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Swertia L.
Swertia, Biota of North America Program (query database) [BONAP]
Swertia (Gentianaceae) ; [GNSP]

Swertia connata Schrenk
Swertia connata ; [Oleg Kosterin]

Swertia obtusa Ledeb.
Swertia obtusa ; [Oleg Kosterin]
[obtusa-1a.jpg] 574x800 (~108Kb) Highland dwarf birch (Betula rotundifolia) tundras on a ledge of the southerm principal slope of the Yuzhno-Chuiskii mountain range between the Chikty and Akbul Rivulets, 2300 m above sea level, the upper Dzhazator River basin, Kosh-Agach District, Altai Republic, West Siberia, Russia. 15th July 1998, Photo Oleg Kosterin [obtusa-2.jpg] 542x784 (~123Kb) Open larch forest on the left bank of the Dzhazator River in its upper flow, between the falls of its right tributaries Chikty and Akbul, 2000 m above sea level, Kosh-Agach District, Altai Republic, West Siberia, Russia. 18th July 1998, Photo Oleg Kosterin

Swertia chirata Hamilt.
N.India. See [About maps] Chiretta

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A Synonymized Checklist of the Vascular Flora of the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands; A data base interface; BONAP U.S. Checklist - 1998; Provided by TAMU-BWG; Texas A & M Bioinformatics Working Group; Based on; Biota of North America Program
Wielgorskaya, 1995; Dictionary of generic names of seed plants
[Oleg Kosterin]
Institue of Cytology & Genetics; Siberian Division of Russian Academy of Sciences; Novosibirsk; e-mail: Oleg Kosterin; http://pisum.bionet.nsc.ru/kosterin/

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