Liliopsida Yksisirkkaiset

The grouping of families and orders is mainly based onHutchinson, 1959, Fam. Fl. Pl.. This is fairly archaic already. One should not pay toomuch attention to this grouping presented here. It isused only because it was the only source, that I haveand which covers all of the world. -- msa

Order Butomales
Order Alismatales
  • Alismatales; [FFP], #84
Order Triuridales
  • Triuridales; [FFP], #85
Order Juncaginales
  • Juncaginales; [FFP], #86
Order Aponogetonales
  • Aponogetonales; [FFP], #87
Order Potamogetonales
  • Potamogetonales; [FFP], #88
Order Najadales
Order Commelinales
  • Commelinales; [FFP], #90
Order Xyridales
Order Eriocaulales
  • Eriocaulales; [FFP], #92
Order Bromeliales
  • Bromeliales; [FFP], #93
Order Zingiberales
  • Zingiberales; [FFP], #94
Order Liliales
Order Alstroemeriales
  • Alstroemeriales; [FFP], #96
Order Arales
Order Typhales
Order Amaryllidales
  • Amaryllidales; [FFP] 1:, 99
Order Iridales
Order Dioscorales
  • Dioscorales; [FFP], #101
Order Agavales
Order Palmales
Order Pandanales
  • Pandanales; [FFP], #104
Order Cyclanthales
Order Haemodorales
  • Haemodorales; [FFP], #106
Order Burmanniales
  • Burmanniales; [FFP], #107
Order Orchidales
  • Orchidales; [FFP], #108
Order Juncales
Order Cyperales
Order Graminales
  • Graminales; [FFP], #111

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