Panicum L. Hirssit Panic Grass

Foodplants for Ancyloxypha numitor, Atrytone arogos, Borbo cinnara, B. fatuellus fatuellus, B. lugens, Chilo suppressalis, Cissia confusa, C. confusa, C. pseudoconfusa, C. pseudoconfusa, Deudorix epijarbas, Elachista radiantella, E. solitaria, Erebia ligea, E. medusa, Gegenes nostrodamus, Helcystogramma idiastis, Hesperia leonardus, H. sassacus, Magneuptychia libye, Melanitis leda, M. phedima, Mocis frugalis, Mycalesis horsfieldi, M. perseus, Mydosama sirius, Mythimna separata, Neopediasia mixtalis, Orsotriaena medus, Perichares philetes, Pirateolea piscator, Poanes viator, Polites themistocles, Rivula bioculalis, Sesamia inferens, Taygetis laches laches, Wallengrenia egeremet

[sp-1.jpg] 800x1099 (~119Kb) USA: West Fork of Miller River (~ 47.6°N 121.4°W), King Co., WA, 24.7.2005, Photo © Markku Savela

The exact identification of this species is still unknown, but tentatively assumed to belong into this group.

The grouping is from [GMBOT].

The Paspaloidea Nash. species-group
The Eupanicum Gren. & Godr. species-group
The Verrucosa species-group
The Capillaria species-group
The Dichotomiflora species-group
The Virgata species-group
The Agrostoidia species-group
The Dichotoma species-group
The depauperata species-group
The laxiflora species-group
The angustifolia species-group
The eudichotoma species-group
The spreta species-group
The lanuginosa species-group
The columbiana species-group
The ensifolia species-group
The sphaerocarpa species-group
The commutata species-group
The lancearia species-group
The oligosanthia species-group
The scoparia species-group
The latifolia species-group

Unmatched external taxa

26.11.1998 (74)


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