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Pseudoecophora Staudinger, 1899
Pseudoecophora Staudinger, 1899; Naturhist. Mus. Hamburg 2 (6) : 112, TS: Pseudoecophora vitellinella Staudinger

Pseudoecophora vitellinella Staudinger, 1899
Pseudoecophora vitellinella Staudinger, 1899; Naturhist. Mus. Hamburg 2 (6) : 112, TL: Uschuaia
Pseudoecophora vitellinella ; [NHM]

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Some related literature:
Staudinger, 1899
Lepidopteren. Hamburger Magalhaensische Sammelreise Naturhist. Mus. Hamburg 2 (6) : 1-117, pl., f. 1-27

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