• Crotalaria (Fabaceae); [GNSP]

Foodplants for Alytarchia amanda, Amphicallia bellatrix, A. pactolicus, A. solai, A. thelwalli tigris, Amyna axis, A. natalis, Argina astrea, A. astrea, Azygophleps scalaris, Catochrysops panormus, Catopsilia pyranthe, Chlorissa faustinata, Creatonotos leucanioides, Deudorix antalus, Euchrysops barkeri, E. cnejus, Jamides bochus, J. bochus, Lampides boeticus, Mangina argus, M. syringa, Mocis undata, Neptis hylas, Olene inclusa, Pingasa ruginaria, Tirumala limniace?, Utetheisa lotrix, U. lotrix stigmata, U. ornatrix


11.3.2001 (8)

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