Hieracium L. Ukonkeltanot Hawkweed
  • Hieracium (Asteraceae); [GNSP]

Foodplants for Acronicta euphorbiae, Aethes tesserana, Autographa aemula, Caradrina montana, C. selini, Chlorissa viridata, Coleophora ramosella, C. trochilella, Cucullia balsamitae, C. umbratica, Diasemia reticularis, Eugnorisma glareosa, Eupithecia virgaureata, Hada plebeja, Hyphoraia aulica, Idaea pallidata, Lemonia balcanica, L. philopalus, Melitaea athalia, Mniotype bathensis, Orthosia gothica, Pericallia matronula, Phragmatobia luctifera, Polypogon tentacularia, Scopula immorata, Simyra nervosa, Spiris striata, Thiodia torridana

The Umbellata species-group Flockfibblor Sarjakeltanot
  • Umbellata; [RK], 467
The Rigida species-group Tankikeltanot Styvfibblor
The Prenanthoidea species-group Syyskeltanot Norrlandsfibblor Sallatsfibblor
  • Prenanthoidea [RK], 468-469
The Alpina species-group Tunturikeltanot Fjällfibblor
The Nigrescentia species-group Mustakeltanot Svartfibblor
  • Nigrescentia; [RK], 470
The Vulgata species-group Hagfibblor Ahokeltanot
  • Vulgata; [RK], 470-474
The Sylvatica species-group Skogsfibblor Salokeltanot
  • Sylvatica; [RK], 474-479
The Oreadea species-group Klippfibblor Kalliokeltanot
  • Oreadea; [RK], 479

The following are reproduced from [GMBOT], 873 - 874 as is. Somemay go into Pilosella?


The following are reproduced from [SK] as is, when noother matches found.

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