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  • BB_RULES.Z (29 KB) [Aug 6 1993]

    BBrules (Darrel Randahl ) REIJ Indomina Football League (RIFL) and the Great Races of University Blood*Bowl League (GRUB) presents their interpretation of the often controversial and "guess what to do" rules of BLOOD*BOWL.

  • (17 KB) [Jul 19 1993]

    A map generator for GW. by Dakin Burdick Feel free to make copies.

  • GamingFTP (11 KB) [Jun 7 1994]

    Name: Gaming FTP Listing Description: The most up-to-date list of Gaming-related sites available. Author: Theresa Verity ( Date: 06 June 1994 Note: I will in the U.S. Navy soon (after Aug 1994), and may not have access to this account afterwards. If you wish to keep this list current PLEASE keep at least my name (if not my old InterNet address) somewhere on the document as original creator. Thanks...

  • Runecults (--dir--)

    Some new cults for RuneQuest.

  • Thom_Monster_Manual.txt (123 KB) [Sep 24 1993]

    List of monsters for AD&D, as a supplement to the Net_Monster_Manual and Net_Monstrius_Compendium, by Thomas Weigel . Freely distributable, but not public domain.

  • aseiden-nimia-suomeksi.txt (71 KB) [Jan 25 1994]

    Varios weapon names in Finnish.

  • avalon (--dir--)

    A small archive for mailing list articles and maps for a private PBM role-strategy-diplomacy campaign. The maps are from a half-fictious region of south-western England. WARNING: In Finnish and comprehensible for insiders only. -

  • battletex.tar.Z (47 KB) [May 26 1991]

    Some extra stuff & corrections for MechWarrior?

  • city-design (--dir--)

    City design project.

  • cityspac.xls (--link--) [Feb 22 1996]

    CitySpace is based in part on the doctoral thesis of Ed Stephan on polulations and area. The URL of this document is: This Excel-4.0 worksheet is an attempt to back-calculate the formulas in order to provide a tool for generating useful guides for city sizes.

  • (167 KB) [Mar 3 1995]

    A half-finished compilation of the tsr/copyright debate.

  • divlantia.lzh (72 KB) [Oct 23 1990]

    Magus Divlantia, an alternate magic system for AD&D by Jim Vassilakos.

  • empire.xls (--link--) [Feb 22 1996]

    The Kingdom Calculator is an Excel-4.0 tool to generate a rough, "it feels about right" guestimate about the population of a region based on the amount of land area it occupies. Its basically based on work of Ed Stephan on populations and area. Very interesting reading. The URL of this document is:

  • (159 KB) [Feb 22 1996]

    Kuuluisa EPH-arkisto, yksi PJ:n paras tavara ja vanhuuden turva. Versio 1.1. Taysi versio, sisaltaa selailuohjelman ja kaikki hahmonkuvaukset. Lajapain hyvinkuvailtuja, persoonallisia hahmoja valmiina kaytettavaksi kaikkiin yleisinpiin roolipeleihin.

  • (104 KB) [Feb 22 1996]

    Kuuluisa EPH-arkisto, yksi PJ:n paras tavara ja vanhuuden turva. versio 1.1. ASCII-versio, sisaltaa pelkat hahmonkuvaukset ascii-tekstina. Lajapain hyvinkuvailtuja, persoonallisia hahmoja valmiina kaytettavaksi kaikkiin yleisimpiin roolipeleihin.

  • (19 KB) [Mar 1 1996]

    Family business by Martin Rundkvist. A role-playing scenario for any rule system, set in the Gondorian province of Lamedon in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth. Also available at

  • gondolin (--dir--)

    Roleplaying mailinglist archive. Mostly in finnish.

  • gurps_magic.lzh (58 KB) [May 14 1991]

    This is release 1.0 of a spell list system for GURPS, a variant magic system. The document won't make much sense without the GURPS Basic Set (third edition) and GURPS Magic (second edition, but the first edition could be used in a pinch.) Stephan Zielinski .

  • herbguid.txt (240 KB) [Feb 28 1997]

    THE GUIDE TO HERBS FOR RPGs, 5th Edition, By Shaun Hately.

  • ice.lst (--link--) [Mar 25 1995]

  • law.doc (23 KB) [May 4 1994]

    Law system to be used in almost any rpg system. Word from the author: This system is based on a law system presented in one of the Shadow World modules. I have made heavy alterations to original rules and I also have heavily expanded the old system which only handled crimes of theft, murder and assault + few minor offences like perjury, disturbing peace (and even those it handled very badly). So 95 % of the rules are of my own design and have not what so ever to do with ICE. Only the terminology has been adapted allmost like it was. While this system was made to work with Rolemaster it's easy to understand that it shall work with any medieval roleplaying game and with few alterations it could be made to work with modern day RPG:s. But it would be good if the system was somewhat precice about damage done in battle, so that the "judge" can decide wheter it resulted in permanent serious damage or was it just some mild injury which shall get better in few days. I hope you find this Law System usefull. If you have any ideas or comments or questions about the rules, please let me know. Christian jurvanen ( 8.4.1994 Punakiventie 9 as.173 00980 Helsinki 98 Finland.

  • lmerp.txt (--link--) [Mar 25 1995]

    "Ala-Keski-Maa Roolipeli" is a Finnish (note: not English) text based on the Finnish version of the Tolkien parody "Bored of the Rings". It is some kind of a role-playing game joke. Versio 1.01 by Niilo Paasivirta . Niilo Paasivirta

  • mechstuff.lzh (3 KB) [Jul 19 1993]

    Some tables that are usefull when creating own mechs.

  • (139 KB) [Jan 31 1994]

    Muinaissuomalainen mytologia. Touko Issakainen. PS-version.

  • merjainmaa.txt (38 KB) [Jan 25 1994]

    Muinaissuomalainen mytologia. Touko Issakainen.

  • monster.tex (14 KB) [Jul 19 1993]

    On the Derivation of Constrained Number Probabilities, by Jim Vassilakos.

  • net.books (--dir--)

    Net.Book stuff.

  • othersun.lzh (172 KB) [Oct 27 1990]

    OTHER SUNS roleplaying game. Shareware by Niall Shapero. It is a game of exploration and discovery set in the future, when mankind has found new homes on worlds orbiting other suns far from mother Earth.

  • plangen.txt (53 KB) [Feb 2 1996]

    A planet generation system. Planet & star mechanics. Also systems for generating colonies and intelligent species. I'm working on a set of programs for automatic generation of stars, planets, colonies, and aliens; they should be ready early in the new year (1996). Ross Smith

  • tca02.diz (2 KB) [Nov 10 1996]

    Table of contents for the

  • (155 KB) [Nov 10 1996]

    Archive of articles related to GDW's & IG's policy concerning the free distribution of fan-authored, Traveller-compatible works.

  • u8aolcnf.txt (33 KB) [May 1 1994]

    Ultima 8 conference with Origin from America Online

  • u8ciscnf.txt (102 KB) [May 1 1994]

    Ultima 8 conference with Origin from Compuserve

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