Contents of directory systems

Stuff for different roleplay systems.

  • adnd (--dir--)

    Advanced dungeon and dragons stuff.

  • dnd (--dir--)

    Dungeon and dragons stuff.

  • earthdawn (--dir--)

    EarthDawn stuff.

  • forgotten-futures-2 (--dir--)

    Forgotten Futures -- Collection II - The Log Of The Astronef A Role Playing Game & Sourcebook for George Griffith's "Stories Of Other Worlds" By Marcus L. Rowland Copyright 1993, 1994 See README.TOO for full copyright terms.

  • harn (--dir--)

    HarnMaster stuff mostly from Harn is both a background and a Role Playing game covering the middle ages with a small amount of magic and non-human races. The game has many similarities to Runequest, and is in the same general genre of Dungeon & Dragons. The world is the most detailed and "realistic" that I have encountered.

  • lmerp (--dir--)

  • merp (--dir--)

  • play-by-mail (--dir--)

  • pulsar (--dir--)

    Pulsar is a free science fiction RPG in finnish.

  • rolemaster (--dir--)

    Rolemaster stuff.

  • shadowrun-II (--dir--)

  • spacemaster (--dir--)

    Spacemaster stuff.

  • Tero Kivinen <>