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Hirundo Linnaeus, 1758
Hirundo (Hirundinidae) ; [AVTAX]

fiHirundo rustica Linnaeus, 1758
Haarapääsky Swallow Barn Swallow
Hirundo rustica ; [AVTAX]
[rustica-1.jpg] 744x648 (~58Kb) Russia, Kaluga area (35°45'E, 54°23'N), 30.4.2006, Photo © D. Smirnov

H. r. erythrogaster Boddaert, 1783
Hirundo rustica erythrogaster ; [AVTAX]
H. r. gutturalis Scopoli, 1786
Hirundo rustica gutturalis ; [AVTAX]
Hirundo rustica rustica ; [AVTAX]
H. r. transitiva (Hartert, 1910)
Hirundo rustica transitiva ; [AVTAX]
H. r. tytleri Jerdon, 1864
Hirundo rustica tytleri ; [AVTAX]

Hirundo lucida Hartlaub, 1858
Hirundo lucida ; [AVTAX]
Hirundo lucida lucida ; [AVTAX]
H. l. rothschildi Neumann, 1904
Hirundo lucida rothschildi ; [AVTAX]
H. l. subalaris Reichenow, 1905
Hirundo lucida subalaris ; [AVTAX]

Hirundo angolensis Bocage, 1868
Hirundo angolensis ; [AVTAX]

Hirundo tahitica Gmelin, 1789
Hirundo tahitica ; [AVTAX]
H. t. albescens Schodde & Mason, 1999
Hirundo tahitica albescens ; [AVTAX]
H. t. ambiens Mayr, 1934
Hirundo tahitica ambiens ; [AVTAX]
H. t. frontalis Quoy & Gaimard, 1830
Hirundo tahitica frontalis ; [AVTAX]
H. t. javanica Sparrman, 1789
Hirundo tahitica javanica ; [AVTAX]
H. t. namiyei (Stejneger, 1887)
Hirundo tahitica namiyei ; [AVTAX]
H. t. subfusca Gould, 1856
Hirundo tahitica subfusca ; [AVTAX]
Hirundo tahitica tahitica ; [AVTAX]

Hirundo domicola Jerdon, 1841
Hirundo domicola ; [AVTAX]

Hirundo neoxena Gould, 1842
Hirundo neoxena ; [AVTAX]
H. n. carteri (Mathews, 1912)
Hirundo neoxena carteri ; [AVTAX]
Hirundo neoxena neoxena ; [AVTAX]

Hirundo albigularis Strickland, 1849
Hirundo albigularis ; [AVTAX]

Hirundo aethiopica Blanford, 1869
Hirundo aethiopica ; [AVTAX]
Hirundo aethiopica aethiopica ; [AVTAX]
H. a. amadoni White, 1956
Hirundo aethiopica amadoni ; [AVTAX]

Hirundo smithii Leach & Koenig, 1818
Wire-tailed Swallow
Hirundo smithii ; [AVTAX]
H. s. filifera Stephens, 1826
Hirundo smithii filifera ; [AVTAX]
Hirundo smithii smithii ; [AVTAX]

Hirundo atrocaerulea Sundevall, 1850
Hirundo atrocaerulea ; [AVTAX]

Hirundo nigrita Gray, 1845
Hirundo nigrita ; [AVTAX]

Hirundo leucosoma Swainson, 1837
Hirundo leucosoma ; [AVTAX]

Hirundo megaensis Benson, 1942
Hirundo megaensis ; [AVTAX]

Hirundo nigrorufa Bocage, 1877
Hirundo nigrorufa ; [AVTAX]

Hirundo dimidiata Sundevall, 1850
Hirundo dimidiata ; [AVTAX]
Hirundo dimidiata dimidiata ; [AVTAX]
H. d. marwitzi Reichenow, 1903
Hirundo dimidiata marwitzi ; [AVTAX]

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