Lymantriidae Hampson, 1893 Villakehrääjät Trägspinner Tussock Moths
  • Liparidae
  • Lariidae
  • Orgyiidae
  • Dasychiridae
  • Lymantriinae (Noctuidae); Lafontaine & Fibiger, 2006, Can. Ent. 138: (610-635)
  • Lymantriinae (Erebidae); van Nieukerken et al., 2011, Zootaxa 3148: 217; [RFEL]

The division to tribes are mostly from[MNA22.2] and[MOB5], a "world view" is still missing. Now most of the taxa from [NHM card]has been added, resulting a "name soup" that needs some organizing...

For now, I am also leaving out the "Lymantriinae" level, until I get somethingthat does not belong into it.

Tribe Orgyiini Wallengren
Tribe Nygmiini
Tribe Leucomini
  • Leucomini (Lymantriidae); [MOB5], 107
  • Leucomini (Lymantriinae); Lafontaine & Fibiger, 2006, Can. Ent. 138: (610-635); [RFEL]
Tribe Arctornithini
  • Arctornithini (Lymantriidae); [MOB5], 114
  • Arctornithini (Lymantriinae); Lafontaine & Fibiger, 2006, Can. Ent. 138: (610-635); [RFEL]
Tribe Lymantriini Hampson
  • Lymantriini (Lymantriidae); [MOB5], 11
  • Lymantriini (Lymantriinae); Lafontaine & Fibiger, 2006, Can. Ent. 138: (610-635); [RFEL]
Tribe ?
Tribe "Incertae sedis"
  • "Incertae sedis" ; [MOB5], 148
"Misplaced in Lymantriidae"

[sp-1.jpg] 1000x1089 (~361Kb) Ethiopia, Amhara, Lake Hayk bank. 7th August 2012, Photo © Oleg Kosterin

The exact identification of this species is still unknown, but tentatively assumed to belong into this group.

Unknown or unplaced taxa

  • albidescens (Lucas, 1891); , [AUCL], (nom. nud.)

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