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This directory contains items usable with DOS/V, the Japanese DOS from IBM. Includes font utilities, drivers and programs with Japanese user interface. *.bdf files inside the archives are to be used with some update utility to update original files. [kuso.shef.ac.uk:/pub/japanese/dosv]

IsPow003.lzh (24 kilobytes)
Check the power level of PSNote/55 portable, suitable for bat files.
at7rpat3.lzh (16 kilobytes)
Patch program for Dynabook atok7r (whatever that is :-)
bc112.lzh (16 kilobytes)
Background color setting program.
bold2.lzh (16 kilobytes)
Bold font tool for Dos/V fonts. Maybe makes bold fonts from normal fonts or something.
buffit30.zip (16 kilobytes)
BUFFIT v3.0 -- a screen text capturing program -- this saves lines scrolled off the top, and you can scroll around in the buffer of saved lines.
chevcom.lzh (16 kilobytes)
Chev.exe spawner, you can set us/jp/something somewhere.
cs.lzh (8 kilobytes)
Color set program.
disp11.lzh (16 kilobytes)
DOS/V Hi-Text diplay driver for SVGA.
dispc.lzh (8 kilobytes)
Dispc.sys, probably a display driver.
disph103.exe (24 kilobytes)
disps314.lzh (64 kilobytes)
Video/hitext driver and fonts (tools)
dispt009.lzh (16 kilobytes)
Update program for J-3100 DISPT*.SYS files.
dispv14.lzh (48 kilobytes)
Svga programs.
dspbmp.lzh (8 kilobytes)
exe3_ibm.lzh (224 kilobytes)
filmtn.lzh (112 kilobytes)
fload2.lzh (16 kilobytes)
Font load utility.
fload21.lzh (16 kilobytes)
Font load utility v2.1.
fontj31.lzh (8 kilobytes)
$fontj31.sys driver.
fontx2.lzh (88 kilobytes)
Font driver and conversion utilities.
fontx21.lzh (8 kilobytes)
Font stuff.
ias.lzh (8 kilobytes)
is11.lzh (8 kilobytes)
A program to test things in bat files, i.s. IS SHIFT etc.
lhmtn.lzh (40 kilobytes)
LhArc maintenance program?
list (24 kilobytes)
mincho.lzh (8 kilobytes)
mkxfnt1.lzh (8 kilobytes)
modfnts1.lzh (8 kilobytes)
mtimv.lzh (16 kilobytes)
Micro time/date program.
nansi33.zip (24 kilobytes)
NANSI.SYS An Enhanced MS-DOS Console Driver Version 3.3 November 1991.
nnans992.zip (72 kilobytes)
NNANSI.COM-- Enhanced MS-DOS ANSI Console Driver For EGA/VGA Displays
romdown.lzh (16 kilobytes)
Program which downloads the font in VGA card's ROM.
scal01.lzh (40 kilobytes)
Small calculator program, e.g. scalc 1+2.
u55n08.lzh (8 kilobytes)
u55n10.lzh (8 kilobytes)
vjebh25.lzh (8 kilobytes)
VJE (front end?) updater
wave101.lzh (24 kilobytes)
Some kind of RAM driver.

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