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Oudemansiella mucida (Schrad.) Höhn.
NEU. See [About maps] Posliinisieni Porslinsskivling
Collybia mucida (Schrad.); Quél.
Mucidula mucida (Schrad.); Pat.

The "xerula" species-group

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fiOudemansiella radicata (Relhan) Singer
NEU. See [About maps] Kurttujuurekas Rotnagelskivling
Xerula radicata (Relhan); Dörfelt
Oudemansiella pseudoradicata Moser
Collybia radicata (Relhan); Quél.

Oudemansiella pudens (Pers.) Singer
NEU. See [About maps] Nukkajuurekas Luddnagelskivling
Xerula pudens (Pers.); Singer
Xerula longipes (Bull.); Maire
Collybia longipes Quél.
Oudemansiella longipes (?Kumm.); Moser
Oudemansiella longipes (?Quél.); Moser
Xerula pudens (Pers.); Sing

Oudemansiella caussei (Maire) Moser ex Clémençon

Xerula caussei Maire
Mycenella caussei (Maire); Romagn.
Xerula nigra (Dörfelt); Dörfelt
Oudemansiella nigra Dörfelt
Xerula renati (Clémençon); ?
Oudemansiella renati (Clémençon); ?

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