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Japanese related programs for UNIX platforms.

ircII2.2.4jp.patch.z (16 kilobytes)
With this you can make ircII 2.2.4 into a japanese-aware irc client. You'll need /pub/unix/irc/ircII2.2.4.tar.z too.
ircII2.2.6.tar.z (304 kilobytes)
irchat-2.1.12jp.tar.Z (56 kilobytes)
This is an old (but possibly more robust) version of irchat-j. Is no longer compatible with the new IRC server versions, so don't use it unless the newer one doesn't work.
irchat2.2beta-jp2.0.tar.Z (56 kilobytes)
irchat*.el is a IRC client for use with nemacs (the japanese GNU emacs). This is a still? a test version, but compatible with IRC server version 2.7.1. Irchat.el originally came from Finland and this version is improved in JAPAN. Many Japanese use irchat.el on NEmacs (GNU Emacs).
k2ps.tar.Z (56 kilobytes)
Print text files with Kanji (uses JTeX fonts)
kanjilwf.tar.Z (64 kilobytes)
Prints (using a bitmap kanji font) kanji text on any PS printer, does not need kanji PS font.
kanjips.tar.Z (448 kilobytes)
This is a utility which enables you to print kanji on any PS printer. Needs kanji bitmap fonts, one of 24x24 dots is included. Also see ../fonts/jis??.Z.
This is a symbolic link to other parts of our archives.
nemacs-3.3.2.tar.Z (4720 kilobytes)
The newest version of Nemacs, the double-byte supporting GNU Emacs. Conversion front-ends are also available for nemacs. You can read UseNET News with nemacs and GNUS, for example. You can IRC in Japanese using the irchat.el package in addition to nemacs. This is a FULL distribution.
pirc3.2.3 (32 kilobytes)
This is a japanese irc-client for perl.
skk5.29.tar.Z (1360 kilobytes)
skk5.30.DIFFS.tar.Z (72 kilobytes)
SKK is a very fast kana-kanji front end for Nemacs and Demacs.
wnn-4.0.3.tar.Z (1192 kilobytes)
The WNN front end processor
wnn-hp9000-diffs.Z (8 kilobytes)
WNN patches for HP9000S300 (HP/UX)
wnntouch.patch (8 kilobytes)
wnntouch patch for WNN

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