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The info directory contains information about japanese on computers. General-style information is here, not in the individual subdirectories for different computer families.

edict.doc.Z (8 kilobytes)
gpl-j.tar.Z (56 kilobytes)
Japanese language version 1.0 of the GNU copyleft. SJIS encoded source with Japanese texinfo package.
ibm-pc.faq (16 kilobytes)
Frequently asked questions and information on using kanji on PC machines.
j.txt.2.Z (40 kilobytes)
interim report on JIS X0212 project. (in JIS code)
j.txt.Z (16 kilobytes)
translation of "The Next Computer Revolution" article (in Japanese)
japan-can-say-no.txt.Z (80 kilobytes)
This is the "unofficial", but FULL translation of the book "iie to ieru nihon" by Ishihara (politician) and Morita (Sony chairman). Parts of the translation are not very correct, so don't believe all you read. The official translation into english (available as a book) does not have all the material!
japan-survival-guide (48 kilobytes)
This is a "survival travel guide" for traveling to Japan. It has lots of tips.
japan.inf-1.2.Z (80 kilobytes)
New version (1.2) if Ken Lundes info file about Japanese on computers. Great stuff!
jis-sjis-conv-algorithm (8 kilobytes)
This file contains a good description of how JIS differs from SJIS, and how to convert between those two formats. Written by Ken Lunde. See also japan.inf. Saved from the Unicode mailing list.
jis-tables.tar.Z (144 kilobytes)
JIS kanji information. The jis*detl files are probably more detailed.
jis1detl.lst (224 kilobytes)
jis2detl.lst (136 kilobytes)
jisdetl.doc.Z (8 kilobytes)
These files contains information on JIS level 1 and level 2 kanji (about 6350 kanji in all) in a machine-readable format. Some of the kanji dictionary programs use this database.
kakasi-1.1.tar.Z (64 kilobytes)
Kakasi 1.1 can convert japanese (including kanji) text into romaji/hiragana. It seems to work quite well. Uses SKK dictionaries. [from fj.sources]
kana-convert-c-jwb (8 kilobytes)
kana-convert-c-santos (24 kilobytes)
kana-convert-perl (16 kilobytes)
Source code for romaji->kana conversion, two versions in C and as perl package. [sci.lang.japan Oct 92]
kanji-database.shar.Z (80 kilobytes)
This is a database of kanji information. It contains, among other information, the JIS code of a character, keywords, indexes to some books, radicals, ... [raw data from sci.lang.japan]
kanji-educ-paper.tar.Z (176 kilobytes)
This paper by Jason Molenda discusses methodologies in learning/teaching the 1,059 first and most usable kanjis, which cover 95% of kanji appearing in normal Japanese text. Includes PS, text, dvi files and TeX source. [msi.umn.edu:pub/molenda/kanji.education]
kazoeru.c.Z (8 kilobytes)
This is the source to a program, which counts occurrences of kanji, kana and romaji in the given (JIS encoded) input files. It has been used in calculating the kanji frequencies in fj.* newsgroups.
mac.faq (8 kilobytes)
Frequentyl asked questions on using kanji on the Mac.
mackt.faq (8 kilobytes)
Mac KanjiTalk FAQ and information.
matsushita-pbs.txt.Z (24 kilobytes)
This is a short "flamely" description of how Japanese companies have taken over in the US. Script from a PBS program.
ujip-book-info (24 kilobytes)
Short intro to the book "Understanding Japanese Information Processing." by Ken Lunde (of Adobe), coming out in September or so...

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