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Milium L.
Tesmat Millet Grass
Milium, Biota of North America Program (query database) [BONAP]
Milium, Den Virtuella Floran [DVF]

Foodplants for Apamea (noctua) scolopacina, Aphantopus hyperantus, Elachista apicipunctella, E. atricomella, E. obliquella, E. stabilella, Erebia euryale, Maniola jurtina, Pyronia tithonus

fiMilium effusum L.
Tesma Lehtotesma Wood Millet Hässlebrodd
Milium effusum, Bilder ur Nordens Flora (in Swedish) [RUNEBERG]
Milium effusum ; [RK, 615]; [SK, 66]; [GMBOT, 122]
[effusum-1.jpg] 780x503 (~19Kb) Finland, Nokia, Luoto, 21.6.1991, Photo © Harri Arkkio [effusum-2a.jpg] 869x1011 (~112Kb) Finland: Tampere, Niihama, Soukko, 3.7.2008, Photo © Harri Arkkio [effusum-2b.jpg] 674x1011 (~75Kb) Finland: Tampere, Niihama, Soukko, 3.7.2008, Photo © Harri Arkkio

Foodplant for Carterocephalus silvicola, Cephus nigrinus, Elachista adscitella, E. albifrontella, E. bifasciella?, E. cingillella, E. diederichsiella, E. elegans, E. luticomella, Erebia ligea, E. medusa, E. medusa polaris, Pyronia tithonus

25.11.1998 (1)

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[Harri Arkkio]
Finland; For the time being these pictures are only for this site. Other usage not allowed.
Hämet-Ahti, L., Suominen, J., Ulvinen, T. & Uotila, P. (eds), 1998; Retkeilykasvio (Field Flora of Finland); Ed. 4. 656 pp.; Finnish Museum of Natural History, Botanical Museum. Helsinki
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