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Dendrolimus Germar, 1812
Dendrolimus Germar, 1812; Diss. sistens Bombycum Species (2): 48, TS: Phalaena pini Linnaeus
Eutricha Stephens, 1829; Nom. Br. Insects : 40 (preocc. Eutricha Hübner, [184]), TS: Phalaena pini Linnaeus
Ptilorhina Zetterstedt, 1839; Insecta Lapponica : 925, TS: Phalaena pini Linnaeus
Dendrolymus Spuler, 1903; in Hoffman, Schmett. Eur. 1: 123 (unj. emend.)
Dendrolimis[sic, recte dendrolimus] ; Marschner, 1909, Dt. ent. Z. Iris 22 (2/3) : 140

fiDendrolimus pini (Linnaeus, 1758)
NAF, EU - W.Siberia - Transbaikalia, Asia Minor. See [About maps] Mäntykehrääjä Tallspinnare Fyrrespinder Männikedrik Pine Moth Pine Lappet Kiefernspinner Bombyx du Pin Lasiocampa del Pino Hoja Muerta del Pino fenöpohók
Phalaena pini Linnaeus, 1758; Syst. Nat. (Edn 10) 1 : 498, TL: [Europe]
paulae Daniel, 1959
adriatica Michieli, 1959
calabrica Marini, 1986
Dendrolimus pini, Larvae of North-European Lepidoptera [Kimmo Silvonen]
Dendrolimus pini, Svenska fjärilar [SVF]
Dendrolimus pini, Norges Sommerfugler [NORLEP]
Dendrolimus pini, Moths and Butterflies of Europe [MBE]
Dendrolimus pini, UK Moths [Ian Kimber]
[pini-1l.jpg] 519x800 (~70Kb) larva Finland, Kirkkonummi, ?2002, Photo 15052002_13 © Timo Viitanen [pini-f.jpg] 916x574 (~90Kb) female [pini-l.jpg] 700x434 (~44Kb) larva Finland, Tampere, Hervanta, 6.1997, Photo © Tero Piirainen
[pini-m.jpg] 633x396 (~37Kb) male [pini-x.jpg] 708x477 (~76Kb)

Larva on Pinus silvestris, P. cembra, Larix sibirica, Picea abies, Abies sp., Juniperus communis [SPRK]

Dendrolimus pini pini ; Zolotuhin, 1995, Atalanta 26 (1/2): 282; de Freina, 1999, Atalanta 30 (1/4): 204
D. p. witti de Freina, 1979
Dendrolimus pini witti de Freina, 1979; Atalanta 10: (175-224)
Dendrolimus pini witti ; de Freina, 1999, Atalanta 30 (1/4): 205
D. p. colchis de Freina, 1983
Dendrolimus pini colchis de Freina, 1983; Mitt. münch. ent. Ges. 72: (57-127)

Dendrolimus superans
-. See [About maps]
D. s. sibiricus Tschetverikov, 1908
NE.Kazakhstan Dendrolimus superans sibiricus ; Zolotuhin, 1995, Atalanta 26 (1/2): 285

Larva on Larix, Picea, Pinus Zolotuhin, 1995, Atalanta 26 (1/2): 285

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[Ian Kimber]
[Kimmo Silvonen]
Espoo, Finland; Kimmo's Lep Site
Moths and Butteflies of Europe; Paolo Mazzei, Diego Reggianti and Ilaria Pimpinelli; http://www.leps.it/
Norges Sommerfugler
Seppänen, E. J, 1970; Suomen suurperhostoukkien ravintokasvit, Animalia Fennica 14
Svenska fjärilar; Naturhistoriska riksmuseet; (Sweden)
[Tero Piirainen]
Tampere, Finland; e-mail: Tero Piirainen
[Timo Viitanen]

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