Plantaginaceae Plantain Family Ratamokasvit
  • Plantaginaceae (Plantaginales); [FFP], #297; [GMB], #160
  • Plantaginaceae (Scrophulariales); [RK], #94

Foodplants for Agrochola vulpecula, Aphelia paleana, Athetis furvula, A. gluteosa, A. pallustris, Autographa californica, A. precationis, Diachrysia nadeja, D. stenochrysis, Erythroplusia rutilifrons, Euphydryas anicia, Herminia tarsipennalis, Hypena proboscidalis, Junonia coenia, Lacanobia contrastata, Orbona fragariae, Pandemis dumetana, Udea lutealis, Xylena confusa

13.10.2000 (26)

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