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Galerida Boie, 1828
Galerida (Alaudidae) ; [AVTAX]

fiGalerida cristata (Linnaeus, 1758)
Töyhtökiuru Crested Lark
Galerida cristata ; [AVTAX]
G. c. alexanderi Neumann, 1908
Galerida cristata alexanderi ; [AVTAX]
G. c. altirostris Brehm, 1855
Galerida cristata altirostris ; [AVTAX]
G. c. apuliae Von Jordans, 1935
Galerida cristata apuliae ; [AVTAX]
G. c. arenicola Tristram, 1859
Galerida cristata arenicola ; [AVTAX]
G. c. balsaci Dekeyser & Villiers, 1950
Galerida cristata balsaci ; [AVTAX]
G. c. brachyura Tristram, 1865
Galerida cristata brachyura ; [AVTAX]
G. c. carthaginis Kleinschmidt & Hilgert, 1905
Galerida cristata carthaginis ; [AVTAX]
G. c. caucasica Taczanowski, 1888
Galerida cristata caucasica ; [AVTAX]
G. c. chendoola (Franklin, 1831)
Galerida cristata chendoola ; [AVTAX]
G. c. cinnamomina Hartert, 1904
Galerida cristata cinnamomina ; [AVTAX]
G. c. coreensis Taczanowski, 1888
Galerida cristata coreensis ; [AVTAX]
Galerida cristata cristata ; [AVTAX]
G. c. cypriaca Bianchi, 1907
Galerida cristata cypriaca ; [AVTAX]
G. c. festae Hartert, 1922
Galerida cristata festae ; [AVTAX]
G. c. halfae Nicoll, 1921
Galerida cristata halfae ; [AVTAX]
G. c. helenae Lavauden, 1926
Galerida cristata helenae ; [AVTAX]
G. c. isabellina Bonaparte, 1850
Galerida cristata isabellina ; [AVTAX]
G. c. iwanowi Zarudny & Loudon, 1903
Galerida cristata iwanowi ; [AVTAX]
G. c. jordansi Niethammer, 1955
Galerida cristata jordansi ; [AVTAX]
G. c. kleinschmidti Erlanger, 1899
Galerida cristata kleinschmidti ; [AVTAX]
G. c. leautungensis (Swinhoe, 1861)
Galerida cristata leautungensis ; [AVTAX]
G. c. lynesi Whistler, 1928
Galerida cristata lynesi ; [AVTAX]
G. c. maculata Brehm, 1858
Galerida cristata maculata ; [AVTAX]
G. c. magna Hume, 1871
Galerida cristata magna ; [AVTAX]
G. c. meridionalis Brehm, 1841
Galerida cristata meridionalis ; [AVTAX]
G. c. neumanni Hilgert, 1907
Galerida cristata neumanni ; [AVTAX]
G. c. nigricans Brehm, 1855
Galerida cristata nigricans ; [AVTAX]
G. c. pallida Brehm, 1858
Galerida cristata pallida ; [AVTAX]
G. c. riggenbachi Hartert, 1902
Galerida cristata riggenbachi ; [AVTAX]
G. c. senegallensis (Statius Muller, 1776)
Galerida cristata senegallensis ; [AVTAX]
G. c. somaliensis Reichenow, 1907
Galerida cristata somaliensis ; [AVTAX]
G. c. subtaurica (Kollibay, 1912)
Galerida cristata subtaurica ; [AVTAX]
G. c. tenuirostris Brehm, 1858
Galerida cristata tenuirostris ; [AVTAX]
G. c. zion Meinertzhagen, 1920
Galerida cristata zion ; [AVTAX]

Galerida macrorhyncha Tristram, 1859
Galerida macrorhyncha ; [AVTAX]
Galerida macrorhyncha macrorhyncha ; [AVTAX]
G. m. randoni Loche, 1860
Galerida macrorhyncha randoni ; [AVTAX]

Galerida theklae Brehm, 1857
Galerida theklae ; [AVTAX]
G. t. carolinae Erlanger, 1897
Galerida theklae carolinae ; [AVTAX]
G. t. ellioti Hartert, 1897
Galerida theklae ellioti ; [AVTAX]
G. t. erlangeri Hartert, 1904
Galerida theklae erlangeri ; [AVTAX]
G. t. harrarensis Erard & Jarry, 1973
Galerida theklae harrarensis ; [AVTAX]
G. t. huei Erard & Naurois, 1973
Galerida theklae huei ; [AVTAX]
G. t. huriensis Benson, 1947
Galerida theklae huriensis ; [AVTAX]
G. t. mallablensis Colston, 1982
Galerida theklae mallablensis ; [AVTAX]
G. t. praetermissa (Blanford, 1869)
Galerida theklae praetermissa ; [AVTAX]
G. t. ruficolor Whitaker, 1898
Galerida theklae ruficolor ; [AVTAX]
G. t. superflua Hartert, 1897
Galerida theklae superflua ; [AVTAX]
Galerida theklae theklae ; [AVTAX]
G. t. theresae Meinertzhagen, 1939
Galerida theklae theresae ; [AVTAX]

Galerida malabarica (Scopoli, 1786)
Thekla Lark
Galerida malabarica ; [AVTAX]

Galerida deva (Sykes, 1832)
Galerida deva ; [AVTAX]

Galerida modesta Heuglin, 1864
Galerida modesta ; [AVTAX]
G. m. bucolica (Hartlaub, 1887)
Galerida modesta bucolica ; [AVTAX]
Galerida modesta modesta ; [AVTAX]
G. m. nigrita (Grote, 1920)
Galerida modesta nigrita ; [AVTAX]
G. m. struempelli (Reichenow, 1910)
Galerida modesta struempelli ; [AVTAX]

Galerida magnirostris (Stephens, 1826)
Galerida magnirostris ; [AVTAX]
G. m. harei (Roberts, 1924)
Galerida magnirostris harei ; [AVTAX]
Galerida magnirostris magnirostris ; [AVTAX]
G. m. montivaga (Vincent, 1948)
Galerida magnirostris montivaga ; [AVTAX]
G. m. sedentaria Clancey, 1993
Galerida magnirostris sedentaria ; [AVTAX]

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