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Some noteworthy Japan-related ftp-sites are mirrored here. The Monash archive has lots of software and the EDICT dictionaries. The UJIP archive has lots of add-on materials for that great book.

jcliu (directory)
This is a mirror of the archive of stories and karaoke stuff maintained by J C Liu, a well-known person in the *.japan newsgroups. [neutrino.nuc.berkeley.edu:/pub/Japanese]
This is a symbolic link to other parts of our archives.
This is a symbolic link to other parts of our archives.
mule (directory)
Note that Mule is now old and you should be using the newest Emacs instead, which has the Mule i18n features built-in. This directory mirrors Mule (Multi-lingual Emacs) from it's official distribution point, sh.wide.ad.jp, directory /JAPAN/mule.
ujip (directory)
This is a mirror of the "Understanding Japanese Information Processing" book's companion file directory at O'reilly & Associates, Inc. [ftp.ora.com pub/nutshell/ujip].

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