All (in this database) Lepidoptera Photolist (with English common names): Part 8

Moths, Butterflies, Skippers, ... - Ditrysia (Insecta, Lepidoptera)

[Harri Arkkio]

Finland; For the time being these pictures are only for this site. Other usage not allowed.
[Willi Sramek]
contact through; Per Hoffmann Olsen
[Dave Nunnallee]

Washington, USA
[Ian Kimber]
[John Shuey]

e-mail: jshuey at; Director of Conservation Science; Indiana Office of The Nature Conservancy;
[Vitaly Charny]

Birmingham, Alabama, USA
[A. Timchenko]

Andrew Timchenko; Beijing, China (ex-Moscow, Russia)
[Arto Avanto]
Arto Avanto
e-mail: Arto Avanto;
[Aarno Junkkari]

e-mail: Aarno Junkkari
[Simon Coombes]
1 Park Street, Plymouth, PL3 4BL, UK
01752 607854; e-mail: Simon Coombes;
This may require parentheses or not. I don't have the necessary information for this taxon.
[Dan Chaffee]
6903 NW Cross Rd
Kansas City, Mo. 64152; USA; e-mail: Dan Chaffee
[Vladimir V. Izerskyy]
Vladimir V. Izerskyy
Bombicoidae lepidoptera and Notodontidae of Siberia and Far East; Kiev, 1999
[Frédéric Vivien]

e-mail: Frédéric Vivien
[Norbert Kondla]

Canada, BC; e-mail: Norbert Kondla
[Mario C. Raviglione]

Dr Mario C. Raviglione; France / Italy; Director ; Stop TB Department (STB) ; HIV/AIDS, TB & Malaria Cluster (HTM) ; World Health Organization ; Avenue Appia, 20 ; CH-1211 Geneva 27 ; Switzerland ; e-mail: Mario C. Raviglione
[Sébastien Corroyer]

Natural History Museum of Nice
[Jeroen Voogd]

The Netherlands
[Joseph Belicek]

e-mail: Joseph Belicek
[Phil Schappert]

Dr. Phil Schappert; Zoology, University of Texas; e-mail: Phil Schappert;
[Enrico Leicht]

[Kedar Tokekar]

[Gan Cheong Weei]

Butterfly Interest Group (Singapore)
[John Muddeman]

Professional Naturalist & Wildlife Tour Guide; Iberian Wildlife Tours
[B. Lalanne-Cassou]

France; e-mail: B. Lalanne-Cassou
[Lea Wirth]

Switzerland; wirth
[Sebastián Teillier]

Chile; e-mail: Sebastián Teillier
[Hans Degler]

e-mail: Hans Degler
[Tamás Baranyi]

Tamás Baranyi
[Paul W. Schaefer]

[Peter Groenendijk]
[Jaroslaw Bury]

Poland; Lepidoptera of West Palearctic Region
[D. Smirnov]

Russia, Moscow; e-mail: D. Smirnov
[Christopher A. Rickards]

Ann Arbor, Mi 48105, USA.; e-mail: Christopher A. Rickards
[Lars Andersen]
The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
[Toon Verbruggen]

Toon Verbruggen
[Torben B. Larsen]

[Michel Tarrier]

Michel R. Tarrier; Malaga, Spain;
[David Becking]

South Africa
[Gerhard Stimpfl]

Gerhard Stimpfl
[Eric Josephson]

[Szabolcs Safian]

Hungary; Hungarian Lepidopterologial Society; Butterflies of Ghana
[Michael Borsch]

Geesthacht, Germany; contact through; e-mail: Francisco Welter-Schultes
[Tero Piirainen]
Tampere, Finland
e-mail: Tero Piirainen
[R. Trusch & I. Rödel]

[Alan Cassidy]

Maidenhead, England
[Marek Michalski]
Lodz, Poland
e-mail: Marek Michalski
[Pertti Pakkanen]

e-mail: Pertti Pakkanen; Butterfly and moth observations from Finland
[Olavi Niemi]

Finland; Contact through; e-mail: Hannu Tanner
[Gabriel Alziar]

Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle; 60 boulevard Risso; F-06300 Nice (France)
[Dylan Lloyd]
Hafanedd, Deiniol Rd., Bangor, Wales, U.K., LL57 2UP
e-mail: Dylan Lloyd
[Markus Varesvuo]
Helsinki, Finland
Contact through; e-mail: Pertti Pakkanen
[Andrea Tagliablue]

Seveso; Italy
[Hannu Tanner]

Hannu Tanner, Siuntio, Finland; e-mail: Hannu Tanner;
[Jürgen Kilian]

Hamburg, Germany
[Michal Koupý]

Czech Republic
Parentheses have no taxonomic semantics here. This is an error that will be fixed at some point.
[Peter Payzant]

[Richard Timms]

The genus Stichophthalma; United Kingdom
[Jean Delacre]
[Laurent Soubielle]

e-mail: Laurent Soubielle
[S. Shuichi Haupt]

e-mail: S. Shuichi Haupt;
[Erich Mangl]
[Javiera Delaunoy]

Chile; via Sebastián Teillier
[Johannes Skaftason]

Iceland; e-mail: Johannes Skaftason
[Jim Conrad]

Backyard Nature
[Boris Yampolsky]

contact via Vitaly Charny
[John L. Foltz]

John L. Foltz; Forest Entomologist; University of Florida; Department of Entomology & Nematology; PO Box 110620; Gainesville FL 32611-0620; Phone: 352-392-1901 x 130; Fax: 352-392-0190; Forest Insects of Florida; ENY3005 Insect Identification
[Timo Viitanen]
[Olli Vesikko]
[Sune Hauch]

[Enrique Garcia-Barros]

Enrique García-Barros; Dept. Biol. (Zool.); Univ. Autonoma de Madrid
[Benoit Vincent]

Institut de recherche criminelle de la Gendarmerie nationale /Forensic Science Institute; Département Entomologie / Forensic entomology department; Fort de Rosny; 1, bd. Théophile Sueur; 93 111 ROSNY SOUS BOIS Cedex; Tel.: 33(0)1 58 66 50 92; Fax : 33(0)1 58 66 50 27
[Thomas Dimock]

California, USA; e-mail: Thomas Dimock
[Jonathan P. Tyler]

Botanical Illustrator;
Merian, M. S., 1705
Metamorphosis insectorum Surinamensium. Of te verandering der Surinaamsche insecten. Waar in de Surinaamsche rupsen en wormen met alle des zelfs veranderingen, na het leven afgebeeld en beschreeven worden, zynde elk geplaast op die gewassen, bloemen en vruchten, daar sy op gevonden zyn; waar in ook de generatie der kirkvorschen, wonderbaare padden, hagedissen, slangen, spinnen en mieren werden vertoond en beschreeven, alles in America na het leven en levensgroote geschildert en beschreeven; pp. 1-60, pl. 1-60; Image from Francisco Welter-Schultes
[Leif Wahlberg]

Julita, Sweden; e-mail: Leif Wahlberg
[William Garthe]

Peru, Illinois, USA
[Slavko Polak]

e-mail: Slavko Polak
[Kimmo Silvonen]
Espoo, Finland
Kimmo's Lep Site
[Harri Olkkonen]

[Andrew Torry]

e-mail: Andrew Torry
[Maurizio Elia]

Ravenna, Italy; e-mail: Maurizio Elia
[Karl Hofsäß]
Karl Hofsaess
e-mail: Karl Hofsäß
[Oleg Kosterin]
Institue of Cytology & Genetics
Siberian Division of Russian Academy of Sciences; Novosibirsk; e-mail: Oleg Kosterin;
[Per Hoffman Olsen]

Austria; Nature Photography by Per Hoffmann Olsen

Markku Savela