be familiar with all aspects of the game and all EEFL-terminology Players must also be available during almost every weekday, and preferable during weekends too due to a special system with turns running early if many orders are in, making the speed of the game accelerate.

The EEFL rules can be ftped from

Last Checked: 25apr94

Game:		Ladder Electronic Football League (LEFL)

Type:		sports simulation, soccer
GM: (Doug Ingram)


Only some small technical differences from UEFL in actual game play. The big difference is that managers are placed on a ladder, with ladder position (hence, opponents) based on your success. The best play the best, and the worst play the worst (so, eventually, everyone gets to eat wins and losses). The league structure is an attempt to create a league without the positive feedback problems inherent in the UEFL on a long-term basis.

The game is run at a pace of 1 match per week, with newsletter and updated rosters coming out every week. Each week you also get a match result that is more detailed than an EEFL newsletter boxscore but not a minute-by-minute breakdown of the match either. The game currently has 38 managers and a short waiting list. I may expand to add a few new managers or replace any dropouts at the end of any given season. Seasons last about 2/3 of a year, and the first season started in about January of 1994.

The rules are available by email from the commissioner, and recent newsletters can be seen on Bob Pack's *EFL Mosaic site which also contains info on other leagues.

Last Checked: 25apr94

Game:		Formula 1 Pick 6

Type:		Auto racing prediction contest
GM: (Thierry Vallee)


This is a straightforward contest to pick the drivers who will finish in the top 6 of the (real life) Grand Prix Formula 1 races. The best way to play is by using WWW with forms, but you may also mail in your guesses.

The Web page is at The rules are available for FTP from the archive sites as


Last Checked: 06Jul94

Game:		Strategic Postal Australian Rules Football (SPARF)

Type:		sports simulation


SPARF is based on the game RAFL, which I wrote in 1985. RAFL was also an Aussie Rules simulation which was intended as a live gaming exercise rather than a PBeM. RAFL had a following of about two dozen players, and died of natural causes around 1987 when I decided I didn't want to run it any more. A few years later, when I got better at UNIX programming, I conceived SPARF and designed it as a RAFL-by-email-with-an-automated server. -- Mel

If you'd like to see the rules, send email to with the subject "help" to receive information about his game. Note that commands to this server go in the Subject: line, not the body of the message.

Last Checked: 08mar94

Game:           Sugar Ray (German language & English language)

Type:           Boxing Simulation
Duration:       open ended
Turns:          5 weekly
Status:         Open.  New boxers are always welcome.
GM: (Frank
                Schmidt) (english language)
GM: (Thomas Gerstner)
		(german language) (email)


For each of the five rounds of the fight, every boxer writes down a number describing the strength of his attack and a defense number. If one's attack number exceeds the opponent's defense number, the latter loses endurance points. Unfortunately, high attack/defense numbers also cost endurance. A boxer losing all his endurance points is knocked out.

Basic knowledge of the German language required for the German version. Most results are published in the fanzine Postspillion, but Thomas Gerstner's game is conducted by email. Write the GMs for more details.

Last Checked: 03jun94

Game:           Turbo 2000 (German language)

Type:           Formula One Simulation
Duration:       ca. 24-30 turns
Turns:          5 weekly
Status:         Open.  New managers are always welcome, 34 already enjoy it!
GM:    (Reinhard Schoen)


Each player manages a Formula 1 racing stable. Drivers can be hired for the season (6 turns each). The material needed to attend a race (Formula 1, Formula 2, dragster, rallye, etc) can be built or bought from other players.

Basic knowledge of the German language required! Results published in the fanzine Postspillion.


In the Rotarius poll 1989, Turbo 2000 was elected the 3rd best pbm game being played in Germany, beaten only by United and Diplomacy.

Last Checked: 21jun94

Game:		Ultra Cricket

Type:		Sports Simulation
Duration:	14-20 turns/season, seasons start at close of previous season.
Turns:		1/week
Status:		in hiatus while the GM figures out how stable his account is


This game simulates Tests and one day Cricket Games. Cricket is very common game in those countries of the former British Empire and has almost come to replace religion in some nations.

Each person takes on the role of Selector/Manager/Captain. You have a squad of up to 30 players from which you must choose a team for each game, train the players and decide the batting and bowling order and other team tactics. You also have some say in the pitch conditions. Each week you will be asked to select an XI to play in the upcoming matches. This will be called the team. You also decide whether on winning the toss you want them to bat or bowl first, along with the batting and bowling order. This is all fed into the Main programme which plays the match ball by ball. A ball by ball record is made and a scorecard at the end of each innings compiled. Statistics are generated and Man of the Match decided. Those players not in the first XI return to their "clubs" and play for them. Here you get a brief run down on their performance and any injuries suffered by the players during the week.

A season lasts for approximately 4 months. The 5th season had 72 teams in 6 divisions.

The rules can be ftped from

Last Checked: 16jun94

Game:		United 3 (Soccer) (German language)

Type:		sports simulation, soccer
Turns:		typically 1 per 10 days


United is a soccer simulation in which you play the role of the manager (British style). You are responsible for tactics, financial things, buying new players and so on.

Up to now this game is in the german language. If I get enough players in, I'll translate my comments to english, so everyone can read it. If you want to know more about it, try this WWW-page:

For more information please send the GM email.

Last Checked: 21jun94

Game:		United Electronic Football League (UEFL)

Type:		sports simulation, soccer
GM: (Jeremy Billones)


United Electronic Football -- this is a USer, PBeM version of Alan Parr's game. You create a team of football (soccer) players, each with a position and skill level. Each turn, you pit your lineups against those of your opponents, with relative strengths and random chance determining the final score. If you win, you get more resources for improving your team. You can trade players and other resources, and press wars abound. Honor and glory for the regular- season champion and the winner of the post-season Cup.

UEFL is the original league in the States, 30 teams divided among Upper, Lower, and Rookie divisions. About 2 turns per week, time off for academic breaks, 1 season per year. Currently in season 5. Still the original, still the simplest, still the league that got me addicted in the first place.

Last Checked: 09mar94

Game:		World eMail Hockey Association (WeHA)

Type:		sports simulation, hockey
GM: (Ian Brown)


The game is currently on hold due to development work. Inquiries are welcome and I will be happy to place people on the waiting list (at this point, everyone on the list should get a team once the simulator is ready.)

Last Checked: 09mar94

Game:		World Rec.Gambling Poker Tournament

Type:		sports simulation, poker
NOTE:           Starts October 3, 1994


This is a world-wide poker tournament using "funney money". If you're reading this before October 3, 1994, you can join by mailing the address above. The tournament will take a LONG TIME and isn't expected to end until May, 1995, so if you don't think you'll have a reliable Internet connection for that long, don't sign up.

Last Checked: 07Sep94

Other Non-Commercial Games:

Game:		Battle

Type:		Tactical combat simulation
Duration:	~ 30 turns
Turns:		Twice weekly
Status:		Two games with 12 players each going. Contact the
                GM about new games.
GM: (Mark Cheverton)


Players control units on a playing field composed of hexagons. Each player has a base which can build new units, and improve old units. The turn results include a postscript map.

The rules may be ftped from, or talk to "batserv" on IRC. Right now the turns are processed by hand, but Mark is working on an adjudication program.

Last Checked: 18mar94

Game:		Abalone

Type:		Abstract
GM: (Richard Rognlie)
Status:		continually accepting new players
Email Server: (with "help" in subject)


On a hexagonal board (radius 5) two to six players have armies of marbles. Players take turns "pushing" 1, 2 or 3 linearly connected marbles, attempting to push their opponents' marbles off the board. Complete rules and instructions are available through the email server.

Game:           Dividende et Impera (German language)

Type:           Finance (stocks and bonds) game
Duration:       Open ended
Turns:          5 weekly
Status:         Open. 19 players active. New players are always welcome.
GM:    (Martin Hasch)

The players can buy or sell stocks of corporations (or create new corporations). The corporations battle on two product markets. The more stocks of a corporation you hold, the greater is your influence on its policy.

Basic knowledge of the German language required! Results are published in the fanzine Postspillion.

Last checked: 21Jun94

Game:		En Garde!

Type:		Historical
Duration:	Open Ended
Turns:		weekly
Status:		Open, contact GM
GM:		Colin Bell (


En Garde! is a semi-historical game/simulation representing many of the situations of an Errol Flynn movie set in the Seventeenth or Eighteenth centuries. In En Garde! a player finds himself born into and educated in a world where social climbing is a way of life, and status is a goal to be perused even over money. There are people to be used, friends in high places to be cultivated, enemies to be humiliated, the Cardinal's guard to be trounced, lackies to be abused, the hand of a fair damsel to be won, and the ear of the King to be gained. Come with us now, to those vibrant, bawdy days of yore...

The game has been converted to PBM format from a roleplay system devised by GDW. The game mechanics are simple and reasonably easy to grasp: the main fun is the roleplay and player interaction. The game has now been going for about 3 years. Turn adjudication is done by a program, but the orders still have to be entered by hand.

Last Checked: 09mar94

Game:		Hex

Type:		Abstract
GM: (Richard Rognlie)
Status:		continually accepting new players
Email Server: (with "help" in subject)


Hex is a 2-player abstract games played on an 11 by 11 diamond-shaped board of hexes:

   . . . . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . .
     . . . . . . . . . . .
      . . . . . . . . . . .
       . . . . . . . . . . .
        . . . . . . . . . . .
         . . . . . . . . . . .
          . . . . . . . . . . .
           . . . . . . . . . . .
            . . . . . . . . . . .
             . . . . . . . . . . .

Players alternate placing stones of their color on the board. 1 player is trying to connect the top to bottom and the other is trying for left to right. Complete rules and instructions are available through the email server.

Game:           Rich Man / Poor Man
Duration:       Open-ended
Turns:          One per week, breaks around major holidays,
Status:         about 20 players, no waiting, expansion ad lib.

Each player has 2 chips moving on a 25x25 board. If you land on another player's chip, you exchange some resources (usually good for the aggressor). If the square is unowned, the aggressor may buy it. Invent a business that helps others play the game, sell your product, and become rich. Each week, the richest player gets bragging rights.

The GM provides the playing field, basic movement, and suggestions. Players create businesses that expand on the capabilities of other players. Items which make you a more potent aggressor, defensive items, or items which allow you to move in new and interesting ways can be bought. Lotteries and treasure hunts are organized.

The game takes 1 to 2 hours a week to plan moves.

Last Checked: 09mar94

Game:		Trax

Type:		Abstract Strategy
GM: (Richard Rognlie)
Status:		continually accepting new players
Email Server: (with "help" in subject)


Trax is a two player abstract strategy game in the tradition of Chess or Go. The munch server allows any number of players to play any number of games simultaneously against each other. The server is used as a part of the World Trax championships and the annual tournament winner qualifies for the World finals in New Zealand. (A telecommute will be set up for qualifying candidate who cannot travel to New Zealand for the finals.) Complete rules and instructions are available through the email server.

Game:		TwixT

Type:		Abstract Strategy
GM: (Richard Rognlie)
Status:		continually accepting new players
Email Server: (with "help" in subject)


TwixT is a two player abstract strategy game, somewhat like Trax. Players take turns placing pieces on a 24 by 24 square board. Any time that one piece is placed a "knight's move" (as in chess) from another piece of the same color, a strut is placed between them. Struts cannot cross other struts. The object of the game is to connect your two sides of the board while preventing the other player from doing so. Complete rules and instructions are available through the email server.

Game:           Vox Populi (German language)

Type:           election campaigns in the Federal Republic of Germany
Duration:       ca. 15-40 Turns
Turns:          5 weekly
Status:         Occasional replacement positions available
GM:    (Pit Linder)


Each player leads a political party in the Federal Republic of Germany (before 1990). Election campaigns are held in the Bundeslaender. Because it's unlikely to reach absolute majority in the Bundestag (Federal parliament) or the Landtage (State parliaments), you have to cooperate with other parties to achieve your political goal (which is, of course, rise to power and keep it!).

Basic knowledge of the German language required! The political system of the FRG is described in the rules; you don't have to know it beforehand. Results published in the fanzine Postspillion.

Last Checked: 25jun94

Game:           WarpWar
Type:           tactical spaceship design and combat

GM:    (Evan M Corcoran)


WarpWar is an old Microgame from Metagaming dealing with spaceship combat and interstellar war. It features non-random simultaneous combat and individualized ship design. It is played PBEM with human referees and a number of variant rules, and an email server is in the works. There is an e-zine devoted to discussion of new rules and player contact. Note: Since WarpWar is still owned by Howard Thompson, you MUST own your own copy of the game to play.

Last Checked: 10may94

Distributed Game Programs

Game:		Empire Deluxe


A commercial single or multi-player game with a play-by-mail mode. You are the commander of a country with World World II era combat units and production facilities. Buy it wherever you find software. There are PC and Mac versions probably; I'm not sure if the Atari ST and Amiga "Deluxe" versions were released, and the original didn't have play-by-mail.

Game:		Medieval War
Ftp from:


From the README file, looks like a game very similar to xconq or Empire Deluxe, mentioned above. Can be played single-player or play-by-mail; your cities build units and you move them around. In play-by-mail mode, you do one turn, save the game, mail the save-file off to the other players, they play a move, mail it back, and so forth.

Requires Windows 3.1. Shareware.

Game:		Plateau
Ftp from:

A 2-player abstract strategy game which can be played by mail. You will have to have access to the utility programs uudecode, uncompress, and tar to read this source, plus a C compiler to compile it.

Game:		Spaceward Ho!

Spaceward Ho! is a commercial game from Delta Tao Software (Mac and PC) in which the player is pitted against computer and human players in a struggle to conquer the galaxy. The game includes a good combination of strategy with sheer enjoyment (a balance not always easily attained). Currently, the Macintosh 3.x.x versions are played through mail by passing the game file from one player to the next. (Essentially, each player plays one turn, compresses and binhexes the game file, and sends the file on to the next player.) For more info on how to play through mail, send mail with the subject of SPHO Info (Case is important) to

Game: VGA Planets 3.0
Ftp from:, directory /PC/vgaplanets-3.0


A shareware multi-player strategic space game for PC-Clones. You control a race of beings attempting to conquer the universe. Players use a graphical interface to enter their turns, and then send a binary file to the moderator, who runs them through a program that processes the turn. A review of version 2.1 appears in PBEM volume 92 # 6. Keep in mind that lower ship numbers get to attack first -- this isn't mentioned in the manuals, and it's important to take this into account.

Professional moderation of VGA Planets games is available from:

		Gamer's Den
		PO Box 390755
		Mt View, CA 94039-0755
		Internet Readme:
		Internet Support:
		CIS Readme: INFO.DEN in lib 15 of the PBMGAMES forum
		CIS Support: 73613,3472


PAW-PBM, Paul Walker, 12 Binford Cl, Whipton, Exeter EX1 3JZ [PAW]

Email Magazines:

Magazine:	Play By Email (PBEM)

		(archived at the ftp sites mentioned above.)

Magazine:	Ride The Lightning, german language PBM fanzine

		(also available on the newsgroup

Paper-Mail Magazines:

Magazine:	DIPLOMAT
		Thomas Franke
		Haarenufer 12
		D-26122 Oldenburg

		Available on a cost recovery system, contact publisher for
		subscription details, or see the periodicals file,

Magazine:	Flagship
                Rt2 Box 402, Red Oak Flats, Dahlonega, GA 30533
                PO Box 1733, handsworth, Birmingham, B20 2PP, UK
                PO Box 858, Kogarah, NSW 2217 Australia
		[ free sample available on request ]
		US - 4 issues $20, 6 issues $28, 12 issues $50
		UK - 4 issues UKL11, 6 issues UKL16, 12 issues UKL28
		Aus airmail - 4 issues A$40, 6 issues A$60, 12 issues A$100
		Aus surface - 4 issues A$25, 6 issues A$37, 12 issues A$62
		NZ airmail - 4 issues NZ$50, 6 issues NZ$75, 12 issues NZ$125
		NZ surface - 4 issues NZ$35, 6 issues NZ$50, 12 issues NZ$80

Magazine:	Paper Mayhem
		1518 Adams Street
		Ottawa, IL 61350-4770

Magazine:	Postspillion, a german-language PBM fanzine (Reinhard Schoen)

                Was on issue #95 in June, 1994, with 9 games running.

Magazine:	SHADIS Magazine
		17880 Graystone Ave #203
		Chino Hills CA 91709
		($21/6 issues & premiums)

		Shadis mostly concentrates on FRP gaming, but has
		~ 12 pages on PBM per issue. It seems to have a higher
		standard of spelling and grammar than most other PBM

Magazine:	Suisse P. (german language fanzine)
		Thomas Golser
		Hubstr. 45
		8303 Bassersdorf, Switzerland

		A PBM fanzine 

Magazine:	White Dwarf
		(UK) 2.00 pounds / (US) $4.00 per issue
UK:		Games Workshop Ltd.
		Chewton Street, Hiltop, EASTWOOD
		Nottingham, NG16 3HY
US:		Games Workshop Inc.
		3431 Benson Avenue
		Baltimore, Maryland  21227

Commercial Games:

Game:		Adventurer's Guild
Type:		Combat/Adventuring
Duration:	Open Ended
Turns:		Once every two weeks.  Option of having a "traveler"
		status which will fight you in the next guild
		processed (minimum of two weeks in between each turn).
GM:		Computer moderated
Costs:		$9.75 for the first character, $9.00 for each
		additional character in the same guild. Rules $3.50.


AG is sort of like a D&D game. You have numerous races to choose from for characters. You can fight in the guild which will put you in a group of eight with a round-robin format. You may then fight an extra fight (no additional cost) versus a single opponent or many (for both sides). Team fights happen frequently. If you prefer not to fight in the guild you can go adventuring with a party (1 to 8 people) to the numerous adventure sites. Travel between the guilds is possible if you wish a change of scenery. Gods play a role in the AG realm and you may swear devotion to the God of your choice. The turns are laser printed (15 to 20 pages single-sided) and include a newsletter.


AG is everything that Duelmasters kept promising to add for the three years I played (adventuring, team fights, etc). You have total control of your character and his/her design. The customer service is outstanding. If you send in questions with your turn, you receive them with your results. The GM is constantly adding additions to the game to make it even better. If you like Duelmasters or the concept, AG is for you. --

Company: Entertainment Plus
         P.O. Box 2578
         Appleton, WI 54913-2578

Game:		Adventurer Kings

Type:		Fantasy War Game
Duration:	15-25 turns
Turns:		Weekly for email on CIS, 2 weeks/turn for snailmail
GM:		computer-moderated


A completely computer-moderated game of world conquest. One of its nicest features is SAGA: the turn input/output program. You can either download your turns from Compuserve, or receive diskmailers. It also helps you avoid many errors.


An excellent game, with a lot of factors which work well together. The SAGA program makes any entry errors your own, and Dave Snell seems to really work hard to make playing an enjoyable experience. Highly recommended. - (Michael Minnotte)

Not terribly complicated, but a good fun game, made more so by the ease of Saga. - (Ryerson Schwark)

An excellent game, much deeper than it first appears. Dave Snell (the GM) is one of the best in the business - (Joey Browning)

Company:	Ark Royal Games
		PO Box 6378-F
		Aloha, Oregon 97007
		Phone: 503-643-3292
		Internet address:
		Compuserve address: 71750,1153

Alternates:	England:		Elite Games
					PO Box 374
					Harpenden, Herts
					AL5 5DA
		Holland/Germany:	The PBM Express
					PO Box 9159
					3301 AD Dordrecht
					The Netherlands
		Australia:		Roma Games
					PO Box 1957
					QLD 4350
		Italy:			Strategia e Tattica
					Via del Colosseo 5, 00184 Roma

Game:		Alamaze

Type:           Global conquest - Fantasy
Duration:       Max 40 turns, usually around 20-25
Turns:          Optional 2 or 3 week turnaround - phone & fax turns accepted
GM:             Computer-moderated
Cost:           $15.00 rules, setup, first 2 turns. $7.00/turn for
                basic games, $8.50/turn for advanced games. Deposit
                (refunded on turn 10) of $15.00 for basic and $25.00
                for advanced games


Global conquest with roughly 1000 distinct command options. Players are given command of 1 of 15 races (Dragon, Elf, Witchlord) and victory conditions. The player must balance politics, economics, military and magic in order to be successful.


This is a complex game; the rule book alone is ~50 pages. There is considerable need for player interaction/team games are available. A very good game of its type. RSI does an excellent job at customer service. The games may be pricey for some tastes. - (Steve Daughney)

Another truly excellent game, especially since Pegasus took steps to increase their efficiency and customer service. Strongly recommended! (Joey Browning)

Company:        Pegasus Productions
                P.O. Box 248
                Waynesville, NC 28786

Game:           Armed Forces Commander
Type:           Tactical Wargame
Turns:          Once every eighteen days.
Duration:	?
GM:		Computer moderated
Costs:          $20.00 setup - includes rules and 5 turns. $5.00/Turn
                Rules $2.00.  Player orders can be sent by email.

Armed Forces Commander is a game of world domination. Based on a hex grid, the maps are laser printed using graphics which depict the individual NATO unit symbols and all terrain. Players can raise the technology levels of their cities in order to build deadlier land, sea, and air units. Units can be "stacked" into more formidable "corps", and both sea and air transports can be used to move units behind enemy lines.

The game is of moderate complexity, with little or no diplomacy required. Unit characteristics can be "seen" on the symbols, and well organized tables/charts are used in the turnsheets for ease of play.

Company:	Anarchy by Mail (AxM)
		P.O. Box 873
		Allen, TX. 75002-4005
		(214) 727-8471

Game:		Black Empire

Type:		Fantasy Empire-building
Duration:	20 turns
Turns:		1 turn/month
GM:		human
Cost:		$10.00 setup, $3.00/turn (both cheaper in Tucson)


Build an empire in a fantasy world filled with large and interesting armies of various races, personages, artifacts and spells. Create your society to reflect your goals, and build your army from 90 possible unit types! From the mundane Human Archers, Pikemen, and Knights; to Naval units like Galleys and Longships, to Centaur Knights, Ogres, Wind Whales and other flying units like Griffons & Dragons, Dinosaur Knights and Pteranodon scouts, Dwarf Axemen, Elfin War Dogs and Walking Trees, Gnomic Slingers and Talking Stones, Rocs, Storm Giants, Ice Worms and Eskimos Militia, Orcic Spearmen and Wargriders, Amazon Guards, Paladins, Chaos Mutants, Werewolf Legions, Vampire Knights, Morlocks, even Deep Ones, Sea Serpents, Shoggoth, and Dolphin Scouts. 12 terrain types, 22 location types (like Ruined City, Dwarf Mines, Necropolis, Elf Wood, and the standard City), 22 metaspells, 36 ancient artifacts, 30 neutral personages you can hire (like Sardior Dragonlord and Harun the Prophet), and lots more. Great fun.


This is great. A workable system for fantasy armies at last. The rules set is similar to Lords Of The Earth, the historical empire-building pbm from Wanderer, but simplified to make it more fun. I highly recommend this pbm. -- (Scott Micheel)

Company:	Wanderer Games
		4858 East Second Street
		Tucson, AZ  85711

Game:		Capitol II

Type:		Space Opera, strategic
Turns:		one per two weeks, generally
GM:		Computer-moderated


Second version of a strategic economic/exploration/combat/diplomatic space game.


Several players were unhappy with the first version, but we haven't gotten any opinions about the 2nd version yet.

Company:	Adventures By Mail
		P. O. Box 436
		Cohoes, NY, 12047
		(518) 237-4870

Game:		Conquest and Destiny

Type:		Space Conquest and Economic
Duration:	Open ended
Turns:		Three a week.  Possibly starting a once a week game.
GM:		Computer moderated
Costs:		$1-7.20 depending on number of actions taken


Conquest and Destiny is an open-ended role playing game in which every player commands their own race of custom designed beings. Your goal is to establish your race within the galaxy and to strive for greatness, sometimes working with other players, sometimes against them.

Conquest and Destiny is a multi-player Play-by-Electronic-Mail computer game. You control the actions of your race by sending turns through modem or by mail. These turns contain the actions that you wish your race to do. In each turn, you can perform anywhere between 10 and 120 actions. After sending your turns onto the Gamemasters, it is processed in conjunction with every other players turn for that stardate. The results of your actions will then be sent back to you. You may participate as often or as seldom as you wish, for as long as you feel like playing.

Company:	Alternative Realities
		Daniel R. Canham
		PO BOX 498 
		Brockport, NY  14420-0498

Game:		CTF2187

Type:		Tactical robot combat
Duration:	~ 20 turns?
Turns:		two to three weeks per turn, or 5 weeks for a slow game
GM:		Computer moderated
Costs:		$3.50 for rules, $3.50 per turn


CTF2187 is a robot combat game, somewhat like Battletech. 2 or 4 teams (total 12-18 players) are placed on a grid. The object is to maximize the team score while surviving. Bots range from light/agile gnats to massive death-dealing cyclops.

This is a simple game system, but allows for a fair amount of subtlety. Its strong points are ease of learning, and lots of team play. Not incredibly realistic, but that doesn't seem to be a goal. The down side is that random variables matter about as much as differences in skill. -- Ken Arora (

Company:	Advanced Gaming Enterprises
		P.O. Box 214949
		Sacramento, CA 95821

Game:		Duelmasters

Type:		Gladiator combat
Duration:	Completely open-ended w/advancement to higher levels
Turns:		Optional two or four week turn around - Phone turns
GM:		Computer moderated
Costs:		$3.25 + $1.50/warrior up to a max. of 5 in an arena
		Free initial set-up and rules.


Players manage a stable of five gladiators within an arena context against other players. The gladiators are assigned an initial 70 points in 7 areas (strength, wit, etc.) and 14 additional points are allotted to personalize the warrior. Beyond this, managers are responsible for training and strategy. There is also considerable space in the game for role-playing and diplomatic interaction with other players.


Looks simple, but the game is brilliantly programmed and a continuous learning experience. Results are laser printed. RSI does an excellent job with customer service. Although the game is costly, it is very addictive and well worth the price. - (Steve Daughney)

Duelmasters is one of the friendliest games I've been involved in. Role-playing is highly encouraged, the Duelmasters Sponsor program can put beginning players ("newbies") in touch with the most experienced and successful managers right away, and Customer Service has taken a definite turnaround. The results are beautifully printed, and always full of surprises. A little on the expensive side (as much as $10.75/turn) but for my money, it's definitely worth it! - (Dennis Cleary)

Company:	Reality Simulations Inc. (RSI)
		P.O. Box 22400
		Tempe, AZ  85285

Game:		A Duel of A Different Color

Type:	 	Magical combat simulation
Duration:       Completely open-ended w/advancement to higher levels
Turns:          Optional two or four week turn around
GM:             Computer moderated
Costs:          $5.00 for 5 students characters
		Rules $5.00, Initial set-up: Rules and 2 turns for $13.00


Players instruct a team of five students within a duel context against other players for academic advancement. The students are assigned an initial value of 41 points in 4 areas. (strength, dexterity, intelligence, and life points) and additional traits are used to personalize the student. Instructors are responsible for guiding the students development. There is some space in the game for role-playing and diplomatic interaction with other players. The results in this game are very interesting, in that, output is give in a narrative form, rather than, raw statistics.


This game looks simple, but like Duelmasters, it is brilliantly programmed. FD has taken time with their product and service. The narratives are great and just have to be seen. They claim to use some state-of-the-art story generation system. Also, they claim that their NPCs use Genetic Algorithms and Neural Nets for learning. -- (Natasha A. Davis)

Company:	Fractal Dimensions (FD)
		17-29 Main Street, Suite 316
		Cortland, New York 13045
		(607) 753-9246

Game:		Elder Lords

Type:	 	Fantasy role-playing
Duration:       open-ended
GM:             Human/Computer moderated
Costs:          $4.00 rules, $5.00 turns, $15.00 special startup

Company:	Gamer's Guild
		P.O. Box 302
		Shillington, Pa 19607-0302
		CIS: 73003,2405

Game:		Feudal Lords

Type:		Medieval strategy
Duration:	6-12 turns.
Turns:	        2-3 week turn around.  Slow (monthly) games probably
        	available.  Turns can be sent and received by email.
GM:		Computer moderated.


You are a duke trying to become King Of England after the death of King Arthur. You have a limited number of orders to raise and move your army, build up your castle and fief.


Okay idea, bad execution. Knowing which actions are good is key. -

Company:	Flying Buffalo Inc.
		P. O. Box 1467
		Scottsdale, AZ 85252-1467
		(602) 945-6917
		MCI: 0001138241
		CIS: 70030,240

Game:           Galactic Anarchy
Type:           Space Opera / Empire building
Duration:       20 to 30 turns
Turns:          Once every eighteen days.
GM:		Computer moderated
Costs:          $15.00 setup - includes rules and 5 turns. $3.50/Turn
                Rules $3.50.  $55.00 One Time Fee for entire game.
                Turns can be sent and received by email.


Galactic Anarchy is a PBM/PBEM space game in which up to 30 players compete for galactic supremacy. Six racial types are available: Imperialist, Drone, Merchant, Zealot, Raider, and Xenophobe. Players have 4 types of fleets to use: Combat, Hyper, General Purpose and Dreadnought. Players have several offensive choices: Raid, Stealing, Plunder, Invade, Assaults, Infest, four types of bombs, and system and fleet fire. Many artifacts exist, some of which can be used to assist the players in their quest of galactic supremacy. Private games have been running since 1988, and public games since 1991.

Moderate complexity, employing a high level of diplomacy.

Company:	Anarchy by Mail (AxM)
		P.O. Box 873
		Allen, TX. 75002-4005
		Phone: (214) 727-8471

Game:		Hyborian War

Type:		Global conquest - Fantasy
Duration:	Roughly 30 turns (not sure)
Turns:		Optional two or four week turn around - Phone turns
GM:		Computer moderated
Costs:		Dependent on kingdom size: $4, $6 or $8. Free initial 
		set-up and rules.


Global conquest in the world of Conan the Barbarian. Not nearly as complex as Alamaze, but still complete with espionage, magic, trade, politics and war. Player interaction is highly encouraged and addresses are supplied.


This is a fair but not great game. First-time players are often discouraged because the game can be dominated by veterans who have learned the ropes. Not nearly as enjoyable as Duelmasters. RSI customer service is top-notch and the results are laser printed. - (Steve Daughney)

Company:	Reality Simulations Inc. (RSI)
		P.O. Box 22400
		Tempe, AZ  85285

Game:		Island Takeover

Type:		Strategic simulation
Duration:	20-25 turns
Turns:		1/2/3 week turnarounds available, email turns available
Costs:		$2.50 postal turns, $1.50 email turns.  You can purchase
		a complete game for a fixed amount, $45 postal, $25 email.


Island Takeover is a territorial takeover game set on an island. Between 7 and 10 players will vie for ownership of this island. The game will last typically between 20 and 25 turns.

Company:	Eclipse Consulting Inc.
		7701 Tamarron Drive
		Plainsboro, NJ  08536-4337
		(609) 275-1062

Game:		Isle of Crowns

Type:		Strategy/Tactics
Duration:	20 turns.
Turns:		Bi-weekly turns. Faxes accepted.
GM:		Computer Moderated
Costs:		$4/turn, $60 for the entire game paid in advance.  Setup is
		free. No turn phone-in.


Player runs a barony on a 24-barony island. Object is to control more sectors than anyone else by turn 20. Game consists of armies, fortresses, outposts, walls, Captains, wizards, dragons, rogue races, and ships. Game has one winner, with no prizes.


The balance of the game is excellent - maybe too good. Lucky placement plays a significant role in victory, and this may frustrate players determined to win. Skillful play is still the most significant factor, so players determined to do well should have no problems. It will appeal to UCSD empire players. I highly recommend this game. - (Jim Griffith)

Company:	Adventures By Mail
		P.O. Box 436
		Cohoes, NY  12047
		(518) 237-4870

Game:		It's A Crime! (Gang vs. Gang)

Type:		Strategic/modern day
Duration:	36 turns or less
Turns:		Minimum 11 days per turn. Faxes accepted.
GM:		Computer Moderated
Costs:		$1.50/turn (4 orders), $3.00/turn for a double order turn
		(10 orders, competitive players will want to issue double
		order turns every turn), $1.50 extra for "extended New York
		Post reports", $1.50 extra for phoned-in orders.  Setup is
		free, first two turns are free.


Player is the leader of a 1990's New York street gang. City is a 100x100 grid with 500 initial gangs. Gangs have a number of different orders they can issue to build their strength and hose rival gangs.


The game parameters are simplistic, because the game was originally intended as a test game. The game does contain "magic numbers" that give an experienced player an advantage over an inexperienced one. The variability of orders makes the game a lot of fun. GAMES Magazine placed it in its top 100 games a few years back. I highly recommend it. -

This is a decent game for people new to the pbm market to cut their teeth on, except for that fact that every time you turn around they have another $1.50 charge to hit you with after advertising that it is an inexpensive game at $1.50 a turn. Being 100% computer moderated also lends an air of sterility to it. - (Bryan McDonald)

Company:	Adventures By Mail
		P.O. Box 436
		Cohoes, NY  12047
		(518) 237-4870

Game:		Kingdoms

Type:		Strategic fantasy
Duration:	Open-ended
Turns:		Once per week
GM:		human moderated
Status:		One campaign running presently
Costs:		$2/turn


Players begin as the commander of a mercenary company with ten followers. From that point, the player does what s/he can to gather enough gold and wo/men to found a kingdom. Once in a position of power, the strategic race to rule the map begins...

Company:	J.A. Giunta
		P.O. Box 54403
		Phoenix, Az. 85032


Game:		Legacy Of The Panther

Type:		Wargame
Duration:	Close ended, victory conditions apply.
Turns:		Fortnightly.
GM:		Computer moderated with GM intervention when players need help.
Costs:		Approx. 1.25 pounds sterling per turn (est.).


Player owns an 'area' of land and begins at level 1. The object is to reach level 5 and have as many areas, troops and wealth as possible. A points system exists and is used to determine the winner of more recent games. Multiple characters are permitted.


Excellent but expensive. Can get a little stale when the ability to recruit new troops is lost (at level 3) and military action becomes more difficult. Ruthlessness is recommended! -

Company:	West Pennine Games
		15 Carr Bank Drive
		BL0 9DG

Game:		Legends

Type:		Fantasy RPG
Duration:	Depends on existence of victory conditions
Turns:		2 turns/month allowed, 1 production turn/month
GM:		various (multiple games in progress)

Description:	NOTE: There are two modules, both described below.

Crowns of Avalon: Fantasy FRP with action occurring from a strategic level to a personal hero level. An interesting world full of high adventure and political intrigue. There are a number of political factions, each with it's own agenda, or it is possible to start your own if you have enough people rallied around your cause. Plenty of monsters to fight, treasure to be won, and NPC's to convert or conquer.

Realm of the Immortals: Same as above, but with a theme. The land as it exists is in peril of being conquered by the Overlord who has been laying siege to various cities for a number of years. The Overlord is generally a nasty person, being concerned with raising undead armies and sending them against his enemies.


The game emphasizes flexibility - there are around 200 different orders you can issue, plus "special orders" which let you do non-standard stuff. This is a *lot* of fun to play, especially if you have friends in the same game. Main problem is that Midnight Games' phone line is *always* busy. - (Jim Griffith)

Great concept, not-so-great execution. Rules are hard to understand, and program is notoriously buggy. Midnight is taking steps to correct this in the new Legends II forthcoming. Still, there's nothing else like it out there for sheer size and scope. - (Joey Browning)

Company:	Midnight Games
		130 E. Main Street, Suite 305
		Medford, OR  97501
		(503) 772-7872

		Rhann Postal Games
		P.O. Box 12
		Sarisbury Green

Game:           Lords of the Earth - Campaign 1

Type:           Historical/Strategic
Duration:       Open ended.
Turns:          4-6 week turn-around. Email turns accepted.
GM:             Human-moderated (contingency orders accepted).
                Heavily computer-aided.
Costs:          $4.00(US)/turn (no additional costs) (discounts if in Tucson)
                $5.00 mapset (large maps also available)
                $10.00 Rules


Player runs a country in 1650+ AD. Whole world simulation. Excellent maps. This is the original game, started in 1983 and still running. Has switched over to the Rennaissance rules. 45 players and always an opening or two.

Company:        Thomas Harlan
                4858 East Second Street
                Tucson AZ 85711-1207
                (602) 323-8570

Game:           Lords of the Earth - Campaign 4

Type:           Historical/Strategic
Duration:       Open ended.
Turns:          4-6 week turn-around. Email turns accepted.
GM:             Human-moderated (contingency orders accepted).
Costs:          $4.00(US)/turn (no additional costs)
                $4.00 mapset
                $3.00 Color Map Update
                $10.00 Rules
                $2.00 Rules Supplement (included in $10 Rules)
                New Player startup set: $20.00 (maps, rules, 2 turns)


Player runs a country in 1225+ AD. Whole world simulation. Excellent maps. 50 players currently. Game system has been played continuously since 1983, this game is fairly young yet and there are lots of good positions.

Company:        Sean Padden
                909 S. Fifth Street #253
                Champaign Il. 61820
                (217) 332-4794

Game:           Lords of the Earth - Campaign 13

Type:           Historical/Strategic
Duration:       Open ended.
Turns:          6 week turn-around.
GM:             Human-moderated
Costs:		$10 rules, $6 startup, $4-5 per turn


Player runs a country in 1010+ AD. Countries can follow many paths to greatness: war, diplomacy, evangelism, secret operations, trade, and/or public works. Played on a detailed map of Earth. About 10 openings out of 40 in the Old World, 5 out of 20 in the New World. This campaign is just getting started (turn #3 on 25May94).


Great game, because of the myriad options available for a nation (you can do anything), and the high level of player interaction. - Peter Morzinski (

Company:	Martin Stewart
		773 Zeiss Ave
		St. Louis, MO  63125
		(314) 638-9604

Game:		The Mat Masters

Type:		Fantasy Wrestling
Duration:	Open-Ended
Turns:		Twice a month
GM:		Computer
E-Mail Server:


Mat Master has over 250 possible moves, color reports, detailed drawings and full match descriptions. As of September 1994, there were 150 wrestlers being played by players from 4 countries.

Game:		Middle-Earth Play-By-Mail (ME-PBM)

Type:		Conquest/Adventure (Fantasy, strategic)
Duration:	(Averages 25-40 turns)
Turns:		2 or 3 week turnaround.  Phone turns accepted (+$3)
GM:		Computer-moderated
Costs:		$6.50/turn, $25.00/$12.50 for first/following setups
                (150+ Page Rulebook, 2' * 3' Full Color Map of Middle Earth,
                3 Month Subscription to GSI strategy magazine, 2 Free Turns)


Conquest and Adventure in J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy world of Middle Earth. In each game, there are 25 players who take on the role of a Dark Servant (10), Free Peoples (10), or a Neutral (5). The goal of the game is for Good to destroy all of Evil (or vice versa). An optional victory is attained by delivering the ONE RING to Mt. Doom or to Sauron. Each player controls a kingdom and individual characters. In many ways similar to Alamaze, but more developed.


THE BEST PBM I HAVE EVER PLAYED!! Your turns are laser printed and you receive updated kingdom maps every turn w/ updated character sheets for your heroes. If you in in love with Tolkien's books, this is THE GAME for you. ME-PBM has been programmed in consultation with Iron Crown Enterprises (I.C.E.), makers of the Middle Earth Role Playing System. - Zach Harman (

Company:	Game Systems Inc. (GSI)
		P.O. Box 160129
		Miami, FL 33116-0129
		(305) 274-5559 

Game:		Mobius I

Type:		Science Fiction
Duration:	25-35 turns.
Turns:		2-3 week turn around.  Slow (monthly) turnaround also
		available.  Turns can be sent and received by email.
GM:		Computer moderated.
Costs:		$7-10/turn, $5 setup, $3 rules.


Fairly complex game involving colonizing other planets and fighting on planets and in space. Also has a role-playing element (you have a bunch of characters to run your empire).


Too complicated to be playable, not complicated enough to be realistic. - (Mark Purtill)

Having been a long time FBI customer and a Mobius player, I felt that the review for that game was rather unjustified. The game is certainly somewhat more complex than, say Starweb, but considerably simpler that Empyrean Challenge (to stay in the same genre), very well run (FBI's customer service is absolutely the best, their error rate extremely low and their turnaround quite regular) and I would recommend the game heartily. It is interesting for its introduction of some role playing into what is a primarily strategic game. Try it! -

Good service, but be prepared to spend a lot of money and a lot of time number crunching. Not bad, but not great either. - (Mike Minnotte)

Company:	Flying Buffalo, Inc.
		P. O. Box 1467
		Scottsdale, AZ 85252-1467
		(602) 945-6917
		MCI: 0001138241
		CIS: 70030,240

Game:		Monster Island

Type:		Fantasy role-playing
Duration:	Open ended
Turns:		8 business days (a week and a half).
GM:		Computer moderator
Costs:		$4.00/turn


Player plays a monster (orc, goblin, elf types) washed up on shore of Monster Island, there to survive, have fun, kick butt, and generally act monsterish.


Huge mongo game; can accommodate 15,001 monsters in the same game (the map is about the size of Australia). Computer keeps track of over 2100 statistics for each monster, and over 120 for each square. Beautiful custom laser-printed results every turn. - (Scott Micheel)

There is a mailing list of ~ 150 players on the Internet. Write for more information. Back issues of player newsletters are available at the ftp sites.

Company:	Adventures By Mail
		P. O. Box 436
		Cohoes, NY, 12047
		(518) 237-4870

Game:           Out Time Days

Type:           Role Playing - Fantasy/Science Fiction
Duration:	Open ended (End World Scenario some years down the road).
Turns:		Once a week. Excellent turn around. CIS/Phone turns accepted.
GM:		Human Moderated, Computer Assisted.
Costs:		$15 Startup (professional manual, 5 free turns).
		$5.00/position, $3.00 for spin-offs
		Very limited spin-offs allowed, average player cost $8/week.


Players run Time Traveler characters stuck in a world with very different rules. Role Playing amongst players is the emphasis, as is team playing.


Best RPG I have seen on the market. The GM is highly involved and cares about his game and that his players enjoy it. This game is definitely for people wanting to role play with others, not against the game itself. - (Bryan McDonald)

Company:        Twin Engine Gaming
                3254 Maple Leaf Court
                San Jose, CA, 95121
                (408) 270-2466

Game:           Olympia

Type:           epic fantasy
Duration:       open ended
Turns:          once per week, email only
GM:             computer moderated
Costs:          flat rate US$2.50/turn


Olympia features a vast map, simultaneous turn execution, magic, combat, skills, rare artifacts, exploration, trade, strange monsters, etc.

Rather than ``phases'', Olympia has realistic time. Each turn has 30 days. Orders are rated for how many days they take to complete. Orders which don't finish by the end of the turn simply continue into the next.

Most players control 10-15 characters, and receive a 15-25 page report. The size of the report varies depending on whether the player concentrates development in a few characters, or pursues an empire building strategy.

Company:        Shadow Island Games
		P.O. Box 6435
		Somerset, NJ 08875-6435
		(908) 469-1992

ftp site for rules:
Olympia Web page:

Name:		Phoenix

Type:		space diplomacy, economic, and combat game
Duration:	20-40 turns
Turns:		1, 2, or 3 times a week, or as requested
GM:		computer moderated
Costs:		$2.50 per turn, $15 for 150-page rulebook


Phoenix is a PBEM space game of diplomacy, exploration, economic expansion, and military conquest for novice and expert players alike. Each player controls a space empire composed of one of seven different racial types expanding from a single homeworld. The goal is to control over half of the galaxy, either singly or jointly with up to a quarter of the players in the game. The size of the galaxy scales with the number of players. Beginners are encouraged to start in smaller games to become accustomed to the system, and then move to larger games.

The Player's Guide is filled with examples and strategy hints. A turn may contain up to 200 orders. Game sizes range from 2 to 20 players. Single player games are available for $1/turn to practice racial strategy, and to help new players learn the rules.

A graphical interface for MS-DOS players will be available shortly. The rules may be ftped from A WWW homepage is available as

Company:	Gamer's Den
		PO Box 390755
		Mt View, CA 94039-0755
		Internet Readme:
		Internet Support:
		CIS Readme: INFO.DEN in lib 15 of the PBMGAMES forum
		CIS Support: 73613,3472

Game:		Roadkill 2115

Type:		Science Fiction / post-holocaust / Road Warrior
Duration:	Open-Ended
Turns:		Sequential
GM:		Mixed/Garet Jax
E-mail Server:


Set in the far future where anything that moves has a weapon with it, Roadkill 2115 is the first non-sporting PBM game from Imaginary Enterprises. While there are still kinks in the game, the players in it so far have given it good reviews and it looks like it can only go forward. Being of a mixed moderation gives it the fairness of a computer while allowing the flexablitly to do what you want. 3 characters of 5 different races, and 8 different occupations search burned out cities of the U.S. for ways to survive, and become powerful forces where the guy with the biggest guns leads the pack. Heavy on mysteries, the 20+ page rule book only lets you have enough information to start out, leaving you to find out the rest yourself.

Game:		Scavenger: Adventures Across Five Dimensions

Type:		Fantasy/Science Fiction competitive role-playing
Duration:	Indefinite
Turns:		Fourteen day turn cycle
GM:		Human moderated, computer assisted
Costs:		Free set up package including character generation, rules,
		and one postal or two e-mail turns. Postal turns cost $2.79.
		E-mail turns cost $2.50.  No hidden fees.

Ten characters race against each other to recover items scattered across five dimensions. The game can go even deeper than this, enabling players to question the entire purpose of the Hunt. Other services: e-mail and call-in turns. BBS, fax, and voice mail planned for September '91.

Company:	MAD Turkey Enterprises
		P.O. Box 948236
		La Jolla, CA 92037

Game:		Scavenger: Adventures Across Five Dimensions

Type:		Fantasy/Science Fiction competitive role-playing
Duration:	Indefinite
Turns:		Fourteen day turn cycle
GM:		Human moderated, computer assisted
Costs:		Free set up package including character generation, rules,
		and one postal or two e-mail turns. Postal turns cost $2.79.
		E-mail turns cost $2.50.  No hidden fees.

Ten characters race against each other to recover items scattered across five dimensions. The game can go even deeper than this, enabling players to question the entire purpose of the Hunt. Other services: e-mail and call-in turns. BBS, fax, and voice mail planned for September '91.

Company:	MAD Turkey Enterprises
		P.O. Box 948236
		La Jolla, CA 92037

Game:		Sol III 

Type:		PBEM RPG with 5 separate campaigns
Duration:	open-ended
Turns:		Three Business day Turnaround Time (or faster)
GM:		Varied.  Human run.  Head GM: (Sol III GM)
Status:		Accepting players constantly
Costs:		First two weeks free.  $15 per month per character
                following that. No turn fees.
Sol III is an alternate earth with an alternate history. 5 periods have been chosen to adventure in, and all of them are open-ended with no player cap. We have a full staff of 7 GM's to insure rapid responses, and this is our 5th year as a professional Play By E-Mail company. The 5 Time Frames are: 1203 AD, 1893 AD, 1988 AD, 2023 AD, and 2603 AD.

There are no turn sheets since the game is actually more of a true role-playing game than most, and as such, resembles Interactive Fiction. Players may adventure solo, in teams, open shops, engage in politics, and anything else that they can imagine.

Game:		St. Valentines Day Massacre (United States Version)

Type:		Gang lord simulation
Duration:	Closed, victory conditions apply.
Turns:		~4 week turn around.
GM:		Computer moderated.

Gang Lords rise in stature base on gang member power and the financial success of various premises and rackets. The system is new to the United States, but established in Great Britain.


So far I like it, but only two turns have passed. I will update this report once a few more turns have gone by. (May 9, 1991) - (Bryan McDonald)

Company:	Vortex Simulations
		P.O.Box 317
		Ft. Meade, Maryland  20755-0317
		(301) 621-9561

Game:		Stargazer

Type:		Galactic Empire Building
Duration:	2-3 week turns, 20-30 turns
Turns:		$5 set-up, $3 per turn


Players become the leaders of alien races that have just discovered the secret of StarTravel. The players must race to explore and control the galaxy while having to contend with each other and the unknown of deep space. Players find themselves challenged in many ways as they take on the roles of Diplomat, Politician, Head of Military, and Business Person. Success depends as much on diplomacy and behind the scenes deals as it does on military strategy.

Company:	Frontier Game Company
		P.O. Box 601
		Mishawaka, IN 46546

Game:		Starlord

Type:		Space Opera
Duration:	Open ended.
Turns:		2-3 week turn around.
GM:		Computer moderated.


You have a command ship that can move around a 2-D galaxy, and a bunch of ships. You can only move those ships with 7 squares of your command ship, and your goal is to become emperor, and then to stay emperor.


Easy to play and pretty results, but essentially brainless and dull. - (Michael Minnotte)

Nice color printouts only redeeming feature. - (Mark Purtill)

Company:	Flying Buffalo, Inc.
		P. O. Box 1467
		Scottsdale, AZ 85252-1467
		(602) 945-6917
		MCI: 0001138241
		CIS: 70030,240

Game:		Starweb

Type:		Science Fiction Simulation
Duration:	10-15 turns.
Turns:		2-3 week turn around.  Slow (monthly) and email (weekly)
		turnaround also available.  Turns can be sent and received
		by email.
GM:		Computer moderated.


As one of six types of position, you try to score points (in a different way for each type), using a limited number of fleets. Each world connects to several others in the "web" and can build ships or industry.


Classic! Lots of ways to win, for diplomats and generals alike. - (Michael Minnotte)

Lots of diplomacy, game system simple but not trivial. I like it. - (Mark Purtill)

Not just lots of diplomacy but **LOTS** of diplomacy -- but remember, that's usually by phone (FBI also has blind, net, and other variants). My phone bill was too high! - (Alan Mead)

Company:	Flying Buffalo, Inc.
		P. O. Box 1467
		Scottsdale, AZ 85252-1467
		(602) 945-6917
		MCI: 0001138241
		CIS: 70030,240

Game:		Swords of the Gods

Type:		Fantasy Simulation (World Conquest and Hunt)
Turns:		2 week turnaround (probably other options as well)
GM:		Computer Moderated
Cost:		was $3/turn in 1989


Based on Saberhagen's Book of Swords series, each player is a minor noble trying to capture the twelve swords of power (which will presumably lead to world domination; you don't actually have to conquer everything). Essentially a relatively simple wargame. Things are complicated by the presence of spell-casting wizards, the swords (each with its power), and twelve gods which provide boons for their favorites and problems for their most hated lord. You must also balance soldiers to fight for you with keeping enough peasants in the field producing food and increasing your population.


An inexpensive, simple, fairly interesting game. Nothing spectacular. - (Michael Minnotte)

Company: Galactic Simulations


Type:		Space Empire-Building
Duration:	Open ended.
Turns:		From 1/ten days to 1/month, depending on which galaxy.
GM:		Computer run, human moderator for questions & problems.
Costs:		$2.50 to $15.00/turn
		Rules/Setup/2 free turns all for $10.00 


Players play empire builders, nomads, pirates, smugglers, traders, agribusinesses, miners, or (ick) cybers in a quest to explore the galaxy and tame it while making lots of bucks and trying to avoid getting into interstellar wars (or perhaps trying to start some).


Interesting game, not *too* complicated, but full of complex details that may arise during play. Long-running game, the first galaxy started in 1983. There is a closed-ended version too, TAKAMO II. - (Scott Micheel)

Company:        Advent Games
		PO Box 81674
		Lincoln NE 68501

Name:		You Rule!
Type:		fantasy strategic war game
Duration:	20-30 turns
Turns:		1 week, 2 week, and 3 week turnaround time available
GM:		computer-moderated
Costs:		rules are $7.50, setup and turn one are $10,
		snail mail is $5.50/turn, email is $4.50/turn


You Rule! is a strategy war game with a sense of humor. There are six races that have a scissors-paper-stone relationship. Each province is inhabited by one of the six races and has one of a variety of special features. Victory is obtained by training forces of different races to conquer other provinces. There are ten different character types that can be trained, including wizards that can cast a variety of spells. Other features include castles, magic items, weapons, magic portals, theft and assassination. Turns are laser- printed and include a personalized map.


I have been participating in You Rule! as one of the playtesters. I have thoroughly enjoyed the game. For me, it has just the right level of complexity. The combat system has no hidden program features that need to be discovered by the players. All of the applicable formulas are made available in the rules, but you do not need to be a number cruncher to play. It is quite interesting trying to balance the economic factors associated with commodities and gold. It also takes some planning to mount an attack on an opponent since your troops need food every turn requiring either a large stockpile or an adequate supply line. I would highly recommend this game to anyone interested in strategic wargames.

Thus far, I have been impressed with Llucky Llama. They have been very responsive to suggestions for improvement and have promptly answered any and all game related questions. The ability to play the game via email is also very convenient. -- David Saville (

Company:	Llucky Llama Games
		80-Q N. Cabrillo Hwy.
		Box #226, Dept. I
		Half Moon Bay, CA 94019-1667
		Phone/Fax: (415) 712-0283
		CompuServe: 74044,325

Galactic View:

The following section is the Galactic View, courtesy of Flagship magazine. Many thanks to them for providing this to me. Any errors were probably introduced by my editing job. This version dates from Mar 1994. The European game list and GM list follows the entire US list, so keep on going. A british pound symbol is rendered as '#'.

How to read the Galactic View tables:

GM shows if the game is run by computer (C), human (H) or mixed
(M). Ref shows the issue of FLAGSHIP where you can find the best
description so far in the magazine: a=article, s=Spokesmen Speak,
r=Rumors from the Front, d=Diary, l=Late News. Thus, 4s means
'Spokesmen Speak Issue #4'.  For the Other Fees column, the following
notes apply: (a) More for larger positions or later turns in the game,
(b) More for battle reports, (c) More for extended orders, (d) More
for several possible extras, (e) Fee covers entire game.* next to
Rules & Startup indicates deposit returnable if you play to the end of
the game, or prepayment discounts available (see moderator for
details). There is usually a small surcharge for players from other
countries than the GM. Occasional optionals like a newsletter are not
included in the prices unless we judge that they are fairly frequent
and essential for the enjoyment of the game. Some GMs give discounts
if you pay for a batch of turns in advance. Finally, the FLAGSHIP
editors' personal recommendations of games to try appear in the last
column. J=Joey Browning, P=Nicky Palmer, T=John Tindall. All prices in
the currency of the GM.

Removed: Lots! See GM list for the purge this issue

Added: Armageddon's Aftermath, Bloody Blade, Realm of Shaharasi, World 
War 2 Campaign (Canada)

GM change: Emperor of Space is mixed-mod, not computer-mod

Updates in listed prices: ICWF, State of War

    		Rules &	Free	Turn	Other
Game	GM	Startup	Turns	Fee	Fees	Ref	Ed
Ad Astra	C	DRB	2.00	0	3.50	No	10a
Adventurer Kings	C	COC	2.00	0	5.00	No	24a,35a	JPT
Adventurers Guild	C	ENP	3.50	0	9.75	No	43a
Against All Odds	C	C2S	4.00	0	5.00	No	37a,37-41d
Alamaze!	C	PEG	15.00	2	7.00	(a)	38a,39-43d	J
Ancient Empires	M	LAK	Free	0	9.00	(a)	47s
Armageddon's Aftermath	M	DAM	8.00	0	4.00	No	48s
Atlantean Realm	C	ARG	?	?	?	?	34s
Battle Plan	C	FBI	6.00	0	3.50	(a)	19a
Beyond the Stellar Emp.	M	ABM	20.00	2	6.00	(c)	22a
Blood, Guts... Across the Galaxy	C	DEX	12.00	5	4.00	No	44s
Blood Pit	C	EGS	5.00	1	5.50	No	32a
Bloody Blade, The	M	DAM	8.00	0	3.00	No	48s
Centurion	C	FAY	5.00	0	6.50	No	43s
Champions of Steel	C	RSI	?	?	?	?	27s
Clans of Trove	M	YEL	C$12.00	4	C$3.00	(b)	24s
Colonial Commonwealth	C	FRE	10.00 1	10.00	No	39s
Conquest	C	EAR	6.00	1	3.00	No	28a
Conquest of America	C	AGN	4.00	0	4.00	No	39s
Computer Boxing	C	NOR	5.00	0	1.00	No
Conquest	C	EAR	6.00	1	3.00	No	28a
Conquest and Destiny	C	VIR	?	? Up to 7.20(email)/13.20 (paper)	47a
Continental Rails	C	GRF	15.00	3	4.50	No	21a	P
Continuum	C	ZEP	10.00	1	6.00	No	47a
Coup d'Etat	C	SIN	?	?	4.00	(a)
Crack of Doom	M	AGE	10.00	0	4.00	(d)	12s	
Crisis in the West	C	COM	?	?	?	?	44s
CTF 2187	C	AGE	5.00	0	3.50	(a)	20a,47a
Darkworld	H	WIL	10.00	0	4.00 	(c)	7a
Darkness of Silverfall	C	COC	2.00	0	4.00	No	33a
Dawn of the Ancients	C	GSI	10.00	2	3.00	No	14a
Day After, The	M	SSP	10.00	4	2.00	(d)	27s
Death & Sorrow	C	EGG	5.00	3	2.50	(a)
Deep Space	C	OUQ	10.00	2	5.00	No	40s
Delenda est Carthago	M	DEX	40.00	1	15.00av	(d)	37s	P
Domination	C	DEX	4.00	0	2.00 to 4.00	43a
DragonHelm	M	WIL	15.00	0	5.00	No	35s
Duelmasters	C	RSI	Free	0	4.75	(a)	32a
Duel of a Different Color	C	FRA	?	?	5.00	No	44s
Election Year	C	FBI	$25 for complete game	47a
El Mythico	C	GRF	15.00	1	6.00	No	30a,33a,35-41d	T
Emperor of Space	M	EME	Free	1	4.00	No	47s
Empyrean Challenge	C	DRB	10.00	0	15.00	(a)	17a	
Epic	C	MID	12.00	2	5.00	(d)	20a	
Family Wars	C	CYC	5.50	0	3.50	No	16a
Fantasy Arena, The	C	PEG	19.95	1	5.00	No	46s
Feudal Lords	C	GRF/FBI	15.00	3	4.00	No	3a	T
Firebreather	C	HOR	Free	0	4.00	No	42s
First World	M	WLE	10.00	2	4.00	No	11a
Fleet Maneuvers	C	FAN	15.00	6	3.00	No	23s	
Freedom	C	SIM	2.00	0	5.00	No	40s
Galactic Anarchy	C	ANA	15.00	5	3.50	No	34s
Galactic Conflict	C	FBI	5.00	0	3.50	 No	5a	
Galactic Conquest	C	AGN	4.00	0	4.00	No	39s
Galactic Prisoners	M	GRA	17.00	5	2.50	No	18a
Gameplan	C	DEL/GRA	$6.00	0	$12/4 turns	(d)	20a
Gladiators of Death	C	FAT	?	?	5.00	No	44a
Global Supremacy III	M	NOR	15.00	0	3.50	(d)	27s
Glory II	HCS	10.00	$10/month  	29s
Gunboat Empires	M	MOR	25.00	2	8.50	(d)	29s
Heroic Fantasy	C	FBI	6.00	0	3.00	No	10a
Hyborian War	C	RSI	Free	0	5.00	(a)	17a	T
ICWF	C	ICW	5.00	0	1.00	No 48a
Illuminati	C	FBI	7.00	0	4.75	No	16a,42-?d
Infinity and Beyond	M	BIZ	1.00	1	1.50	No
INS 20,000 BC	C	INT					41s
INS 2001	C	INT					41s
Into the Maelstrom	C	MAE	Free	2	3.25	No	44a
Intrigue	M	WLE	10.00	3	4.00	No	38a
Iron & Steam	C	PTP	?	?	4.00	No	44s
Island Takeover	C	ECL	Free	0	3.00	No	36s
Isle of Crowns	C	ABM	Free	1	4.00	No	27s
Its a Crime!	C	ABM	Free	2	3.50	No	11a
Kingdom	C	GRF	10.00	0	2.50	(a)	21a
Kings War	M	SCG	?	?	?	?
Kings & Things*	C	GRF	12.00	1	5.50	No	20a
Krahlizek: The Last Battle	C	AGG	10.00	3	3.00	No	44s
Land of Karrus, The	C	PAP	10.00	2	4.00	No	33a
Legends	C	MID	15.00	1	4.50	(a)	29a,30a	T
Lomaka	M	PAP	3.00	0	8.00	No	44s
Lords of Aphrodite	C	PSI	19.50	20	3.50-9.00	(c)	44a
Lords of Destiny	C	MAE	Free	0	3.75	No	46d-47d
Lords of the Galactic Rim	C	NEB	20.00	2	8.00	(d)
Lost Knowledge	M	COP	7.00	2	2.50	No	
Maxi-Challenge	C	DRB	10.00	0	15.00	(a)	17a	
Middle Earth	C	GSI	25.00	2	6.50 (d)	37a,36-40d,46-47a
Midgard	M	MID	20.00 1	$5.00/position	(d)	43s
Mithra	C	WdG	19.00	6	2.50	No	47a
Mobius I	C	FBI	5.00	0	8.00	(c)	47a	
Modern World Conquest see World Conquest (same price, Modern game is 
advanced version)
Monster Island	C	ABM	Free	1	4.00	No	28a,36a
Murder!	H	MAT	Free	0	3.00	No	43a
Mutant Wars	C	STR	5.00	2	4.00	No	
National Will, A	C	SIM	6.50	1	3.50	No	41a
Net-Runner	C	COC	10.00	3	2.50	No	47s
New Order	C	C2S	5.00	0	4.50	No	26a
Next Empire, The	C	RSI	20.00	3	7.50	No	21a
Nuclear Destruction	C	FBI	5.00	0	2.00	No
One True Faith	M?	LAK	Free	0	10.00	(d)	47s
Out Time Days	M	TEG	5.00	5	5.00	No	34a	B
Panzer Salient	C	COM	45.00	1	20.00	No	43s
Paths to Glory	?	TRU	15.00	1	12.00	No	46s
Pirates	C	TRI	?	?	?	?	41s
Platoon Leader	C	TRI	?	?	?	?	41s
Quest	C	ABM	Free	0	3.00	No	47a
Quest of the Great Jewels	C	FLD	15.00	3	5.00	No	38s
Realm of Shaharasi	M	DAR	?	?	?	?	48s
Realms of Altair	H	FMG	13.00	0	4.00	(d)	17s
Realms of Fantasy	C	GRF	15.00	2	4.50 No	27s
Realpolitik	C	TRI	4.00	1	4.00	No	41s
Renaissance I	M	XAN	7.00	0	3.90	(d)	4a
Renaissance II	C	XAN	12.00	1	7.00	No	44a
Rimworlds	M	PAL	27.50	5	6.50	(a)	17a	P
Saint Val's Day Massacre	C	VOR	10.00*	2	4.00	(a)	27a	
Sea Kings	C	GSI	See Earthwood (same game, new map)
Smuggler's Run	C	DIS	10.00	2	3.00	No	47s
Space 101	C	C2S	3.50	0	3.50	No	23a
Space Combat	C	TEG	1.00	0	3.50	No	22a	
Spiral Arm	C	GRF	15.00	2	5.00	No	22a
Starborne	M	WIL	15.00	0	5.00	(c)
Star Cluster Omega	M	C-T	10.00	2	3.00	(b)	7s
Star Fleet Warlord	C	AMA	5.00	0	5.00	No	44s
Starlord	C	FBI	6.00	0	2.50	No	5a
Star Quest	C	DEX	20.00	5	4.00	to 12.00	43a
Stars/Dark Well	M	MIN	20.00	2	4.50	No	18a
Starweb	C	FBI	12.00*	0	4.00	(a)	9a	P
State of War	C	GSI	20.00	2	5.00	No	19a	
Stitch in Time, A	C	HUS	3.00	0	2.50	No	29s
Super Vorcon Wars	C	DRB	6.00	2	2.50	No	12a
Supernova II	M	RTG	12.50	0	5.00	(c)	23a	P
Supremacy	C	GRF	12.00	1	5.50	No	26a
Suzerainty	C	7TH	Still in playtest				44s	J
Takamo	C	AVG	10.00	2	2.50	(c)	21a
Thaura	C	WdG	40.00	6	6.00 or 8.00	47a
Throne of Rhianon	C	VOR	15.00	2	6.00	No	47s
Time Lady, The	H	MAT	Free	0	6.00	No	42a
Tracks	C	FRI	15.00	3	4.00	No	38s
Universal Melting Pot	C	SHR	10.00 3	2.25	No	44a
Urban Empire	C	LEI	20.00	4	5.00	No	36a
Venom	C	GSI	15.00	2	4.75	No	26a
Victory!	C	RTG	20.00	0	6.00	(a)	32a,37a
Warlords	C	MON	?	?	?	?	40s
Warp Force Empires	C	EGS	 9.50*	0	4.50	No	15a
Warriors and Wizards	C	RTG	5.00	0	6.00	(c)	36a,39-44d
Wastelands	C	DEL	15.00	2	4.00	(c)	43a
Weapon, The	C	FAN	13.50	2	3.25	No	21a,46d-47d
World Campaigns	M	EGS	5.00	0	5.00	No	27s
World Conquest	C	PTP	12.00	3	5.00	(a)	32a,35a
World Emperor II	C	DEX	17.00	5	4.00	No	41a,43-44d
Worldwide BattlePlan	C	FBI	6.00*	0	5.00	(c)	25a
World War II	M	PHI	10.00	0	20.00	(a)	40a
World War IV	C	JFH/HIG	12.00	2	6.00	to 9.00	32a,43s
You're an Ameoba, Go!	MON	C	Free	0	3.00	No	43s

Games run in the UK but payable in $ in the US (GM shows the US 
contact). #1=$1.50 (roughly) at the time of going to press.

Abaddon	H	DLX	#6	0	#4-8+postage	48s
Delenda est Carthago	M	DLX	?	?	?	(d)	

Australasian changes: Added: 
Removed: Some AustWiz games (see Spokesmen); others have changed GM
Updated: Swashbuckler prices now shown

Adventurer Kings	C	ROM	10.00	0	6.00	No	24a,35a
Against All Odds	C	DYN	10.00	0	6.00	No 37a,37-41d
Balance of Power	M	DYN	10.00	0	5.00	(a)
Battle Master	C	DYN	10.00	2	5.00	No
Battle Plan	C	CHA	10.00	2	5.00 No
Blitzkrieg	C	PIG	15.00	2	5.00	No	48a
Blood, Gore & Guts	C	PIG	15.00	2	5.00	No
Boracay Philippines	C	RCR	10.00	1	3.00	No
Championship Soccer	C	SOC	?	?	2.00	No	43s
Darkness/Silverfall	C	ROM	10.00	1	6.00	No	33a
   and 	C	CIR	8.00	0	6.50	?
Dark Star	C	CIR	Playtest				41s
Dominant Power	C	CRE	8.00	1	5.00 No
Eclipse	C	PBE	7.00	0	5.00	No
El Mythico	C	ROM	10.00	1	7.00	No 30a,33a,35-41d
Epic/Kings	C	PBE	15.00	0	7.00	(c)
Family Wars	C	CHA	10.00	2	5.00	No
Feudal Lords	C	CHA	10.00	2	5.00	No
Galaxy	C	MER	20.00	1	7.00	(a)
Gameplan	C	PBS	10.00	2	5.00	No	38s
  (Superbowl)		10.00 2	4.00 No
  (Advanced)		10.00 2	6.00	(c)
Gridiron Stats	C	PBS	10.00	5	4.00	No	45s
Hall of Champions	C	DYN	10.00	0	5.00	No
Heroic Fantasy	C	CHA	10.00	2	4.00	(a)
Isle of Crowns C	DYN	?	?	?	?
Lizards	C	ROM	5.00	3	?	?	41s
Legends	C	PBE	40.00	0	9.00	(a)	
Midgard	M	BAR	20.00	2	7.00	No	
Play On	C	PBS	10.00	5	4.00	No	38s
Quest	C	DYN	?	?	?	?	45s
Rings of Darkness	C	ROM	5.00	1	4.00	No
Rugby Stats	C	PBS	10.00	5	4.00	No	38s
Scorpion	C	TBR	??	?	?	?
Shadow Lords	C	PIG	20.00	2	6.00	No
Soccer Stats	C	PBS	10.00	5	4.00	No	38s
Spiral Arm II	C	MER	15.00	3	7.00	No
Star Quest	C	PIG	15.00	2	6.00	(a)
Starweb	C	CHA	10.00	2	5.00	No
Swashbuckler	C	PAS	10.00	0	8.00	No	43s
Troll Quest	C	MER	Free	3	4.00	No	44s
Trolls Bottom	C	DYN	10.00	4	3.00	No
Victory	C	IMA	10.00	0	5.00	(c)	No	44s
Warriors & Wizards	C	ROM	10.00	1	6.00	(c)
Wastelands	C	TBR	10.00	2	4.00	(a)	43a

Age of Discovery	C	EMA	Free to end-93			44s
Borderlands of Khataj	M	MAI	28.00	3	5.50	(d)	40s
Crystal Island	M	BET	10.00	4	2.75	No	34s
Dwarf Falls	M	BET	10.00	4	2.75	No	40s
Global Diplomacy	C	EMA	Free to end-93			44s
Imperium	C	EMA	Free to end-93			44s
Lost Mine, The M	BET	10.00	4	2.75	No	40s
Mithra	C	WdG	25.00	6	3.25	No	47a
DragonsKeep		M	BET	10.00	4	3.40	No	40s
DragonsKeep (solo)	M	BET	10.00	4	2.75	No	40s
Sovereignity	H	WSG	30.00 Auto-run games		47a
Thaura	C	WdG	55.00	6	8.00 or 11.00	47a
World War 2 Campaign	MIL	30.00	0	15.00		No	48s

New Zealand
Adventurer Kings	C	CIR	5.00	0	6.50	?	24a,35a
Darkness/Silverfall	C	CIR	8.00	0	6.50	?	33a
Dark Star	C	CIR	Playtest				41s
Gormants	?	BAR	?	?	?	?	46s
Homeworld	?	ERI	?	?	?	?	46s
Housewars II	M	KRA	5.00	0	5.00	No	44s
Lizards	C	CIR	$5.00	0	NZ$8.00	No	41s
Quest	C	COM	?	?	?	?	45s
Return From Sirius	C	PAP	?	?	?	?	46s
World Emperor II	C	BAR	?    	?	?   	?  41a
This is a list of PBM companies believed by FLAGSHIP to be operating
at the time this issue is published. This is offered as a service to
our readers to assist them in selecting the games they may want to
play. Moderators listed below are cross-indexed by a company code to
the game register on the following pages. Moderators are strongly
encouraged to check the listings here and verify their accuracy;
please notify one of the editors if you find an error or
omission. There is no cost to moderators for this service. We'd also
be very grateful if readers who find an error here, or who learn of a
new game not listed, would pass the word on to us here at FLAGSHIP.
   To sign up for a game, find it on the list below, find the company
running it on your company list, and send them the sum under Rules &
startup. You will be sent a rulebook and any starting materials (order
sheets, maps, etc.) needed, and you will be given the number of free
turns listed under Free Turns. After that, the cost per turn is as
shown in the Turn Fee column. Where we are uncertain about the status
of a company, we've marked them with a '?'.

Companies removed: Alternate Realms, Armageddon, ASG, Battle-Magic, 
Bizarre, Bronze Star, Classified Inf, Clemens, Combat Ents, Cosmos, 
Creative Management, C-T, DVS, DPI, Dragon, Dymar, Ethereal Edge, 
Eros, Frazier, Gator, Gem, Genesis, Global, Guy, Imaginary Sports, 
Infinite Odysseys, IGC, Irondragon, Justin, Lanke, MSD, Morris, Nebula 
Star, New Dawn, New World, PBM Adventures, Pent Alpha, Peregrine, Post 
Age, R3, Rebel, Roepke, Sandlot, SE, Shrewd Expanse, South Bay, Sports 
Challenge, Starry Knight, Stat-Sports, Third Foundation, Vigard, White 
New: Ares (returned to list), Darkwood, Miller (Canada)
Change of address: Damien


Advanced Gaming Enterprises,POB 214949, Sacramento, CA 95821 [AGE]
Advent Games, POB 26, Malcolm, NE 68402-0026 [AVG]
Adventures By Mail, POB 436, Cohoes, NY 12047 [ABM]
Agents of Gaming, POB 31571, Dayton, OH 45431 [AGN]
Aggressive Addiction, PO Box 813, Silver Spring, MD 20918 [AGG]
Anarchy By Mail, POB 873, Allen, TX 75002 [ANA]
Andon Games,POB 142,Kent,OH 44240 [AND]
Ares Games, 110 Edwin Ave SE, Massilon, OH 44646-8059 [ARE]
Argus Adventure Simulations, POB 181689, Dallas, TX 75218 [ARG]
Ark Royal Games, POB 6378, Aloha, OR 97007 [ARK]
C2 Simulations, 19352 Shady Harbor Cir., Huntington Beach, CA 92648-2136 [C2S]
Coconut Council, 6508 Minnetonka Blvd, St Louis Park, MN 55426-3451 [COC]
Cyclops Gaming, 3436 Bailey Pl, Bronx, NY 10463-4205 [CYC]
Damien Games, 1209 Park Hill Circle, Knoxville, TN 37909 [DAM]
Darkwood Enchantment, POB 10002, Cleveland, OH 44110 [DAR]
Delta Games, PO Box 551514, Dallas, TX 75355 [DEL]
Deltax Gaming, 548 Great Hill Dr, Ballwin, MO 63021 [DEX]
DragonByte, POB 38576, Greensboro, NC 27438-8576 [DRB]
Earnshaw Enterprises, 55 E. 600 N., Orem, UT 84057-4086 [EAR]
Eckert Gaming Group, PO Box 16384, Rochester, NY 14616 [EGG]
Eclipse Consulting, 7701 Tamarron Dr, Plainsboro, NJ 08536 [ECL]
Emperor of Space (Dave Watkins), 350 Scott St, Council Bluffs, IA 51503 [EME]
Emprise Games Systems, 4598 Stonegate Ind., Blvd #B, Stone Mountain, GA 30083-1905 [EGS]
Enchanted Horizons, POB 28250, Spokane, WA 99228 [ENC]
Entertainment Plus, P.O. Box 2578, Appleton, WI 54913-2578 [ENP]
Fantastic Simulations,POB 1288-R,Englewood,CO 80150 [FAN]
Fantasy & Futuristic Simulations, POB 122068, Chula Vista, CA 91912 [FAT]
Fantasy Workshop, POB 167506, Irving, TX 75016-7506 [FAY]
Flying Buffalo Inc,POB 1467,Scottsdale,AZ 85252-1467 [FBI]
Flying Dutchman Games, POB 957434, Hoffman Estates, IL 60195 [FLD]
Fractal Dimensions, 17-29 Main St., Suite 316, Cortland, NY 13045 [FRA]
Friendly Fire Games, POB 8323, Pittsburg, CA 94565-8323 [FRI]
Game Systems Inc,POB 160129,Miami,FL 33116-0129 [GSI]
Graaf Simulations,P.O. Box 96,St Clair Shores,MI 48080 [GRF]
Grandel Inc, POB 4386, Wilmington, DE 19807 [GRA]
HCS Games, 89 Lakeview Terrace, Binghamton, NY 13904 [HCS]
High Point Games, POB 6061, Chesterfield, MO 63006 [HIG]
Horizon Games, PO 581434, Minneapolis, MN 55458-1434 [HOR]
Huscarl Hobbies, 296 Jones Hollow Rd., Marlborough, CT 06447[HUS]
ICWF, 5316 North Rd, Orangeburg, SC 29115 [ICW]
International Research Associates, POB 6615, Teall Station, Syracuse, NY 13217 [INT]
JFH Games, 4251 Hatcher Ave., Baton Rouge, LA 70806 [JFH]
Kalei Enterprises, 523 Hastings Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 [KAL]
Langley, Keith, 1614 Donovan Pl, Longmont, CO 80501 [LAK]
Leisure Time Unlimited, 2009 E. 121st St, #212, Bournsville, MN 55337 [LEI]
Matteson, Colleen, 44 Parkway Terrace Ct, Lot 16A, Ripon, WI 54971-1124 [MAT]
Maelstrom Games, PO Box B, Welch Post Office, Ames, IA 50014 [MAE]
Midgard USA (Zan Erskine), POB 610325, Dallas, TX 75621-0325 [MID]
Midnight Games, 130 E. Main, Suite #305, Medford, OR 97054 [MID]
Mindgate, POB 1670, Carmichael, CA 95609-1670 [MIN]
Monastic Software, POB 4156, Ithaca, NY 14852 [MON]
Northwest Simulations, POB 5080-274, Fairfield, CA 94533 [NOR]
Outerquest Simulations, POB 25533, Garfield Heights, OH 44125 [OUT]
Outlander Software, 2101 W Route 66 H5, Flagstaff, AZ 86001 [OUT]
Palace Simulations Inc,POB 396, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 [PAL]
Paper Tigers, P.O. Box 3714, San Dimas, CA 91773 [PAP]
Pegasus Productions, POB 248F, Waynesville, NC 28786  PEG]
Phillips, Stephen, 2055 NW 29th, #5, Portland, OR 97210 [PHI]
Prime Time Programmimg, PO Box 5018, Walnut Creek,CA 94596-1018 [PTP]
Prime Time Simulations, PO Box 650, Pinole, CA 94564-0650 [PTT]
Reality Simulations,POB 22400,Tempe,AZ 85282 [RSI]
Rolling Thunder Games, POB 1240, Broomfield, CO 80038-1240 [RTG]
Sarnath Games, P.O. BOX 38, West Harrison, NY 10604-2009 [SAR]
Simcoarum Systems,POB 520861,Salt Lake City,UT 85152 [SIM]
Sinbad's Games, POB 219, Taftville, CT 06380 [SIN]
Stand & Deliver, 215 E 24th St, #620 New York, NY 10010 [STA]
Syzygy Simulations, POB 2634, Reston, VA 22094
Triad Simulations, 7821 S. Scepter Dr. #5, Franklin, WI 53132-2262 [TRI]
Triumph Games Systems, POB 307, Ely, NV 89301-0307 [TRU]
Twin Engine Gaming, 3254 Maple Leaf Ct, San Jose, CA 95121[TEG]
Virtual Galaxy Systems, POB 498, Brockport, NY 14420 [VIR]
Vorpal Games, POB 353, Richland, WA 99352 [VOR]
Vortex Simulations, c/o Rob Stock, 7580 Stirling Rd #112, Hollywood, FL 33024 [VOR]
WdG-USA, Eric Lambeth, POB 1062, Nixa, MO 65714-1062 [WdG]
Constantine Xanthos, 1155 Hillsboro Mile #401, Hillsboro Beach, FL 33062 [XAN]
Zephyr Enterprises, POB 178, Citrus Hts, CA 95611-0178 [ZEP]
7th Dimension Gaming, 26 Trainlwood Circle, Petal, MS 39465 [7TH]


Betesh, Saul, POB 22, Kingston, Ontario K7L 4V7 [BET]
E-Mail Games, 4886 Matthews Rd, Victoria, BC, Canada V9B 5B4 [EMA]
Mailed Gauntlets, 189 First Avenue, Toronto, Onatario M4M 1X3 [MAI]
Miller, L.,General Delivery, Banff, Alberta T0L 0C0 [MIL]
Village Computer Games, 4096 Kuchiran Pierrfonds, Quebec H9H 4A9
Warlord Strategic Gaming, RR #1, Beeton, ON, Canada L0G 1A0 [WSG]
WdG-Canada, Chris Knapp, 850 Shawn Dr., Kingston, NS B0P 1R0 [WdG]
Yellowseed Games, POB 172, Shellbrook, Saskatchewan S0J 2E0 [YEL]


Companies removed: Athena's Avatar, Australian Wizard
New: The Baron's Midgard
Changes of address: 

Archmage Games, 2 Lusitania St, East Ipswich, QLD 4305 [AMG]
Baron's Midgard, POB 542, Lindfield, NSW 2040 [BAR]
Chameleon Games, PO Box 62, Middle Brighton, Victoria 3186 [CHA]
Chameleon Games NZ, POB 15-130, New Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand [CHN]
Circle Games, POB 105 320, Auckland, 1001, New Zealand [CIR]
Cobra Games, POB 180, Oakley, QLD 4401 [COB]
Computer Campaigns, PO Box 11-782, Wellington, New Zealand[CCP]
Creative Games, PO Box 521, Lilydale, Victoria 3140 [CRE]
Dynamic Games, 4 Tarana Ave, Kanahooka, NSW 2530 [DYG]
Eriol Games, 24 Hapua Rd, Haitaiti, Wellington, NZ
Games Heaven, 16 Hepburn Rd, North Rock, NSW 2151 [GHE]
Imagination Games, 4/2 St Anne's Terrace, Glenelg, SA 5045 [IMA]
Imperial Games, Shop 28, Bayswater Village, Bayswater, Vic 3153 [IMP]
Kraken Games, POB 4310, Christchurch, New Zealand [KRA]
Mackay, Peter, 6 Beadle Pl, Charnwood, 2615 [MAC]
Mercury Games, POB N600, Grosvenor Place, Sydney, NSW 2000 [MER]
Nostromo Games, POB 29, Wangi Wangi, NSW 2267 [NOS]
Paspa Games,POB 4342, University of Melbourne, Parkville, VIC 3052 [PAS]
PBM Enterprises, POB 278, Emerald, VIC 3153 [PBE]
Perkins, Jeff, 3/28 Pine St, Marrickville, NSW
Play By Mail Sports, PO Box 14219, Melbourne Mail Centre, Melbourne, VIC 3000 [PBS]
Post-It Games, POB 90, Lutwyche, QLD 4030 [PIG]
Roy C Rae, 605 Luxford Rd, Bidwill, NSW 2770 [RCR]
Roma Games, POB 1957, Toowomba, QLD 4350 [ROM]
Sandgroper PBM, POB 1484, Midvale, Perth WA 6050 [SAN]
Soccer By Mail, POB 261, Pascoe Vale South, VIC 3044 [SOC]
The Baron's Regime, PO Box 395, Liverpool, NSW, Australia [TBR]
Wraith PBM, 32 Howe Ave, North Dandenong, Victoria 3175 [WRA]


Paulo E. Muller Castilho Lima, Shin QI 3 Conujnto 4 Casa 14, Brasilia, DF (Midgard)
How to read the Galactic View Tables:

GM shows if the game is run by computer (C), human (H), mixed (M) or
play-by-disk (D). Ref shows the issue of FLAGSHIP where you can find
the best description so far in the magazine: a=article, s=Spokesmen
Speak, r=Rumours from the Front, l=Late News, d=diary. Thus, 4s means
'Spokesmen Speak issue #4'. E refers to the extra news issue after
#33. For the Other Fees column, the following footnotes apply:(a) More
for larger positions or later turns in the game, (b) More for battle
reports, (c) More for extended orders/longer reports, (d) More for
several possible extras, (e) Fee covers entire game. * next to Rules &
startup indicates deposit returnable if you play to the end of the
game, or prepayment discounts available (see moderator for
details). Next to turnfee it means that return postage is paid by the
GM each turn. S, by contrast, means you need to send an SSAE. # next
to Ref indicates a game 'friendly' to non-UK players: deadlines at
least two weeks apart and non-UK prices not more than 30% above those
listed here. ! indicates a game included in the
Supercoupon. Occasional optional extras like a newsletter are not
included in the prices unless we judge that they are fairly frequent
and essential for enjoyment of the game. Some GMs give discounts if
you pay for a batch of turns in advance.

New entries: Bad Call, Gridiron Coach
Games deleted since last issue:

After 6 deletions and 16 additions, the list now shows 293 UK-run
games. Note that prices are for the UK: non-UK European rates are
usually about 25% higher, and overseas rates can be up to double.

			Rules &	Free	Turn	Other
Game		GM	Startup	Turns	Fee	Fees	Ref	S/c

Abaddon	H	PHI	6.00	0	4.00	(c)	46s#
Ad Astra	C	PAG	5.00	3	1.50	No	48a	!
Adventurer Kings	C	ELI	7.00	2	2.00*	(a)	24a,35a	!
		or whole game 35.00
Aeroball	M	WIG	2.00	1	1.25	No	36s	!
Agamemnon	M	KEL	11.00	5	1.75	No	46s
Age of Heroes	H	AOH	Free	0	Free	No 	37s
AGOTH	C	SUM	10.00	2	3.50	No	43s,45s
Airowna	 C	WPN	5.00	2	2.00	No	30s
Ancient Empires	M	OAT	8.00	0	#10/month	No	48a#	!
Anthelios	C	SOM	6.00	2	1.40	(c)	41-42a/d	!
Apex PBM Soccer	C	APE	1.50	0	3.00 for 2 games	35a
Apoch, The	M	SPE	6.00	2	2.25	No	24a,42a
Archmage	C	SOM	3.00	2	1.40	No	45s	!
Ashram Sagas, The	H	PEM	7.50	1	1.75	(c)	33s
Austerlitz	C	GAD	9.00	0	2.75	(a)	34s
Away the Lads	M	DRC	Free	0	1.60	No	42s
B2B1	C	BUR	#2/season + SAE
Bad Call	C	MDH	5.00	0	2.00	No	48s
Bad Guys PBM	M	MAD	10.00	3	2.00	No	45s
Balance of Power	C	WEB	7.00	1	3.00	(c)	48s
Barony of the River/The	H	HIL	5.00	3	2.25	(c)	47s
Battle for Eternity	H	WAL	Free	1	1.00	none
Battle of the Gods	H	HUR	3.00	2	1.80	No	39a
Battle Plan	C	BLA	6.00	2	1.75	No	19a#	
(worldwide)			6.00	?	1.75	(a)
Battle Royal	C	AMB	6.00	1	2.00	(d)	34s
Battleground	H	JAM	4.20	2	2.10	No	25a
Betting Game		H	GRE	3.00	1	2.00	(d)	35a
Beyond	M	CRA	7.50	2	2.50	No	39a
Beyond the Stellar Empire	M	KJC	Free	1	3.50	(c)	 
	11a,22a,39s	!
Blood Pit	C	UNI	Free	1	2.30	No	31a
Campaign	H	PET	10.00	2	3.00*	No	42s
			7.50	0	2.50*	No	46s
Capitol	C	KJC	6.00	2	2.00	(c)	12a	
Centurion	C	PAG	5.00	0	3.00	No	48a	!
Charlemagne	?	MOO	3.00	0	2.00	No	42s
Championship Football	C	HEM	Free	0	1.20	No	41s
Championship PBM	H	NUG	Free	0	2.00	No	38s
Chaos Trail	H	WIL	Free	0	0.50S	No	47a
Children/Morning Star	H	FEN	5.00	1	1.50	(c)	30a
Chrome 	H 	BAR 	7.00 	2 	2.50 	No 	47s
Chronicles of Siernost	H	SLE	7.00	0	2.00	(a)	32s
City of Carzon	M	STG	5.00	1	2.00	No	48s
Clans	C	WRR	7.50	2	1.75	(a)	38a	!
Clansmen	M?	PAL	6.00	2	1.75	(a)	44s	!
Club Cricket	H	KIC	?	?	0.45	No	 23s
Combat Patrol	M	PGE	5.00	2	3.00 No		44s
Come On You Reds	M	CAM	1.00	1	1.00	No	34a,41a	!
ConflictII	C	SHE	5.00	5	1.25	No	32a	!
Continent of Angthorn	C	SPE	5.00	2	1.75	No	39a
Continental Rails	C	SLO	Free	0	#2.50/turn or #40/game
Corporate War	C	BEE	10.00	10	2.50	No	36a	!
Cosa Nostra	C	PAG	5.00	5	1.75	No	25a,42a#	!
Crasimoff's World	M	CRA	9.95	2	2.50	No	7a
C/ff's Quest World	C	CRA	Free	3	1.95	No	43s 
Cricket Stats	C	SOF	5.00	5	#9/4 turns	40s
Crisis	C	GbM	Free	2	1.95	No	7a#
Crusade	C	AMB	6.00	1	2.00	No	33a
CTF 2187	C	RHA	4.00	0	1.50	(c)	47a
Cybercity	H	REA	8.00	2	2.00	No	42s
Dark Age	C	BAS	5.00	3	#9/4 turns	No	46s	!
Darkworld	H 	DRE 	5.00 	0 	2.50 	No 	46s	!
Darklands IV	H	DAT	6.24	0	1.75	No	39s
Darkness of Silverfall	C	PBX	3.00	0	2.50	No	35a	!
Day at the Races	M	DRC	Free	0	1.20	No	42s
Delenda/Carthago	M	WAV	15.00	1	"Ave. #6"	(d)	18a,37a
Delta Nine	H	DEL	9.00	2	2.50	No	38a#	
Democracy	M	HUR	5.00	?	2.00	No	46s
Derby, The	M	CAM	1.00	1	1.00	No	41a
Destiny	M	HEA	6.00	10	0.75	No	21s	
Diplomacy	C	SPE	5.00	3	1.00	No	24s
or	M	TIW	5.00 for entire game			40s
Divided Realms	H	MOO	4.00	1	2.00	No	28s
Domination C	PAG	Free	2	1.50	No	15a/42s#	!
Dominion	M	DOM	?	?	?	?
Deep Into Injury Time	H	FOS	7.00	1	?	No	48s
Dragonquest...	H	DEV	6.00	2	1.25	No	24a
Dream Children	H	IVE	5.00	2	2.50	No	44s
Durak	M	AND	0.50	0	0.70	No	38s
Earthwood	C	BLA	6.00	2	1.75	No	8a#	
Earth, Wind & Fire	C	EDV	5.00	0	1.00	No	25s
Einnek Football	M	YOU	SSAE	0	1.90	(d)	35a
Elite, The	H	PEA	3.00	3	1.00	No	45s
El Mythico	C	NAB	5.00	0	1.50	(a)	30a,33a,35-41d
Empyre	H	BUT	?	0	1.00+3p/word	(d)	47s
En Garde!	M	SMF	8.00	0	0.85	No	34a
or	M	TIW	10.00	4	1.00	No	40s
	M	ABR	3.00	0	1.00	No	44s
	M	BOL	10.00	0	2.00	No	45s
Epic	C	RHA	Free	2	1.00	(d)	19a
Falcon	C	IRO	3.00	0	1.50	No	47s
Fall of Eagles	C	RAM	Free	2	2.00	No	40s
Fall of Rome	M	IMP	5.00	0	3.00	(d)	42s
Fantasy Prime	H	MAD	10.00	2	3.00	No	46s	!
Feudal Lords	C	SLO	Free	0	1.50	(a)	3a	!
Fictional Wrestling	M?	CAT	2.00	0	1.60	(d)	38s
Fighting Pits/Ariz	M	MAT	5.00	0	2.00	No	27s
First Crusade	C	KEL	5.00	1	1.75	No	38a	!
Football Champions	C	GbM	Free	2	2.25	No	36a#	!
Football Director	C	RWG	?	?	1.25	No	39a
Football Masters	C	ESP	2.00	0	1.00	(d)	44s
Fr God,King & Country	H	AGM	50p	0	5.00	No	46s
Formula One GP Racing	H	BIP	1.00	1	0.63	No	31s
Galactic Invasion	C	HIG	Free	1	1.50	No	29a
Galaxy	C	WOR	2.25	0	1.25	(a)	39s	!
		SPE	5.00	2	1.60
Gameplan	C SOF/SEP/SLO/McC 5.00	2	#11/4 turns	No
	20a	!	
 (advanced game)		SOF/SEP/SLO	#13/4 turns
Gameplan Boxing	C	McC	5.00	5	#9/4 turns	No	40a	!
Gang Wars	C	GBM	Free	2	1.95	No	39a#
Global Conflict	D	QUA	12.95	2	2.95	No	46s
Global Supremacy II	M	GMS	5.00	1	from 5.00/month	22s	!
Global Wrestling	?	TUB	8.50 for 3 months play
Glory of Rome	M	IMP	5.00	1	2.00	(d)	42a
Going Up	M	JRP	Free	0	1.90/2.10	(c)	48s	
Golden Realm II	C	SPE	5.00	2	1.50	No	40a
Grand National	M	CAM	1.00	1	1.00	No	38a	!
Great War, The	H	AGM	5.99	0	3.00	No	38a
Green Sun	M	SEV	3.50	2	2.00	(d)	23a
Greyhound	H	KIC	?	?	0.45	No	26s
Gridiron	M	EGA	#20/season	30s
Gridiron, The	C	SPE	5.00	2	1.75	No	24s
Gridiron Coach	C	BCG	2.00	0	2.50	(c)	48s
Gridiron League	C	INT	4.50	0	1.75	No	31a
Gridiron Stats	C	SOF	5.00	5	#8/4 turns	40s
Ground Zero	H	DAT	2.25	0	1.75	No
Gryphon	C	IRO	3.00	0	1.50	No	43s	!
Heavens Above	C	SPE	6.00	2	1.75	No	48a
Heavyweight Box. M.	M?	DJG	4.00	2	1.75	No	29s
Heroic Fantasy	C	SLO	Free	0	1.50	(a)	40a
Heropress	H	LIN	5.00	2	1.50	No	33s
Hit Parade	C	NEC	3.00	2	1.10	No	20s
Holocaust 2200AD	M	SHE	10.00	2	3.00	No	44s
Holy War	M	BEE	?	?	?		44s
Hoplite Encounter	C	CHA	2.50	0	1.25	(a)	33a	!
Hopscotch	M	PAR	Free?	0	0.50	No	43s
Hunting II, The	H	COO	10.00	2	2.50	No	24s
Illuminati	C	BLA	6.00		2	2.00	No	8a#
Intnat Soc Mngr	M	HGT	SAE	3	1.90	(d)
Invasion/Giant...	H	WRR	5.00	2	2.00	No	29s
Isle of Crowns	C	HAM	5.00	5	1.25	No	26a
Isle of Crowns II	C	KJC	Free	0	1.90	No	41s	!
Isle of Dragons	C	GIA	3.00	1	1.50	No	37s
Isles, The	H	WYV	5.00	0	1.50	(c)	28a
It's a Crime!	C	KJC	Free	2	1.90	No	11a	!
Jetball	C	GbM	Free	2	1.95	No	25a#
Kaoswars	M	SPE	5.00	1	2.00	(a)	24s
Kardel Isle	H	HRY	0.50	0	0.50	?
Keys of Bled	M	SPE	5.00	2	2.00	No	48a
Keys of Medokh	C	BEG	?	? 1.50	(d)	36a
Kickabout	C	SPE	7.50	2	1.99	No	18a,34a
Kick Off		H	KIC	?		?	0.45	No	34a
Kill Krazy	M	PHI	5.00	1	1.75	No	46a#	!
Kingdom		C	SLO	Free	2	1.75	No	21a
Kingdoms/Vengeance	H	VEN	10.00	3	2.50	No	31a
Kings and Things	C	SLO	Free	0	2.25	(a)	20a
Kings of Steel	H	WHS	5.00	1	2.50	No	13a	!
La Gloire du Roi	H	AGM	2.00	0	4.50	(d)	47a
Land of Legend	H	ECH	3.00	1	1.25	No	31s
Land of Tor	H	DKW	6.50	1	2.20	(c)	39s
Lands of Elvaria	H	PIN	15.00	3	2.50	(c)	37s
Lands of Nevron	H	AFF	Free	0	0.20	No	34a
Last Empire	D/C	CHO	Free	0	1.99	No	47s
LBW	C	CAM	Free	0	0.75	No	41a
League Soccer	C	NEC	3.00	2	1.20	No	22a,35a,37a
League, The	C	LEA	Free	0	1.50	No	22a,34a
Legacy/Panther	C	WPN	5.00	3	2.00	No	31a
Legends	C	RHA	20.00	0	3.15	(a)	29a,30a	!
Liberty	H	MOO	5.00	0	2.75	No	31a
Loremasters/Corlean	H	STW	4.50	2	1.60	No	24a
Lords of Silrayia	C	TOT	?	?	 ?	?	39a
Lurkans & Durkans	H	TUN	5.00	3	1.50	(a)	29s
Lyoke	H	STG	5.00	2	(c)	48s
Managment, The	M	STN	Free	0	90p	No	43s
M'chant Adventurers	H	CHP	10.00	0	1p for 3 words	
	47s	!
Merchant Prince	M	TIW	?	?	2.00	(a)	43s
Midgard	M	VEN	7.50	0	2.50	(d)	35a
Midhir	M	TIW	Free	1	1.25	No	40s
Middle Earth	C	GAD	18.00	2	3.50	No	37a
Mining Mayhem	C	TPA	7.50	5	1.90*	No	40s#
Mithra	C	WdG	13.00	6	1.50	No
MMCII	H	FEN	15.00	2	1.50	(c)	48s
Mobius I	C	PAG	7.00	0	#5-#8	47a
Monster Island	C	KJC	Free	0	2.00	No	28a,36a	!
Moonbase	C	TOT	4.00	3	1.50	No	30s
Movie Mogul	M	PER	5.00	1	2.30	(c)	30a,43s	
Napoleonic Wars	M	STR	25.00	1	14.00 No	40a
Nebula	M	DRE	5.00	2	2.50	?	46s	!
Network	M	PER	4.00	1	1.50	(c)	40a
Neutron Star	H	SAB	8.00	2	2.50	(c)	 48a
New Earth	H	SOM	6.00	1	2.50	No	37s
		CEL	5.50	1	2.75	No	37s	
New Order, The	H	NGC	17.00	0	3.00	(c)	47s
Night/Things M	MAD	5.00	2	2.00	No	46s	!
NXS3	H	DAT	2.24	0	1.74	No	
Ohvee Adventures	H	HAR	2.00	3	1.50	No	22s
Offside Ref!	M	CTR	5.00	3	1.30	No	43s
Olympos	C	RHA	5.00	1	2.00	No	47s
Paloman Football	H	GOS	5.00	0	#5 for 3/&10 for 7	No
Parliament	M	#10 for entire game
Phantasmech	C	CRA	7.50	2	1.95	No	30a	!
Phoenix Rising	M	PHI	6.00	4	1.60	No	34a,37a#
   (weekly version)		5.00	5	1.10	No
Portals & Palaces	H	HOL	5.00	1	1.30	(c)	23l
Postal Amer Football Lg	C	NAB		#40/season		29a
Powerslam	H	STG	5.00	2	2.00	(c)	48s	!
Premier Supremos	C	PRE	Free	0	1.50	No	46s
Primal Earth	H	WIN	6.00	1	2.00	No	48s	!
Pro Soccer	C	OLY	Free	0	1.20	(a)	32s	!
Psyche	H	COO	20.00	1	3.00	No	41s
Puma	C	BUR	60p	0	60p	No
Quest	C	KJC	2.50	3	1.75	No	36a,47a	!
Quest of the Great Jewels	C	TPA	10.00	3	2.50*	No	45a	!
Quizmail Challenge	H	QUI	5.00	1	5.00	No	39s
Realms of Celticia	H	CEL	5.50	1	2.75	No	48a
Realms of Lothmil	H	PEY	15.00	0	3.00	(c)	47s
Red Card	M	STG	5.00	2	2.00	No	48s	!
Renaissance II	C	PAG	10.00	0	5.00	No	42s#
Ring Wars Wrstlng	M	HGT	SAE	3	1.90	(d)
Rugby League Chal.	M	CAM	1.00	1	1.00	No	41a
Rugby Stats	C	RWG	5.00	5	#7/4 turns	40s
Ruler/Galactic Web	C	UNI	4.00	1	2.50	No	31a
Run Chase	C	SOF	5.00	5	#11/4 turns
Saga 2	H	SAB	6.50	2	2.00	No	30a
Saturday Six, The	?	DRC	Free	0	5.00 calendar months	
Saturnalia	H	MIM	10.00	4	3.00	No	8a
		HRL	5.00	2	2.50	No
Sea Kings	C	BLA	See Earthwood (same game, new map)
Seek Locate Destroy	C	IBG	Free	2	0.50	No	38s
Selidar	H	ROS	10.00	?	2.00		
Serim Ral	C	MIN	5.00	3	1.00	(c)	35s		
or		C	INC	5.00	3	2.50	No	39s
Shadowland	H	ELD	5.00	1	2.00	(a)	30s
Shadowlords	C	PBX	4.00	2	2.00	No	36a	!
Shambhala	H	WAY	3.00	1	3.00	No
Siege	C	VOR	#12.00 for 8-turn game	29a
Sirius Command	C	ELI	7.00	2	2.50*	No	38a
Slaves & Slavers	H	HRY	2.00	3	1.50	No	20s
Soccer-Six	M	CAM	1.00	1	1.00	No	35a,41a
Soccer Star	C	PAC/SHE	3.50	0	1.35	No	23a,35a
Soccer Stats	C SEP/McC	5.00	5	#7/4 turns		34a	!
Soccer Strategy	C	SOF	5.00	5	#8/4	turns	40s
Soccer Supremos	C	GAD	Free	0	1.65	No	25a,34a
Spaceplan	C	BAS	5.00	5	#9/4 turns		46s	!
Speculate	C	SOF	5.00	5	#7/4 turns		20a	!
Spiral Arm	C	SLO	5.00	2	2.00	(a)	19a
Sport of Kings	C	WHI	5.00	2	2.00	No	39s
SPQR	H	TIW	#15 for entire game
SSFA	M	BAY	5.00	0	20.00/season	No	40s
Star Cluster	C	GbM	Free	2	1.95	No	29s#
Star Empires 7	M	MIL	6.00	4	1.50	No	24s
Starglobe Plus	M	TPA	5.00	2	2.70*	No	11a#	!	
Starlords	C	WRR	7.50	2	2.00	(c)	48s	!
Star Quest	C	PBX	3.50	0	2.75	No	36s	!
Star Trak	C	SCH	Free	0	1.00	(c)	42s, 43s
Starweb	C	TPA	10.00	4	2.50*	No	9a#	!	
State of the Nation	H	AGM	1.50	0	5.00	No	46s
State of War	C	BLA	7.00	2	1.75	No	19a, 43s#	
Super Soccer	C	M&E	Free	1	1.75	(d)	35a
Super Store	H	KIC	?	?	0.45	No	26s
Super Vorcon Wars	C	VOR	5.00	2	1.50	(a)	12a
Supernova II	M	PBX	12.00	0	4.50	(d)	23a	!
Suspect Package	C	SMA	22.00	?	1.50	No	39s
Terra II	C	HEX(Ger)	3.00	0	3.00	No	3a
Terrorist Activities	H?		DAR
Thaura 	C 	WDG	23.00 	6 	3.30 or 4.50 	No 	47a
Time Lapse	C	GAD	Free	3	1.50	No	34s
Time Sentinel	C	VOR	5.00	2	1.50	No	18s
To the Stars	H	DAT	0	0	1.50	No
TOTL	C	BUR	35p	0	35p
Top Score	?	DRC	Free	0	1.25	No	42s
Touchdown	M	TOU	5.00	0	2.75	(c)	40s
Treble, The	H	GIL	Free	0	0.60	No	38s
Tribes of Crane	H	SAM	7.00	0	4.00	(c)	37a#
Trinity	M?	TRN	2.50	0	2.50	(c)	27s
Trivia	M	GbM	Free	2	1.50	No	25s#
Trolls Bottom	C	GbM	Free	2	1.50	No	15a#
Twin Suns	M	GOO	Free	0	1.50	No	41s
Up Up & Away	H	STG	5.00	2	2.00	(c)	48s	!
Vecta	H	WIG	3.50	1	2.50	No	39s
VGA Planets	D/C	PAW	24.99	2	1.50	No	43s	!
Victory!	C	PBX	15.00	0	4.00	(c)	32a,37a	!
Vietnam	M	OAT	5.00	1	3.25	No	37s#	
Warlord	C	KJC	3.00	3	1.85	No	25a	!
Warriors and Wizards	C	PBX	3.00	0	3.25	(c) 36a,39-42d	!
Warst*r	C	INT	4.00	0	2.00	No	33a
Wastelands	C	ALB	5.00	2	2.00	(a)	43a	!
Watching the Detectives  	H  	RED  	3.00  	4  	50p  	No  
Waymeet	H	RIC	5.00	2	2.00	No	44s
Weapon, The	C	HAR	6.50	1	2.25	No	11a,46d...	!
Where Lies/Power	M	VEN	10.00	3	2.50	No	16a,21a
Whitegold	M	WEB	5.00	0	5.00	(a)	48s
Wing, The	H	HAH	15.00	2	3.00	(c)	39a,40a
Wipeout	H	PHI	Free	0	3.00	No	48s
Wizard Arena	M	JAC	8.00	4	1.00	No	42s	
World Conquest	C	STR	5.00	0	2.20	(a)	32a,35a	!
World Domination	H	AGM	7.99	0	3.50	No	24s
World Emperor	C	PBX	3.00	2	1.25	No	41a	!
World of Vengeance	H	VEN	10.00	3	3.50	No	31a
World Series Baseball	M	BIP	Free	#25/season 1.75/turn	No
World War II	M	STR	25.00	1	14.00	No	30s
Wottascore	M	CAM	Free	0	#10/season	No	41a
Wyrdworld	H	FEN	5.00	1	1.50	(c)	32s#
Xott	H	DUN	2.00	2	0.95	No	33a
Xtra Time	?	DRC	?	?	1.00
Zardar	H	MOO	5.00	0	15p/order		28a
Zylok Wars	C	DES	3.00/2 turns, 10.00/10		1.50	No
	38s	!
523 Sweet F-A	M	CAM	#9.50 for 10-turn season	41a
This is a list of PBM companies known to FLAGSHIP to be operating at
the time this issue was published. This is offered as a service to our
readers to assist them in selecting the games they may want to
play. GMs listed below are cross-indexed by a company code to the game
register on the following pages.  GMs to whom payment should be made
by name are listed by name rather than company. GMs are strongly
encouraged to check the listings here and verify their accuracy;
please notify one of the editors if you find an error or
omission. There is no cost to GMs for this service. We would also be
very grateful to readers who let us know of any errors here, or who
can tell of a new game not listed.
   To sign up for a game, find it on the list below, find the firm
running it on your company list and send them the sum under Rules &
startup. You will be sent a rulebook and any starting materials (order
sheets, maps etc.) needed and you will be given the number of free
turns listed under Free Turns. After that, the cost per turn is as
shown in the Turn Fee column. Where we are uncertain about the status
of a firm, we've marked them with a '?'.

NEW: Black Cat Games, Mike Hood (MDH Software),
CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Bruce Fox (Imperial Games)
REMOVED: Ben Goodale (game closed) 
New total: 166 active UK GMs (+5). 

Abrahams, Martin, Flat 3, 56 South St, Reading, Berks RG1 4RA [ABR]
Affleck, Ian, 15 Maple Grove, Westfield, Woking, Surrey SU22 9PJ [AFF]
Age of Heroes, 21 Sandylands Prom, Morecambe, Lancs LA3 1DN [AOH]
Agema Publications, 3 Worksop Rd, Off Carlton Rd, Sneinton,  Nottingham NG3 2BA [AGM]
Albion Games, 31 Aubreys, Letchworth, Herts SG6 3TU [ALB]
Ambassador Games, 4 Moorhams Ave, Hatch Warren, Basingstoke RG22 4YQ [AMB]
Andrews, Mark (Crusader Games), 6 Slade Terrace, Fishguard, Dyfed SA65 9PD [AND]
Apex Games, POB 56, Gravesend, Kent DA11 9LT [APE]
Barker, Steve, 24, Sandfield Crescent, Glazebury, Warrington, Cheshire WA3 5NF [BAR]
Basilisk Games, 97 Warren Crescent, Shirley Warren, Southampton SO1 6AY [BAS]
Baylis, Chris, 67 Mynchens, Lee Chapel North, Basildon, Essex SS15 5EG [BAY]
Beechwood Games, Unit 6, Beechwood Centre, Woodlesford, LEEDS LS26 8RE [BEG]
Beetham, W, 50 Perry Hill, Priors Park, Tewkesbury, Glos GL20 5JG [BEE]
Big Pil Games, 92 Edward St, Glossop, Derbyshire SK13 9AE [BIP]
Black Cat Games, PO Box BR26, Leeds LS13 3XE [BCG]
Blackpool Games, 5 Harrison Ave, Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancs FY5 4NX [BLA]
Bolstridge, Andy, 42 Goldspink Lane, Sandyford, Newcastle NE2 1NR [BOL]
Burrows, Pete, 16 Huxley Close, Bilborough, Nottingham NG8 4PU [BUR]
Butters, Adrian, 2 Fairview Close, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 2UU [BUT]
Camelot Games, Cae Ymryson, Caernarvon, Gwynedd LL55 2LR [CAM]
Carter, Dave (Scorpiogames), 13 Liverpool Rd South, Burscough, Lancs L40 7SU [CTR]
Cartin Enterprises, POB 1310, Leigh on Sea, Essex [CAT]
Celticia Games, 14 Hendy St, Roath Pk, Cardiff CF2 5EU [CEL]
Chainmail, 143 Dalmally Road, Croydon CR0 6LZ [CHA]
Chapman, David, 157 Garthdee Drive, Aberdeen, AB1 7HU [CHP]
Choice Games, 12 Clegg Avenue, Thornton Cleveleys, Lancs, FY5 1BJ [CHO]
Clarke, David, 112 Paradise St, Macclesfield SK11 6QP [CLA]
Cooksey, Dave, 2 Pemerton Rd, Basingstoke, Hants RG21 2LW [COO]
Crasiworld, 4 Crescent Ave,Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancs FY5 3JE [CRA]
Darker Times, The, 93 Newark Dr, Corby, Northants NN18 0HA [DAT]
Darkside PBMs, 65 Thorne Dr, Little Sutton, S Wirral, Ches L66 4NT [DAR]
Darkworld, 68 Southmead Avenue, Blakelaw, Newcastle-on-Tyne, NE5 3PA [DKW]
Davies, Richard (Dragonsfire), 23 Albemarle Rd, Churchdown, Glos GL3 2HG [DAV]
Delta Nine, 56 New Westwood, Westwood, Nottingham NG16 5JD [DEL]
Destiny Games, 11 Melbourn Rd, Crookes, Sheffield S10 1NR [DES]
Devereux, Terry, 50 Paynes Meadow, Whitminster, Glos GL2 7PS [DEV]
DJ Games, 20 Ivy Avenue, Blackpool, Lancs FY4 3QG [DJG]
Dominion, Unit2-24 Medway Enterprise Cntr, Enterprise Cl, Rochester, Kent ME2 4LY [DOM]
Dracs Games, 21 Chipperfield Drive, Kingswood, Bristol BS15 4DP [DRC]
Dreamshadows, 3 Delph Court, Delph Lane, Leeds LS6 3HS [DRE]
Dunks, Anthony, 125 Grenville Rd, St Jude, Plymouth, Devon PL4 9QA [DUN]
Echelon Games, 1 Parc Ave, Pontnewydd, Cwmbran, Gwent NP44 1RT [ECH]
Egan, Richard, 23 Cleeve Rd, Knowle, Bristol [EGA]
Elden, R., 45 West St, Leek, Staffs ST13 8AW [ELD]
Elite Games, Freepost SB 573, 12 Shingle Close, Luton, Beds LU3 4BR [ELI]
ESP Software, 32a Southchurch Rd, Southend on Sea, Essex SS1 2ND [ESP]
Fenris Games, 13 Marley Way, Rochester, Kent ME1 2LJ [FEN]
Fox, Bruce, Imperial Games, 241 Upper Chobham Rd, Frimley, Nr Camberley [IMP]
John Foster, 75 Frensham Road, Southsea, Hampshire PO4 8AE [FOS]
GAD Games, Marland Ho, Poughill, Cornwall EX23 9EL [GAD]
Galactic Society Four,5A Hamilton Ct,Calside,Paisley,Scotland PA2 6DG [GS4]
Games by Mail, 5 Town Ln, Little Neston, South Wirral L64 4DE [GbM]
Garforth, Stuart, 128 Womersley Rd, Knottingley, W. Yorks WF11 0DQ [GAR]
Genius Games, POB 54, Accrington, Lancs BB5 0BJ [GEN]
Giant Games, POB 121, Weston-Super-Mare, Avon BS23 1XX [GIA]
Giles, M., 57 Sparrow Farm Road, Stoneleigh, Epson, Surrey KT17 2LR [GIL]
Glebe Games, 6 Minster Rd, Acol, Birchington CT7 0JB [GLE]
Global Mailing Services, POB 56, Southsea, Hants PO5 3TJ [GMS]
Goodrich, John, 30 Stradbroke Dr, Sheffield, S Yorks S13 8SD [GOO]
Chris Gosling, 22 Church St, Easton, Bristol BS5 6DZ [GOS]
Gredziak Games, 2 Woodview, Chilcompton, Nr Bath, Somerset BA3 4HJ [GRE]
Hamilton, Andrew, 7 Ormlie Rd, Thurso, Caithness KW14 7DW [HAM]
Harlequin Games, 130a Crwys Rd, Cathays, Cardiff CF2 4NR [HRL]
Harrow Postal Games, 161 Butler Rd, Harrow, Middx HA1 4DX [HAR]
Harry's Games, 26 Newmarket St, Coleraine, Londonderry BT52 1EH [HRY]
Hayes, Hilary (Omentide), BCM Omentide, London WC1N 3XX [HAH]
Heath, Mark [W.O.L.F.], 94 Prince's Way, Fleetwood, Lancs FY7 8DX [HEA]
Hemsoft Computer Consultants, 54 Crellow Fields, Stithians, nr Truro TR3 7RE [HEM]
Highland Games, The Stables, Loch Dochart, Crainlarich FK20 8QS [HIG]
Higton, Nic, 14 Kestrel Court, Carew Road, Wallington, Surrey SM6 8PW [HGT]
Hill, Adam, Ironbridge Postal Games, 10 Harrison Close, Madeley, Telford, Shropshire TF7 5ST [HIL]
Hollindale, Adam, 113 Coronation Rd, Brimington, Chesterfield, Derby S43 1EY [HOL]
Hood, Mike, MDH Software, 3 Pochard Drive, Broadheath, Altrincham WA14 5NJ [MDH]
Hurricane Games, 40 Spooner Rd, Sheffield, S Yorks S10 5NB [HUR]
IB Postal Games, 90 Queen Elizabeth Way, Kirk Hallam, Ilkeston, Derbys DE7 4NT [IBG]
Illuminated Ideas, 1b Derby Rd, Heaton Moor, Stockport SK4 4NE [ILL]
Incubus Designs, 113 Birdhill Rd, Woodhouse Eaves, Leics LE12 8RP [INC]
Interesting Times, 160 Beaumont Rd, Bournville, Birmingham B30 1NY [INT]
Iron Mill, 26 Iron Mill Close, Fareham, Hants PO15 6JZ [IRO]
Simon Ives, 3a River Road, Puriton, Somerset TA7 8BW [IVE]
Jackson, Eric, 12 Anderson Road, Litherland, Liverpool L21 7ND [JAC]
JAMMCO, 345 Wareley Rd, N/S Blackpool, Lancs, FY2 0ST [JAM]
JRP Games, 34 Bay Horse Drive, Lancaster LA1 4LA [JRP]
Kelem Games, 4 Avon Rd, Worcester, Worcs WR4 9AF [KEL]
Kelly, Alastair, Shaldon, Balmoral ave, St Clement, Jersey JE2 6NB [KLA]
Kick Off PBM, 9 Fulmerston Close, Thetford, Norfolk IP24 3LL   [KIC]
KJC Games, Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancs FY5 3LJ [KJC]
League Games, Martin Burrows, 61 Edwards St, Newport, Gwent NP9 4GG [LEA]
Linford, Mark,30 Hollingbry Rd, Brighton BN1 7JA [LIN]
Madhouse, The, 13 Marchmont Green, Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP2 5BB [MAD]
Matthews, Paul (M.A.G.), 93 Heol Illtyd, Caewern, Neath SA10 7SG [MAT]
M&E Sports, PO Box 186, Staveley, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S43 3UW [M&E]
McConnell, Danny, 7 Lacy Close, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 1DL [McC]
Millenium Games, 43 Oxford Rd, Exeter Devon [MIL]
Mindgames, Cwmynys Dingat, Llandovery, Dyfed SA20 0EU [MIM]
Mindless Games, 144 Malefant Street, Cardiff CF2 4QF and PO Box 229 Southsea PO5 1JR [MIN]
Moore,Simon,School of Psychology, Middlesex Univ,Queensway, Enfield,Middx EN3 4SF [MOO]
NAB Software,7 Oakwood Dr,Aspley,Notts NG8 3LZ  [NAB]
Necom Games, 19 Mostyn Rd, Hazel Grove, Stockport SK7 5HL [NEC]
New Generation Concepts, 18 Owlets Hall Close, Hornchurch, Essex RM11 3TS [NGC]
Nugent, Adam, 16 Hollow Field, Norden, Rochdale, Lancs DL11 5NY [NUG]
Oates, Jason, 152 Coburg Rd, Dorchester, Dorset DT1 2HU [OAT]
Olympia Games, 6 Sandy Ln, Bramcote, Nottingham NG9 3GS [OLY]
PACE PBM, 10-05 Victoria Centre, Nottingham NG1 3PQ [PAC]
P.A.G.E., 15 Saville Grove, York YO3 6NY [PGE]
Palin, Mark, 44 New Park Close, Castlefields, Shrewsbury SY1 2SQ [PAL]
Pagoda Games, 16 Loughshaw, Wilnecote, Tamworth, Staffs B77 4LY [PAG]
Parr, Alan, 6 Longfield Gdns, Tring, Herts HP23 4DN [PAR]
PAW-PBM, Paul Walker, 12 Binford Cl, Whipton, Exeter EX1 3JZ [PAW]
PBM Express UK, 33 Romany Rd, Rubery, Birmingham B45 0LG [PBX]
Pearson, David, 27 Washington Road, Woodlands, Doncaster, S Yorks DN6 7LQ [PEA]
Pemerton Games, 1a Western Rd, Shoreham-By-Sea, W Sussex BN43 5WD [PEM]
Perry, Andrew, 55 Martley Rd, Worcester WR2 6HG [PER]
Perryman, Ashley, 87 Stamford Sq, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancs OL6 6QR [PEY]
Pethick, Neill, 14 Trecarn Close, Launceston, Cornwall PL15 7LN [PET]
Phantom Designs, 9 Brookfield Ave, Hucknall, Nottingham NG15 6FD [PHA]
Phildee Enterprises, 39 Maesmawr, Rhayader, Powys, Wales LD6 5PL [PHI]
Pinder, Mark, 139 Nelson Way,Laceby Acres, Grimsby, S. Humberside DN34 5UJ [PIN]
Premier Supremos, 23 Kenilworth Drive, Bletchly, Milton Keynes MK3 6AJ [PRE]
Quantum Software, 14 Bentham Rd, Lancaster LA1 4JX [QUA]
Quizmail Challenge, Freepost, POB 41, Stotfold, Hitchin, Herts SG5 4DP [QUI]
Rampage Games, Unit 6, Beechwood Centre, Woodlesford, Leeds LS26 8RE [RAM]
Read, Nick, 20 Gracedale Road, London SW16 6SW [RED]
Reality Check, 79 Derwent Close, Cambridge CB1 4DY [REA]
Rhann Postal Games, POB 12, Sarisbury Green, Southampton SO3 6YL [RHA]
Richardson, Stephen, 51 Amersham Rise, Apsley, Nottingham NG8 5QN [RIC]
Ross, Lloyd, 21 Ormiston Crescent West, Tranent, East Lothian EH33 1HS [ROS]
RW Games, 39 Berry View, Newsome, Huddersfield HD4 6LQ [RWG]
Sabre Games, POB 548, Wrexham, Clywd, N Wales [SAB]
Same Time Games, 4 Home Farm Cottages,Church St,Dinder, Wells,Somerset BA5 3PE [SAM]
Schuessele, Bill, 192 Mill Road, Mile End, COLCHESTER, Essex, CO4 5JE [SCH]
SEP Games, POB 12, Eccles, Manchester M30 7BP [SEP]
Sevenstar Games,24 Northbourne Ave, Morpeth, Northumberland NE61 1JG [SEV]
Sherwood Games, Sherwood Ho, 15 Annesley Rd, Hucknall, Nottingham NG15 7AD [SHE]
Sledgehammer PBM, 9 Wavell Ave, Waterloo, Poole, Dorset BH17 7HQ [SLE]
Sloth Enterprises,Freepost,POB 82,Southampton,Hants SO9 7FG [SLO]
Small Furry Creatures Press, 42 Wynndale Rd, London E18 1DX [SMF]
Smart Products, POB 213, Brentwood, Essex CM13 3EJ [SMA]
Software Simulations, Georgian House, Trinity St, Dorchester, Dorset DT1 1UB [SOF]
Spellbinder Games, 76 Doncaster Rd, Wath-Upon-Dearne, Rotherham, S Yorks S63 7PR [SPE]
Stagg, Ian, Antler Games, 41 Sunridge Close, Newport Pagnell, Bucks MK16 0LT [STG]
Stanton, Peter, 8 Larchfield House, Highbury New Park, London N5 2DE [STN]
Star Fleet Games, POB 26, East Wittering, Chichester, W. Sussex PO20 8LH [STA]
State of Mind Games, 36 Major Road, Canton, CARDIFF CF5 1PF  [SOM]
Stewart, Ricky (Reality Shift Games), POB 37, Exeter, Devon EX2 9XF [STW]
Strategic Simulations, PO Box 432, Leek, Staffs ST13 6HL [STR]
Summons, Neil, 32 Manor House Gdns, Abbots Langley, Herts WD5 0DH [SUM]
Time Patterns, 97 Devonshire Rd, Birmingham B20 2PG  [TPA]
Timewyrm, 'Seaforth', Gaza, Potmahomack, Ross-shire IV20 1YR [TIW]
Total & Absolute Chaos Games, POB 86, Colchester,Essex CO4 4DW  [TOT]
Touchdown, 17 Acacia Dr, Whitby, Ellesmere Port, Ches L66 2UT [TOU]
Trinity Designs, 17 Fern Isle Close, Whitworth,Lancs OL12 8UH [TRN]
Tubb, Richard, 119 Gregory Avenue, Weoley Castle, Birmingham B29 5DJ [TUB]
Tune, Barry, 21 Varden Rd, Poynton, Cheshire SK12 1LZ [TUN]
Unicorn Games, POB 6, Grangemouth FK3 8JZ [UNI]
Vengeance Games,57 George St,Altofts,Normanton,W.Yorks WF6 2LS [VEN]
Ventura Games, POB 14, Aldershot, Hants GU12 4XN [VEN]
Vertigo PBM, POB 78, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 6DQ [VER]
Vorcon Games,59 Juniper,Birch Hill,Bracknell,Berks RG12 4ZG [VOR]
Mark Walbank, 15 Copt Royd Grove, Yeadon, Leeds, LS19 7HQ [WAL]
War Without Tears, 17 Rose St, St Monans, Fife KY10 2BQ [WAR]
Warrior Games, 3 The Grove, Shaw, Oldham OL2 7BH [WRR]
Waveney Games,28 Diprose Rd,Corfe Mullen,Wimborne,Dorset BH21 3QY  [WAV]
Wayne (Shambhala), 59 Kiln Court, Newell Street, Poplar, London E14 7JP [WAY]
WdG, see Bill Beetham [WDG]
Webber, Paul, 5 Hunt Ave, Heanor, Derbyshire DE15 7QB [WEB]
West Pennine Games, 15 Carr Bank Drive, Ramsbottom, Bury, Lancs BL0 9DG [WPN]
White Horse Games, 18 Berkeley Rd, Crouch End, London N8 8RU [WHI]
White, Stephen, PO Box 137, Burnley, Lancs BB10 2UG [WHS]
Wightman, Mark, 1 Charlesdown Close, Overton, Hants RG25 3LW [WIG]
Simon Williams,Chaos Trail,Drws-y-Rhinog, Penrhiw,Llanfair, Harlech, Gwynedd LL46 2TD [WIL]
Winkle, S A, Neurocore Designs, 4 Manor Square, Burton Manor, Stafford ST17 9QL [WIN]
Worlds Apart, PO Box 1016, Bristol BS99 1YQ [WOR]
Wyvern Games, 34 Arnside, Stapleford, Notts NG9 7EY [WYV]
Young, K.J., 3 Ardchaile Park, Perth PH2 7TL [YOU]


Hausler, J & B, Keplergasse 16/5, A-1100 Wien (Fantaworld)
Huttner, Thomas, In der Auerpeint 13, 4040 Linz
Imagency, Daniel Schumacher, Geidorfgurtel 18, A-8055 Graz 
(Merchants & Mercenaries)
SSV Klapf-Baechler OEG, Postfach 1205, A-8021 Graz (Legends, 
Epic, Supremacy, Cosa Nostra, CTF 2187, World Conquest)
WdG Fritz Berger, The Vienna Wizard, Hergergasse 13/1/13, 1030 
Wien (Thaura, Zirkon)


ART PBM Games, Kasteeldreef 11, 2950 Kapellen (Quest)
Sava Valser JPC, 105 Rue Irma Fievez, 7021 Havre (Football 
Champions, also licensed for France)


Martin Bilgrau, Guldregnvej 16, 8462 Harlev J (Ashes of Empire)


Jyrki Sundman, Porvarinkatu 8, 65230 Vassa 
Midnight Sun Games, PL 554, 90101 Oulo (Ashes of Empire, 
Austerlitz, Isle of Crowns, Olympos, Teknocide)


Abysse JPC, BP 204, 76520 Franqueville St Pierre (Feudal Lords, Continental Rails)
Aime(e) Corporation, 3 rue Eugene Vallin, 54000 Nancy (K.Y.F. Ball)
AMJ, 124 ave Aristide Briand, 92120 Montrouge (Melulice-Warlord)
Belphegor, 76 bd de Magenta, 75010 Paris (numerous games)
Celtic Games (Fabien Leroy), 7 allee de la clairiere, 77420 
Champs sur Marne (Les Seigneurs Orionides)
Coma, 3 boulevard Clemenceau, 49100 Angers (Epic)
Danard, Roland, 39 ave Pierre Brossolette, 92120 Montrouge (Hypastia, Prohibition Chicayork 1920, Adventurer Kings, World Emperor II, Blood, Gore & Guts Acroos the Galaxy, Empire Stellaire 2)
Delires-SARL, 58 Ave de Wagram, 75017 Paris (Quest, Survivor One)
Duelmasters, SFO/PHX/700705/MO1, BP 28, 93601 Aulnay-sous-bois Cedex
Durand, Nicolas, 19 impasse des Jonquilles, 72650 La Milesse (Basketball)
Hamel, Patrick, 11 allee des Eiders, 75019 Paris (Number One)
Herderman, Patrick, 177 Boulevard Thiers, 37000 Tours (Empire Stellaire)
Intermondes, Heugeville sur Sienne, 50200 Coutances (Continuum)
JPC+, BP 21, 35190 Quebriac (Avatar, Dragon's Horde, Synaps, QGJ)
Korum, c/o V. Fourcade, Residence 'Quai de Bercy', 8-10 Place de  L'Europe, F-94220 Charenton le Pont (Cyber League, Legende Viking, Nemak, Penalty, Almery)
Linee, Yann, 73 rue du Col. Fabien, 94460 Valenton (Soccer)
Luddyk, Mykkhro, 3 rue Eugene Emanuel, 6000 Nice (Pacifia)
Maguy, Pascal, 12A boulevard Trebouard, 35400 St Malo (Warriors)
Mazier, Michel, 1 rue de l'aigle d'or, 78100 Saint Germain en Laye (Greenwar)
PBM Komett, 5 rue de Lesseps, 75020 Paris (World Conquest, Conquest 2000, Mecha-Tek)
PBM Lienhart, 3 rue des fauvettes, 67800 Hoenheim (El Mythico)
Pelletier, Remi, 14 square Beaudelaire, 78760 Jouars-Pontchartrain, Teletel (1) 34898542 Tues/Fri eves (Shaddam) 
Sam Productions, BP 13, 75261 Paris Cedex 06 (Arena)
Styraps Corp, Richard Piedel, 193 bd de l'egaltite, 59200 
Tourcoing (Grands Anciens Galactique)
Trahison, 99 bd Raspail, 75006 Paris (Diadoques, Empires in arms, Dune, Stellar Conquest, etc.)
Transludie, 6 rue Maurice Thedie, 80000 Amiens (numerous games)
Tribu de Meth'Kaff, La, 11 rue des groux, 78440 Gargenville (La course aux Emeraudes)
Tritel, BP 931, 75829 Paris Cedex 17 (Daimyo)
Triumvirat, c/o D. Le Bris, 11 rue Charles Gounod, 29000 Quimper (Mediterranee, Les Courses)
Vopaliec, c/o J.-P. Maulion, 97 rue Edouard Vaillant, 49800 
Trelaze (Amiraute, 1940, Football, Civilisation)
Vortigern: Jean-Yves Priou, 16 rue de Chateaudun, 94200 Ivry (La Foi er Le Glaive, Britannia, Empires of the Middle Ages)


Brannekamper, Gregor, Thuillestr 57, 81247 Munchen (Girgl)
Computersimulation, Hinterm Garten 6a, 63683 Selters Hainchen (Kreis Budingen) (Asgard)
CSPP, Alfred-Bucherer-Str. 63, 53115 Bonn (Ashes of Empire) 
Dag Weber Briefspiele, POB 61 31, 61424 Oberusel (Battle Crab)
Daydream Productions, PO Box 90 03 15, 81593 Muenchen (Kings & Things, Starglobe, Star Quest, Sterne wie Staub, Monster Island, Trangrad II)
Dresdener Ashes Club (Andreas Schroter), Trachenberger Str 17, 01129 Dresden (Ashes of Empire and zine games)
Dumig, Steffen, Am Vogelschutz 4, 61381 Friedrichsdorf (Polis)
Eggerling, Norbert, Dorpfeld 3, 30419 Hannover (Deutsche Fussballiga)
Fabel, Sven, Lenhartzstr 15, 20249 Hamburg (Headquarters)
Fantasie-Fabrik, Postfach 4132, 58239 Schwerte (Dorm)
Foerster, Thomas, Postfach 170243, 53117 Bonn (Praemyra)
Heininger, Fritz, Dorfstr 31, 25479 Ellerau (Das II, Imperium)
Hexagon,Ingrid Moehn, Winkelerstr. 3, 65197 Wiesbaden (Celestrek II,Ork, bilingual Terra II)
Hubbers, Lothar, Laufstr 28, 47445 Moers (Evolution der Sterne, Germania) 
Jacke, Andreas, Im Wiesengrund 118, 27356 Rotenburg (Dynasty Wars)
Just-for-Fun Games, Pohlborgerstr 4, 44866 Bochum (Cleric)
Kassubek, Wolfgang, Heinleinstr 143, 97464 Niederwerrn (Circle of War)
Kehlen, Sven, Droselstrasse 22, 42659 Solingen (Fantaworld)
Kryptic Simulation, Volker Jankowski, Am Steingarten 14-102, 68169 Mannheim (Ruins of Galaxy)
Langer, Jorg, Kleine Hasengasse 5, 74360 Ilsfeld (Theben)
Loewe, Benedict, Gmelinstr 68, 72076 Tubingen (En Garde!, Welfen & Staufer, Pramyra)
Meier, Steffen, Vogelsangstr 19, 70176 Stuttgart (Beyond)
Niemann, Jens, Landhausstre 41, 70190 Stuttgart (Sepic)
PBM Studio, Strahlerweg 33, 76227 Karlsruhe (Spiral Arm, El Mythico, The Weapon)
Petri, Jorg, Muthstr 22, 76547 Sinsheim (Chasma IV)
Phaidros Postspiele, Tannehoft 137, 22397 Hamburg (Lemura Saga)
Quirxel Games, Postfach 1564, 47595 Geldern (Gladius et Pilum, Austerlitz)
Rehle, Ludwig, Haupstrasse 6, 85469 Walpertskirchen (Hades)
Richter, Thomas, Ahornstr 11, 87734 Benningen (Galactic Empire II)
Ringmeyer, Stephan, Gustav-Otto-Bogen 11, 80997 Munchen (Imperator)
Rohde, Dirk, Am Bauhof 37, 31224 Peine (Galactic Frontiers)
Roken, Jens, Bauerberg 4, 22111 Hamburg (Sepic)
Russe, Jens-Uwe, Ohlenkamp 38, 22607 Hamburg (Declaration)
Software Simulations, Schoellerstr 5, 76467 Bietigheim (Gameplan)
STS-GbR, Nulsenstr 17, 31848 Bad Munder (Trangrad II)
Stahl, Christoph, Fikentscher Str 27, 93051 Regensburg (Middle Ages II)
Stevens, Peter, Zeppelinallee 64, 45883 Gelsenkirchen (Feudal 
Lords, Illuminati, Quest, Shogun, Starweb, Railway, Ringzauber) 
Suchen, Lukas, Im Feldle 19, 73730 Esslingen (Asmagor)
Triple Sun Project, Pfach 211045, 50667 Koln
Tobaben, Uwe, Berliner Str 15, 97762 Hammelburg (Ragnarok)
Tobias, Heiko, Winner Zeile 17, 90482 Nurnberg (VGA-Planets)
Treptow, Stefan, Ilsensteinweg 4, 14029 Berlin (Vae Victis!)
Vogt, Thomas, Osterfeldweg 52, 21077 Hamburg (Expedition Ins Unbekannte)
WdG Wolfgang Roefke, Forstbachtal 55, 45470 Muelheim an der Ruhr (Canura/Thaura, Xanadu)
Wegener, Patrick, Marienburgerstr 4, 28876 Oyten (Mercury)
Wernecke, Christian, Gottfried-Keller-Weg 2, 47877 Willich (Chinatown) 
Wettach, Wolfgang, Beim Schloss 17, 72074 Tubingen (Welt der Waben)


Biasiolo, Fabrizio, BAM, via Giusti 15 a/b, 50121 Firenze (Quest, Top o'the League)
Strategia e Tattica, Via del Colosseo 5, 00184 Roma (Adventurer Kings)


Fantasia Arena, van Bassenstraat 118, 3067 ND Rotterdam (Super Vorcon Wars,Sterrenoorlog,Ruirnte Ridders) 
Game Connection, The, Aletta Jacobsstraat 13, 7421 HN Deventer (Spiral Arm II, Return from Sirius II and Technocide)
Kolley, Thomas, Eburonenport 63, NL-3991 JV Houten (Officer's Club wargames)
PBM Express, POB 885, 3300 AW Dordrecht (Cont Rails in NL, Adventurer Kings, Heroic Fantasy, Illuminati, New Order in NL/UK, Quest, Starweb, Supernova II in NL/D, Speculate, The Weapon, Gladius et Pilum, Victory!, Crisis!) 
Tristar Games V.O.F., PO Box 2073, NL-3200 CB Spijkenisse (Ashes of Empire, Timelapse - also for Belgium)
Virtual Simulation Software, PO Box 479, 2980 AL Ridderkerk (Resolve Conflict, VGA-Planets, Power of Six) 


Arctic Circle Games, Box 6142, N-8018 Morkved (Dark Age, Isle of Crowns, Soccer Stats)
Gad Games Continental, POB 304, N-2050 Jessheim (Soccer Supremos)
Norgames, Stavangergata 46-443, 0467 Oslo (all KJC's games)


Associacao Portuguesa de Jogos Por Correspondencia, R. Diogo de Silves, 142-3E-Tr, 4400 V.N. Gaia


Lars Andersson, House of Genesis Games, Pedagogrand 11 D-II, S-907 30 Ume
Magnus Cassersjo, AEMP, S.Espl 31, 343 32 Almhult (Fantasy Blitzball League, Svartfolk)
R. Rystrom, Box 294, 731 26 Koeping (Trolls Bottom, Heptarchy, Conducting Chaos)


Golser, Thomas, Hubstr 45, 8303 Bassersdorf (Viva)
Heer, Matthias, Wasserwerkstr. 42, 8006 Zurich (Conquest of Europe)
Mueller & Misch KG, Postfach 288, 4102 Binningen (Gladius et Pilum)
Schmitter, Peter, Schuetzenstr 45, 9443 Widnau (Ashes of Empire)
WdG, Rainer Leis, Postfach 118, 3920 Zermatt (Thaura)


M.B.O., Bestekar Sk. 11/15, Besiktas Istanbul 80700 (Futbol 2000, Sultans of Stars)

Greg Lindahl (