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Miscellaneous programs, which are not for any specific computer architecture.

JIS.c (24 kilobytes)
Kanji code conversion program (K. Lunde)
ditfilters.tar.Z (104 kilobytes)
This package contains programs which allow you to print Kanji text using ordinary (non-Japanese) ditroff.
gs23j10.intro.j (8 kilobytes)
(in JIS) the header article for the GS23 Japanese support patches.
gs23j10.tar.Z (184 kilobytes)
Kanji support patches for GhostScript v2.3. You'll need X bitmap kanji fonts to create Kanji PS fonts, see the documentation.
hiragana-maze-card.gif (48 kilobytes)
hiragana-maze-card.ps.Z (64 kilobytes)
Picture of a Nengajou (New Years) card, consisting of a maze filled in with hiragana. When you follow the maze "correctly" you can read several greeting messages, very neat! [ftp.uwtc.washington.edu]
jc.tar.Z (8 kilobytes)
Conversion program for JIS, SJIS, EUC. C language source.
tcs.shar.Z (272 kilobytes)
C source for the Unicode<->"anything" conversion program from Plan 9. It can also be used to convert between any two character sets via Unicode. It supports: utf utf1 ascii latin1 8859-[1-9] koi8 ucode cp866 av cp1251 ov sf1 sf2 jis jis-kanji ujis ms-kanji big5 gb tis msdos msdos2 ps2 atari unicode ebcdic. [research.att.com version of 5-Mar-93]

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