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Oxyporus corticola (Fr.) Ryvarden
Kuorikääpä Barkticka
Poria corticola (Fr.); Cooke
Chaetoporus pearsonii (Pilát); Bondartsev
Poria pearsonii Pilát
Oxyporus ravidus (Fr.); Bond. & Singer
Polyporus ravidus Fr.

Oxyporus latemarginatus (Durand & Mont.) Donk
Poria ambigua Bres.
Chaetoporus ambiguus (Bres.); Bondartsev & Singer

Oxyporus obducens (Pers.) Donk
Polyporus obducens Pers.
Poria obducens (Pers.); Cooke

fiOxyporus populinus (Schum.) Donk
Vaahterankääpä Lönnticka
Polyporus connatus Weinm.
Fomes connatus (Weinm.); Gill.
Fomes populinus (Schum.); Cooke
Polyporus populinus Schum.
Rigidoporus populinus ; [KARSTENIA]

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