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Cotoneaster Medicus, 1789
Cotoneaster Medicus, 1789; Phil. Bot. 1: 155, TS: Cotoneaster integerrimus Medicus
Cotoneaster, Biota of North America Program (query database) [BONAP]
Cotoneaster, Den Virtuella Floran [DVF]
Cotoneaster ; [GFP1: 211 (about 50 spp.)]

Foodplants for Acleris variegana, Acrobasis indigenella, Arctia (bombyx) flavia, Coleophora hemerobiella, C. spinella, Croesia holmiana, Dicallomera fascelina, Erannis defoliaria, Eriogaster lanestris, Neurotoma saltuum, Operophtera (geometra) brumata, Orgyia antiqua, Orthosia gracilis, Scythropia crataegella, Semioscopis steinkellneriana, Stigmella oxyacanthella, S. sorbi, Trachycera suavella, Ypsolopha scabrella

fiCotoneaster scandinavicus B. Hylmö
Kalliotuhkapensas Oxbär
Cotoneaster integerrimus auct.
Cotoneaster scandinavicus ; [RK, 268]

Foodplant as Cotoneaster integerrimus for Nola cucullatella, Stigmella magdalenae

?Cotoneaster vulgaris Lindl.
Tavallinen tuhkapensas
Cotoneaster vulgaris ; [SK, 355]

Don't know how to map this, either C. scandinavicus or C. integerrimus, so I am just leaving this taxon as is for now.

Cotoneaster vulgaris integerrima ; [SK, 355]
Cotoneaster vulgaris uniflora ; [SK, 355]
?C. v. nigra (Whlnb.)
Cotoneaster vulgaris nigra ; [SK, 355]
Cotoneaster vulagris laxiflora ; [SK, 356 (note)]

fiCotoneaster integerrimus Medik.
Euroopantuhkapensas Wild Cotoneaster Tysk oxbär
Cotoneaster integerrimus ; [RK, 268]

Foodplant for Nola cucullatella, Stigmella magdalenae

fiCotoneaster lucidus Schlecht.
Kiiltotuhkapensas Shiny Cotoneaster Häckoxbär
Cotoneaster lucidus ; [RK, 268]
[lucidus-1x.jpg] 814x1028 (~143Kb) Finland, Nokia, Utola, 20.6.2005, Photo © Harri Arkkio [lucidus-1y.jpg] 1382x1029 (~138Kb) Finland, Nokia, Utola, 20.6.2005, Photo © Harri Arkkio [lucidus-1z.jpg] 1175x881 (~199Kb) Finland, Nokia, Utola, 20.6.2005, Photo © Harri Arkkio

Cotoneaster melanocarpus Fischer ex Blytt.
Cotoneaster melanocarpus ; [Oleg Kosterin]
[melanocarpus-1.jpg] 784x508 (~76Kb) Steppefied stony slopes of the Koynikha Rivulet valley just above the village Shibkovo, Iskitim District, Novosibirsk Province, West Siberia, Russia. 23rd August 1998, Photo © Oleg Kosterin

28.1.2001 (5)

A Synonymized Checklist of the Vascular Flora of the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands; A data base interface; BONAP U.S. Checklist - 1998; Provided by TAMU-BWG; Texas A & M Bioinformatics Working Group; Based on; Biota of North America Program
Den Virtuella floran; http://linnaeus.nrm.se/flora/welcome.html; Ett projekt vid Naturhistoriska riksmuseet (Stockholm, Sweden).; Even for non-Swedish speaker, the distribution maps on species are nice (map buttons "Norden" and "Norra halvklotet")
Hutchinson, 1964; The Genera of Flowering Plants; Dicotyledons; Volume 1
[Harri Arkkio]
Finland; For the time being these pictures are only for this site. Other usage not allowed.
[Oleg Kosterin]
Institue of Cytology & Genetics; Siberian Division of Russian Academy of Sciences; Novosibirsk; e-mail: Oleg Kosterin; http://pisum.bionet.nsc.ru/kosterin/
Hämet-Ahti, L., Suominen, J., Ulvinen, T. & Uotila, P. (eds), 1998; Retkeilykasvio (Field Flora of Finland); Ed. 4. 656 pp.; Finnish Museum of Natural History, Botanical Museum. Helsinki
Mela & Cajander, 1906; Suomen Kasvio; Viides painos

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