Vicia L. Virnat Vetch Tare
  • Vicia (Fabaceae); [GNSP]

Foodplants for Anaplectoides pressus, Autographa gamma, Coleophora colutella, Colias chrysotheme, C. croceus, C. erate poliographus, C. heos, C. hyale, Cupido alcetas, Digrammia californiaria, Euclidia glyphica, E. mi, Filatima xanthuris, Lygephila craccae, L. lusoria, L. pastinum, L. procax, L. viciae, Lysandra coridon, L. coridon, Plebejus argus, P. subsolanus, Polyommatus icarus, Scythris flaviventrella, Sideridis texturata, Siona lineata, Thorybes mexicana, Zizula hylax, Z. hylax


13.3.2009 (29)


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