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There are a number of available Japanese fonts. Please keep in mind, that the font files are really LARGE, so if you're outside the Nordic countries, please try to find another location for your ftp.

bdf (directory)
The bdf directory contains several sizes of Japanese BDF (the X portable font format) fonts.
jis.pk.tar.Z (2296 kilobytes)
The JTeX .300pk fonts (for k2ps and JTeX)
jis24.Z (368 kilobytes)
jis32.Z (552 kilobytes)
jis48.Z (936 kilobytes)
3 big-dpi kanji fonts (24x24, 32x32, 48x48). Can be used with kanjips, for example (see ../unix/kanjips*). The 48x48 font looks pretty good.
This is a symbolic link to other parts of our archives.
pmt.300pk+tfm.tar.Z (2160 kilobytes)
This file contains ``Poor man's'' TeX 300dpi PK fonts with font metrics files. These fonts are used with the pmtex package, see ../tex.

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